Smell The Roses

I love this week's Smell the Roses task from Miss Jessica @ Lovely Little Things
I loved this task so much that I changed my mind roughly 57607 times on how I wanted to do it.
Finally I settled on posting a few stickies in the 7/8th grade bathroom.

The message was simple.
Love yourself exactly how you are.
I sincerly hope that this makes someone smile today.

Thanks Jessica for again letting us stop and Smell the Roses.
Your task has literally made HUNDREDS of people across the country smile this week.
Serioulsy think about that...
Lovely Little Things


Jess said...

The last part gave me goosebumps - SO CRAZY that we can make that big of a difference.

You're awesome. Your braid is awesome. Your handwriting is awesome.


Brittney Denman said...

What a great post!!
& yes, I too love the braid!

Elisha said...

i love this!! :) <3

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Great notes, Meg! And we all know how hard that age can be, so your notes are so helpful!

Unknown said...


Leah said...

I love this idea! So many kiddos need to know that message now a days. So sweet.

Coming by from Feeding my temple and look forward to reading!