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High 5 Friday No. 9

Friday Friday FRIDAY. 
I really just feel like yelling that from a roof top. 

Linking up with the lovely Lauren of From My Grey Desk 


5. friends. 
I got to see two of my most wonderfulest (yep, I went there) friends in the whole wide world! 

4. Craftyyyyy Dayyyyy

I used my "lonely" weekend to do some much needed crafting therapy. 
Brulap, lace, glitter… this girl was in H-E-A-V-E-N 

3. 100 days of school.
I teach middle school we did nothing fun.
In fact, I didn't even realize it until the 101st day of school.
Bright side: I survived 100 days

2. Bridal Shower/ Portraits 
(cheating… its happening tomorrow… its my blog and ill cheat if i want to) 
I get to spend some time with Reese's wonderful family celebrating his
AMAZING WONDERFUL FANATIC cousin… and then we get to go play and take her bridal portraits. 
Really I couldn't be more excited!
isn't she wonderfuly precious 

1. weird week. 
Seriously a legit high of this week is that my not-so-hot-week will not affect the next one.




Ashlee said...

I'll have to join in on this link up!

I passed along the Liebster Blogger Award to you! You can view it on my blog today along with our sponsor swap :D


Grace said...

love your blog, it's adorable and so happy I found it!


Holly said...

I love what you did on crafty day! It looks like it turned out so cute! :)
Just dropping by from Hollie's linkup!


Jess said...

Your craft nights looks way more advanced than mine!
Lace & burlap - I need to get on your level...dang!

Love the last quote, too - Adam tells me that all the time!



Kara Renee said...

Congratulations on 100 days! I love those fabric stars. Can we expect a tutorial soon? :)

Mrs. Darcy said...

Love the craftiness!

Is it really 100 days? I so am looking forward to summer vaca. Oh wait, I teach summer school (sad face, lol!).

Happy Friday-next week will be better:)

Emily said...

I just stumbled on your blog and I.DIED. It's gorgeous. Then I read through your post and DIED.AGAIN. with the burlap and lace.

{found you via #FF}

Unknown said...

Oh you bet!! its on my tutorial list that at this point is about 6 miles long :)

Unknown said...

bahaha well I have been crafting since my girl scout days... cant wait to see what craftyness you brought out yesterday!

Unknown said...

whoop whoop! So excited!

Thanks so much girlllll

Unknown said...

Yeah I think my days of "summer" are over too... ive never understood why people think we get the summers "off"... Newsflash people.

Unknown said...

Your layout is adorable! Happy Friday!

xo Shane

Bev said...

Couldn't have said it better! Don't let yesterday take up too much of today. Living in the moment. Happy Friday!! Xoxo

Elisha said...

I love your blog!!<3 now following :) follow me back?!

Katie said...

just found your blog from lovely little things. way to go to get to 100 day with middle schoolers! I teach third grade - we don't don anything either for 100th day. AND we still have 8 days to go to get there! Hope you have a great weekend Meg!