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Tales From Rm. 106: High Five

First year of teaching. OMGeee. 
There are LOTS of things I have done "wrong" luckily I have (or feel like I have) done one thing right; High 5. 

There are 5 basic rules in my class room. 
We say them EVERY day at the beginning of class. 
I had NO idea if this was going to work. 
I was only in the classroom a hot minute before I knew I had hit teacher GOLD. 

Reasons "High 5" works:

1. Signals class has started… there is always lots of chatter at the beginning of class the MOMENT I say "High 5" they snap too and know it's time to get down to business. 

2. Consistency… In an ever changing classroom ANYTHING that brings consistency is encouraged. I cant make it 10 seconds into starting class with out being reminded to do the High 5 if I, GASP, forget! 

3. Behavior Checks… When a student is misbehaving all I have to say is a number on the high 5 and they know EXACTLY what they need to do to fix their behavior. 


BTW there is totally a difference  between being "engaged" and "participating"
 Participating= bare minimum 
Engaged= actively participating& learning 

Just in case you thought that sounded redundant 
(holla 6th grade vocab word)


 Random blog maintenance stuff…. so long story short my button needed to be tweaked (Jess you ROCK) so feel free to replace it so it works :) 
Pretty Pretty Please with sugar AND cherries on top 


Liz said...

what grade do you teach- i assumed grade 6? I am starting with grade 7/8 in a week and think this will be totally AWESOME!!

Kara Renee said...

That's so cute! I volunteered in a classroom where they used the same method. It's so fun and the kids usually know immediately what it means!

Jess said...

Hmm I wonder if High Five will work for elementary?!
If so, I'm totally adding this to my "Someday, I'll Teach" file ;)
And yes, I am a nerd and I do have one of those lol.

you're more than welcome for tweaking the button...what are blog friends for, DUH?!

AND are you doing the vlog linkup?!
I see the button up on your page!
I want to do it, but I've never taken a video of myself!

Okay this comment is getting a littleeee lengthy!

Happy Thursday :)

Unknown said...

Yes, I do teach in the crazy weird wonderful world of the sixth grade!!

It works really well for them!!
7th&8th are a trip!! So much fun!


Unknown said...

I originally saw this method in an elementary class so YES. Honesty it would probably work best in an elementary classroom!

Psh I've got all sorts of files like that. (holla pintrest)

Yes I am THINKING about doing the vlog thing...I'm nervous though because I feel like I sound like a southern disney princess on crack ...especially on film. Well see if I have the courage. Your thoughts?

You rock.

Mrs. Darcy said...

What a fabulous idea-anything to get them engaged during the first few minutes of class!

Jess said...

Southern Disney princess on crack...WHAT hahaha.
I say do it.

We can be awkward together.
It'll be great!


Unknown said...

So i just did a practice vlog.
i'm dying.
laughing so hard.

Cant wait to be awkward together!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE "my actions my consequences"

That might be going up on the wall tomorrow!

Unknown said...

oh yeah its wonderful!

OMG the SUPERINTENDENT I might have passed out but I am sure you ROCKED IT!!

Unknown said...

that is the one that gets them EVERY time.
They do something dumb and "number 5" is all I have to say and it shuts them right up! :)

Ashlee said...

What a great concept! I love it.


Ashlee said...

Ps. I Don't think your button is working.. still :(

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me know! I think **fingers crossed** got it fixed!!!
again thanks!!! Let me know if it doesn't work

Laura Beth said...

Love, love the high 5! I am only a second year teacher (7th/8th), but I totally remember all the scary (but fun) days as a first-year! You live and you learn :) Anything that will grasp a middle-schooler's attention is a miracle..Good Job!

Meghan said...

I love your blog! I just started following you thanks to Jessica up there!
I am in school now to be a teacher and I love the High 5 rules :) I am majoring in pre K-5 and then intervention which is k-12, so this would be a good thing to try and remember once I'm there :)

xoxo Meghan