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Girl Behind the Blog Vlog: Sweetly Complicated and Sloths

Sooo here it is.
My link up with Captivated By Grace's Girl Behind the Blog Vlog Link Up.
I apologize for the flying hands (good things we dont have 3D blogging yet) and sounding like a Disney Princess on crack. 


I made it 1:50 with out saying "like" … HOLLLAA
I made up 6 words…aloneness?? Really. Don't worry i'm and english teacher. 

But if you think that was awkward watch this…

SLOTHSSSS, but really I couldn't stop laughing.

I no longer feel like the most awkward girl in the world… thanks Kristen Bell.


SOOOO also I am linking up with Jessica @ Lovely Little Things for Smell the Roses
This was such a wonderful task this week to write down 5 things we love about our self. 
Some of mine are sincere some are funny, but here are 5 things I love about myself.

Lovely Little Things
 Go over an visit her WONDERFUL blog!!!


Holly said...

Hahah I wouldn't worry too much about seeming awkward in your vlog. I think everyone is!
I laughed at your 3D blogging comment though, that would definitely be very weird!

Just dropping by from Follow Friday!

Jess said...

You have the cutest accent I have ever heard!
It's a lot more southern sounding than I pictured but I loveee it.
So adorable.

Every time I hear about your target dilemma, but my hearts breaks a little bit more for you...ahhh!

OH and #5 on your list....SAME!
Let's do everyone a favor and NEVER vlog about that, though ;)

Hope your Monday is fabulous, giirrrl!
So glad to know YOU!

xo :)

Kara Renee said...

Hahah I love your accent! I can't even come close to imagining life without Target. So sorry!

Liz said...

I am still laughing about your tire rant! It sucks that Target is so far away BUT- I don't even live in the same country as one (yet-they're coming!!!)..but the closest Target for me is an hour and 15 minutes- across the boarder..but the trek is made!!
Also-awesome accent! I will now be reading your posts with it in mind!!

Kerrie Williams said...

New to your blog from the link-up, and I gotta say I love your voice! haha you are too cute, "let me just tell you!"

Rachel said...

Just found your blog through another blog I read--LOVE it so far and am so excited to keep reading! Can't wait to catch up and "get to know" you!

Nicole @ the style hatch said...

I stopped over here from the vlog link up and I'm your newest follower! I feel like everything in my life is a complicated mess that I have to pass in order to get to where I need to be, so I totally get it!

Unknown said...

You are TOO cute!

GingerPeachT said...

Haha I'm new from the vlog(haven't posted mine yet) and you are so cute! I've been told I sound like a Disney princess but not on crack. Ha. And I live in a bigger town than you but we don't have a panera which is killing me! The closest one is the next state over lol and I've also been in a ldr before with my now hubby. :-) you can make it work!
Glad to have found you :-)

... said...

Ahhh you are the most adorable person alive! You are great on fun to watch! No Target...EEEEEEK...I don't know how you do it! Love the name behind your blog and I love that you are a first year teacher too!

Anonymous said...

Let me just tell you... You are too darn cute! How brave of you to love so far from everyone you know in order to pursue your teaching career! That stinks that there is no target! At least you have a DQ around you :-)

Emma said...

Omgggggg listen to that Texas twang ;) You are so cute!!

Emma said...

PS. I totally want to have a blog meet up with all you girls at some point! You would totally be my friend in real life :)

Anonymous said...

You are too cute, I love that Texas accent, adorable! I love the reason behind your blog name, fits well. I am a new follower, I can't wait to read more. Check out my blog, you may want to follow along. & enter my giveaway if you do.
Happy Monday

Annie said...

Oh my goodness. Can we be best friends? I am also an English teacher {although I work at Kumon & not the public schools}. I moved from metro Detroit to the cornfields of west Michigan to go to university, & like you said, it is by the grace of God that I'm there! & your car troubles sound like the ones I've been having lately. Meg, I will surely be sticking around here. It's so good to meet you!

womanwalkignupright said...

you are ADORABLE! like seriously, can we be friends :) so cute! thank u for opening up your life! xoxo

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Let me just tell you... that was a great vlog! I linked up, too, but I had already been reading you on Bloglovin'. :-) And consider living far away from a Target a blessing. It's God's way of saving you money.

sarah said...

omg that was sooo cute!! what small town are you in and where are you from? Im from Dallas! :) and oh ym word I cannot fathom living somewhere without Target. for real, and you cracked me up calling it the "radioactive blog bug"! hahhaah - its so true!! youre too cute, i LOVE and appreciate that Texas accent too btw. :)

sarah said...

PS is that an Aggie ring I see? if so, whoop! :) if not, then nevermind. hehe

The Sweet Life said...

Loved your vlog...I'm currently working up the courage...or trying anyway. I literally just almost died watching Kristin Bell and the sloth. I was laughing and crying and I'm not sure if I was happy or sad. Is something wrong with me? It has been a rough day...I had to leave work bc I'm sick so cut me some slack. If I actually work up the coarage to do a vlog, it should be interesting and there might be mascara down my face. :)

Call it Adventure said...

Ummm, I absolutely LOVE that Kristen Bell video. I have watched it about a million times and die laughing almost every single time. It is. So. Funny!

Anonymous said...

your southern accent cracks me up..its adorable! i just watched the kristen bell video the other day and its hilarious!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Oh my goodness, I just found your blog today and girl, love! I'm simply complicated too, so I definitely identify with your stories and life. Plus, I'm student teaching right now in a new town and guess what, DON'T KNOW ANYONE. I feel ya. Its so hard. Can't wait to read more! xoxo

Kate said...

