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Oh! How Pinteresting!

BACKGROUND: Reese is a web developer for country musicians  
Convo with BF:
Reese: "Ya know pintrest right?" 
Me: (thinking) um you mean my life… other than blogging?
(saying) "um, yes?"
Reese: "well we are linking it on all our websites at work, so expect it to starting getting significantly less crafty soon"

So while things are still pretty crafty…
Here are my favorites this week

I NEED this. Perfect spring wedding guest dress…Right!?

Is this cookie bar idea not the cutest thing you've seen… EVER.

True Life. Right NOW. 

I'm fairly certain I was born in the wrong era… 

Shot some bridals this week… thanks pintrest for the inspiration! 
Coming in March!

WHY cant my closet look like this…. NOW!

andddd I'll leave you with this gem! #truth

Happy Wednesday and keep it crafty as long was we can girls!

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Kara Renee said...

I have no doubt in my mind that Pinterest will stay crafty. With as many people that are on it now, a few boys can't change it up too much (hopefully!). Love all these! Especially the wedding shot! :)

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, you need that dress! It is so gorgeous and screams Spring time!!!


Jess said...

UM I guess I'm super behind on times because
I'm just now getting around to STALKING your
photography website! AH you are incredible!

Hmm I might just have to have you come to Florida when I get married ;)

Oh and that closet makes me cringe because it's like the size of my BEDROOM. Gotta love living in a little apartment!

I hope YOU have a more than wonderful Wednesday my lovely friend!

Bev said...

that picture you took of the bride is pure BLISS!! Love it and how you captured her! you go gooorl!

Elisha said...

haha I love that convo. ;) and these items!!

Kathleen said...

I too think I was born in the wrong era. Love that typewriter picture and the last pin! :) Hope you're having a great week so far! :)

Unknown said...

great pins!

Grace said...

love the idea of a cookie bar....and typewriters are my fav :)


Leah said...

I absolutely love that dress. Gray and turquoise or is that teal? love. it.

And that last image of God being enthralled with our beauty. Will definitely have to print that one out and hang in my bathroom.

very nice picks!

Brittney Denman said...

Shut the front door....
1] we sell that dress on
2] I also own it {duh} and wore it to a rehearsal dinner & got tons of compliments! You will love it too!
3] I need that closet ASAP!

Liz said...

Love that closet!! and the beautiful quotes!!
Have a great Wednesday!!

Ashley said...

That dress is spring wedding perfection! Love the colors!

Renee Arianna said...

OMG! We have the same exact style! Pretty sure that top dress is going to be mine soon. Like as in Friday=Payday. haha. Thanks for introducing me to it!

Unknown said...

but for real! It is the best I purchased it today!
( ended up getting it from brittany's shop, see three posts up, because I want to support fellow bloggers business!)

YAY for style twins so much fun!

Hope you had an awesome wednesday!!

Unknown said...

YEAH dang right girl! We aren't gonna let those boys take over :)

Hope you had a wonderful wednesday!!

Unknown said...

How DARE you be behind on stalking!! I'm glad you like…and I totally wouldn't mind a lil FL trip hahaha

RIGHT! That closet is ridiculous…and something to dream for!!!

YAY for your matching book and tosies!

xo precious friend

Unknown said...


(ordering ASAP, but for real)

Laura said...

That dress is ah-mah-zing!! Mint and grey = perfection. I have to have that dress

Emma said...

Love that first dress!! I felt like I had seen it before and then I realized I had seen it on Brittney's shop! And then scrolled above and saw she said that! Haha Happy Wednesday girly :)

Anonymous said...

I pinned that cookie jar thing too- LOVE IT! That image of the bride by the barn is incredible! When you said 'photography' in that comment, I didn't know you meant you WERE a photographer! Woot!

We are very similar.

Courtney B said...

love, love, LOVE the dress!
And I LOVE pinterest :) Seriously, how did we entertain ourselves before pinterest? Haha!

The Sweet Life said...

That bridal portrait is absolutely stunning...props to you!! I also love that spring dress. gorgeous!!

Haus of Style said...

great pins! and YES PLEASE to the walk in closet!

Stumbled upon your blog through pinteresting. I am SO addicted to pinning now ;) Let's stay connected! I am following your blog now. Please visit mines when you have a chance a follow me too if you like it, thanks!