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Time Out.

I have put myself in time out.
My to-do list for the end of the 9 weeks is 6 miles long.
I have put myself on a blog time-out until my list gets done.
For the record I would totaly perfer blogging to the 1578562 grades I have to put in, the 4 tests I have to make and the 65 online boredom sessions... errr I mean training courses I have to do.

Hopefully getting back to blogging will actually motivate me to power though the list!
but yall will be here when I get back... righhhhhtttttt???
(hopefully I can finish this week and be back on Monday for Smell the Roses, because it ROCKS)



Unknown said...

good luck with everything, pretty lady :)

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

Just found your blog! Good luck with your list! I often feel the same way!

Jess said...

Look at you being all responsible and stuff!
Teach me your ways oh wise one ;)
....but seriously!

I hope you're back in time for STR toooo...duh!

And you better not be in time out from Twitter...I need some form of communication with you available!

You better not be reading this comment.
Instead you better be conquering that to do list, miss! :)


Unknown said...

ummm... well actually I am emailing you... you might not want me to teach you my ways... hahahaha

PLEASE I couldn't take a twitter break even if I wanted to #twitteradditct

Unknown said...

SO glad I foudn your blog! Take a break, and come back for more! I enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your beautiful photography!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I'm totally behind on blogging, so I know how you're feeling! I feel like I need a major recalibration this weekend to get on track and write posts early so I can keep up on my blog READING too. Yikes!

Brianna Tucker said...

I feel ya! I was out of school Monday and I felt like i came back yesterday with a 100 page to do list!

Summer-Raye said...

Hey girl, don't stress yourself out too much. You'll get it all done. :)

Anonymous said...

Hurry up with your time out! We miss you! I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for the sunshine award- check here for details


Robin said...

We'll be anxiously waiting!!! I should probably take a blog time out as well...but I don't have it in me! Good for you girl, hope you get all your work done!

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