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Smell The Roses: Jeff Johnson

Its Monday and OH what a Monday.
My prayer today was simple.
"Lord, Today make my coffee strong and me stronger"

It's also Monday which means that I am linking up with my blog bestie Jessica for smell the roses.
I had put off this task for some reason this week until this morning.
THANK GOD I did. I needed this THIS morning. Not yesterday morning, not 3 days ago. THIS morning.

I kinda cheated but oh well she'll forgive me.
I didn't make a play list. I listened to an EP BUT it does have 5 songs exactly :)

In college I had the amazing opportunity to go to the most powerful, inspiring, god ordained "bible study" at A&M (although the term "bible study" is used loosely because a normal attendance was 2000 people).
Jeff Johnson led the worship for majority of the 4 years I was there.
Every song on this EP has a personal meaning.
Especially "Beauty of the Cross"
I hadn't listened to it in a while because I get burned out on songs REALLY easily but returning to that song this morning was the most refreshing and uplifting thing that could have happened.

Thanks Jess for the MUCH needed task this week. Even more proof that God knew he was doing with our little blogs 

Lovely Little Things


Anonymous said...

Great songs!! Thanks for sharing! :) Happy Monday!

Jess said...


This right here..."Lord, Today make my coffee strong and me stronger"
KILLED ME! I'm stealing this prayer...uh wait stealing a prayer doesn't seem like a good thing to do. BORROWING..yes I'm borrowing that prayer ;)

Anyway - I've never heard Jeff Johnson but since he shouted out to us on Twitter today (WHAT?!) I'm totally going to download the EP! I already like it because the name of the songs are awesome.

And I'm so glad that you did this little task at the perfect time :)
God's pretty cool like that isn't He?

Talk to you sooooon!
Still waiting for my book :)


Renee Arianna said...

I so appreciate this post. I'll be downloading this from iTunes momentarily!