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High Five Friday No. 12

No. 12!! Wow I can't believe i've been high five-ing with Lauren for 12 weeks… NUTS.
I am SUPER excited because my bestie is coming in town this weekend and we get to meet up with some of our other besties!!!

This week was well eventful to say the least, some good, some bad, some just simple moments inbetween…

My first Mardi Gras experience. 
It rained on my parade, no literally, it RAINED on my parade. Poured buckets but we still had SO MUCH FUN. I was cold and soaked but very very happy. I loved that I didn't care my hair looked like a rats nest, my mascara was running down my face and my jeans were plastered to my legs.

Doesn't it look miserably fun?
College Week
This week has been college week at school. I have been repping my aggie maroon all week! I've had my work cut out for me fighting a sea of burnt orange but I think slowly but surely I am adding more maroon team! 

Have I mentioned how much I love twitter and how much I love my blog friends… 
Hollllllllllllaa jess,emma,brittany,lindsay!!

I pinned this.
I added this to my Oh! How pinteresting.
I believe this whole heartily.
This week changed my life… it's strange to have something rock your world, but ultimately I am thanking God. He has a plan. Yes, he has a plan. 
[that was way more of me convincing myself than, I thought about leaving this off my "high five" but I am choosing to look at my new life situation as a high]

Happy Endings/ Modern Family
I mean really the best hour of TV.




Kara Renee said...

I live about an hour from New Orleans but have never gone to a true Mardi Gras parade. And I am SO far behind on Modern Family. I've missed at least the past 5 or 6 weeks. :/

Jess said...


Obviously I love #3!
Twitter = blogging's version of texting!

You & Reese are SO cute!
Is it weird that he looks kinda just how I pictured him in my head?
Well, he does.

I keep on hearing about this Happy Endings TV show - what's the deal?!

AND please have such a wonderful/super awesome time with your bestie(s)!
I'm making a visit to go see mine this weekend, toooo :)

you :)


Unknown said...

Glad you had a great time even though it rained!

Emma said...

Sometimes the unexpected things (like rain) make it fun! So glad you had fun! I hope to experience Mardi Gras celebrating in the future! Of course I LOVE #3! Duh. Love you girls to pieces! Except I think now I need to go follow Lindsay because I don't!

I love that quote from Pinterest. It is pinned on my board, too :) ...which reminds me! I need to follow you on there.

Hope you have a great wknd with your girls!!<33

Michelle said...

I loooove that pin about trials! Something I've definitely been chewing on lately.

And I'm ashamed to say I've never seen Modern Family! Whoops. Maybe I should work on that this weekend :)


Meghan said...

I always love your High Five Friday posts :)

I found you through jessica(who I love) and I am soooo glad I did! You're posts are as amazing as hers :)


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

HOLLA! Shout-out and blog love! I love #3.

Also, I adore Modern Family but have never watched Happy Endings. I guess I'll have to check that one out!

Have a fun weekend with your best friends! HAPPY FRIDAY, Meg!

P.S. I hope you find comfort and opportunity in your "new life situation"!

Unknown said...

It will be the funniest 3 ish hours of your life... there are some great moments!!!
a "real NOLA" parade is on my bucket list!!
I loved Shreveport but I def wanna do the real one!

Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

Ha..duh love that comparison!

Oh why thanks...nah not weird... southern frat boy they all look the same :)

Ummm seriously HULU HAPPY ENDINGS NOW... really it is the funniest show ever... even better than new girl and i LOVE new girl.

Oh yay for bestie weekends!!

Happy Weekenddddd

Unknown said...

um yeah it was def fun but I look forward to a dry madri gras one of these days!

Oh Lindsay is so cute too!

Um YAY pintrest pals!!!

Happy Weekend!