Gosh, I just love your accent!

Anonymous said...

you're soooooo cute and bubbly, so refreshing

Unknown said...

I am in Kemp (Cedar Creek Lake)
Whoooooopppp Dallas

are you in Dallas now?

Unknown said...

DO IT GIRL! Show it all running mascara and all.

I know I CRIED laughing too. seriously. so. funny.

Sorry you had a rough day! Hope tomorrow is better!


Unknown said...

I COULD NOT AGREE MORRRREEEE ( caps and multiple letters are completely appropriate)
But for real I feel like we would totally be friends!

yeahhhhh my texas twang… bout that :)

Unknown said...

Ha glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...


You tweeted about singing in the car today and people looking at you strange … yeaaahhh totally get that one BUT i love that you embrace it!!!

and you dont sound 14. pinky promise!
soooo glad I have a voice to a blog!!!

lovvveeee ya

Unknown said...

ok ok you TOTALLY WIN! Not even in the same country GASP!
Glad my tire saga made you laugh.. its definitely made me laugh … NOW!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy almost Tuesday!

Unknown said...

I cant tell you how many times I say that a day… My students ALWAYS make fun of me for it! glad you stopped by!!!


Unknown said...

See you totally understand my pain having to live with out something you love!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Almost Tuesday!

Unknown said...

funny I was thinking the same thing about you :)

Unknown said...

awwee thanks girl!
You are so good on camera too!
I didnt know you were a teacher too?!? What grade?!? are you as excited as I am that we have made it thought the first 100ish days of school!!!

thanks again for the link up!


Unknown said...

Thanks!! Thanks for stopping bye for the party!!

Unknown said...

Good! I am glad someone else understands my simply complicated life!! What grade are you student teaching in?!? Enjoy every minute cause it is NOTHING like teaching ( not bad just different!)

We have so much in common! Def following you back love!!


Unknown said...

It's her reaction to the sloth not the funniest thing you have EVER SEEN!!!
Haha im glad you like my accent I usually get made fun of for it!

happy almost tuesday!

Unknown said...

Girl! well it does sound like we would be friends! I know EXACTLY how you feel with all the changes in your life!
Nice to meet you to! Following back!!! EXCITED!


Unknown said...

OMG you are so right about God's way of saving me money !!!
I am in Houston all the time (that is where the BF lives) and I almost DIED OUT laughing when I saw the automatic glass door by hubble and hudson!!!

lets be friends. k :)

Your vlog is wonderful too!


Unknown said...

Aw thanks! I loved your vlog too!
It was a CRAZY leap of faith! But the Lord is totally blessing obedience!
And YES thank goodness for DQ!


Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by! So glad you did! I am too, looking forward "getting to know you"

Unknown said...

PS This aggie is obsessed with OLE MiSS too. Some of my wonderful friends graduated from there. My profile pic is actually taken at the Grove!


Brittney Denman said...

Meg! You crack me up girl! "let me just tell you, & it's by the grace of God!"

Unknown said...

OMG. No seriously I am so embarrassed I feel like such a dork.
I'm glad you liked it

aubrey kinch said...

Okay, you are so sweet.
I love your accent.
I love Kristen Bell.
I love your list.
I love YOU.


Allyson said...

Oh my word!! You are ADORABLE! Love your accent! :) that Kristen Bell video totally cracks me up.

Katie said...

you are so funny! I LOVE that video of kristen bell too. based off that video she may be my favorite new celebrity. and I can't imagine go more than two weeks without going to target!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Hello?! You come to Houston? MEET UP! (Automatic sliding doors NOT included) And what brought you to some small town for your first year of teaching? Are you doing Teach For America?

Unknown said...

This is the best video I have seen yet.. Don't be offended, my thought was BARBIE on crack.. just like SPED up, I did that too and rambled.. if you wanna check mine out I'd love ya forever. I feel ya on the sweetly complicated part though- everything is always the hard way with me too ;) Your blog is great-count me in!:)

Heather said...

Funny girl! Love it. You're a fun girl.

Katie D said...

You seriously have the cutest accent ever!!! :)

Katie D said...

And the Kristen Bell video is HILARIOUS!!! :)

Bev said...

absolutely gut-laughing video of Kristen Bell!!!! thanks for sharing it... and your vlog of course ;)

L said...

OK you are just super sweet =) Loving your accent!
You had me laughing so hard at various points in your vlog.
We live in the north so I actually dont know what Sonic is, but I would understand your desire for Target =)
Thanks for sharing!
Much Love,


Sherry said...

You are too cute! Loved the vlog! I'm a supervisor for student teachers {yes that probably makes me your oldest blog reader but I'm here because we share a love for Target, photography, and pinterest!} and I can tell you are an AMAZING teacher just by that 2 min video! Thanks for sharing.

Franchesca said...

Oh I really enjoyed watching your vlog, you are adorable!!! You have my sympathies, no target nearby! Wishing a great first year of teaching though, I know that is a LOT of work!

ps- LOVE kristen bell after watching this!!!

Unknown said...

THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME coming from a fellow Aggie and other Dallas blogger!!!

Youre blog (as well as your family) are super precious!!!!


Ashlee said...

hahahahah omg Kristen Bell is the funniest girl. I loved watching that. Made my night! Your vlog is so cute too! I wanna do one now!