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Happy First Birthday Tred!

 This is Tred Michael Collins. My favorite 1 year old on the planet. True Life

His mama and I became friends in college, she is one of my dearest friends in this world.

Yesterday was his "real" first birthday, but we celebrated it on Saturday.

NOT only did I get to celebrate with the cutest one year old on the planet but I got to spend the weekend with two of my other BFF's, Stephanie(L) and Katiebeth (rR). Sadly we were missing one GREAT piece of the commune, Tory!
(yes, we call ourselves a commune… its a long story) 

Amy planned the most wonderful "Cardboard Box" Themed party… it was AMAZING!
She decorated with orange and cardboard color, to say it was perfection was an understatement. 

cute banner

 Tred SUPER CUTE cardboard fort cake! 

Sweet Sweet Family!! 

so obsessed with paper straws!!

Great cardboard accents!

The kids ran around, painted and had a grand old time playing in the cardboard city! Such a great party!!

I haven't been to a First birthday in FOREVER so I forgot how WONDERFUL the
 cake smash event is.
Words will not do… so i'll leave it to the pictures
KB wanted to cake smash too...

I mean really? I'm obsessed. If my kids aren't this precious, happy and hilarious I am sending them back. 

Our first picture with Little Bit Collins #2 

Could not possibly love my future ring barer more!
Precious friends + a wonderful one year old= a smashing party



Meghan said...

This is too cute! That last picture is beyond adorable! He is so lucky to be so loved :)

And cardboard party!? Come onnnn, why didn't I think of that for anyone!?


Brianna Tucker said...

so adorable!!! I love the cake smash. When my nephew did it last year I was in love and wished I was 1.
Also cardboard party!?!?! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before!!!

Kara Renee said...

Hahah this is so stinking cute!!! I love the cardboard theme and I love that you call him your future ring bearer. I totally have my future flower girl chosen. Glad you got to have a fun day with your girls and the sweetest little boy.

Jess said...

UM This is cuter than any party I've ever had and he's only 1!
This is such a Pinterest looking party!
Cardboard City...cmon how perfect is that?!

I am seriously dying over how cute he issss & I love his name too :)

And you are rocking the green pants, YES!
Happy Tuesday, girl!

Unknown said...

this party is adorable!!! and so is he :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Too cute! And I love that idea of a cardboard party! Who knew it could be so adorable?!

Liz said...

What an awesome idea!! He is soo cute!! also- nice flats ahaha!

Katie said...

what fun pictures of you and your girlfriends! and what an adorable birthday party! he is so cute!!

Emma said...

So precious girl!!

My-cliffnotes said...

Happy birthday, he's so cute. What a fun birthday party.


Missy Minicucci | The Rinfret Group said...

oh my gosh this is beyond adorable! new follower here, i love ur blog!