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Today I Went To Target.

The worst part about being a temporary small town girl is not having a Target.
The closest Target is AN HOUR. 
Let me repeat myself for effect… AN H-O-U-R. 

Yes, I travel to a "city" most weekends, but usually that includes lots of Reese time, his idea of a good time is ,unfortunately, NOT walking around Target. 

This weekend I was in Shreveport sans BF.
Which yes was kinda sad BUT it provided me the opportunity to walk around Target for A HOUR AND A HALF. I could visit departments once, twice or EVEN THREE TIMES.

Heaven I tell you. 
if Target wasn't enough of a treat… Target has STARBUCKS.

Tall Cinnamon Dulce Latte please. 
just look at this red cart…isn't it just GLORIOUS.

new leopard flats.

were starting this in my advisory class.. excited.

My purchases
self control at its finest. 

Thanks Target you're pretty great. 

really its the little things in life. 


Meghan said...

Love Target! Our closest is an hour away too :(
I do not think I have near the amount of self-control as you though! Props :)

xoxo Meghan

Frances said...

I'll never take my Target for granted again! haha I love Target, too. And The Hunger Games series is PHENOMENAL! I got all my friends hooked on it and we're all counting down to the movies, so enjoy!

-Frances @ GrownUpLand

Jillian K. said...

Oh you poor thing, I cannot imagine living an hour away from a Target! So glad you got to spend lots of time there though :) Love those flats, and I saw those "be mine" cards too! Happy Sunday!

Love your blog, follow me back at

Emma said...

I thought it was awful that mine is 20 minutes poor thing! I could seriously spend hours upon hours in there...doing who knows what even?! Time always flies when I'm shopping Target. Love those flats! And I got my cheapy, but cute Vday for Matt from the dollar section. Props to you for self-control :)

Hope you've had a great wknd pretty! :)

Emma said...

Vday card*

Unknown said...

Oh yeah its awful! Yay for all of our Target obsessions!
You and your blog are precious!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Unknown said...

But for real don't take your Target for granted. I am so afraid I will get nothing else done!! My cousin worked on the movie and he finally convinced me to read it to my students!


Unknown said...

Then you feel my pain girl!!!!
Self control… hard, hard, hard.


Unknown said...

Yeah! Its like a time warp!!
The cards were so cute… I was totally ok with only spending a dollar!!
Don't be too impressed it was HARD.


Design Eat Repeat said...

The nearest Target from my hometown is 30 minutes away and I thought THAT was bad! In my college town I have access to heaven in 5 minutes time. Haha. Sometimes when I'm bored I just go to Target...which is usually a terrible decision. Those clearance clothes racks are dangerous. Oh Target, how I love you...

Kathleen said...

The first thing I did when I was looking for apartments to move to Florida was to google where the nearest Target and Barnes and Noble were from my apartment. I think I might die a little inside if I had to drive an hour for either one. But I would totally DO IT! So glad to got to have a fun shopping trip! :)

Ashlee said...

I would literally DIE if there wasn't a Target atleast 15 minutes from me! Looks like you had fun!


Unknown said...

LOOOOVE the Hunger Games! Enjoy :)

Jess said...

Mine is like 5 minutes away. And that's if I get stuck by the light.

Yay for Hunger Games! Let me know what your class thinks :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

We had very similar Target visits today! I ended up with a dress and a Starbs Tall Soy Chai Latte. I love those leopard flats!

Molly said...

We used to not have a Target here in NYC so it would be a big treat when I went to visit my grandmother in rural Missouri because they had a Target there (and a Wal-Mart...we still don't have one of those). Ironic? I think so.

We finally got one here (and a Costco!) but it's still a treat to go, I would looove to just wander around like you did! So fun.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness an hour! I dont know how you do it. Great picks though :) Love those flats.

Laura said...

You have amazing self-control! Love the flats - I better stop by my Target tomorrow!! Love your blog!

Unknown said...

I just found your blog, and it is too cute! Growing up, I lived an hour away from a Target, too! Now that I live in a big city I say that I can't live any further than 15 minutes away from a Target!

henning love said...

target is great isn't it. i spent $100 there yesterday no joke but $60 of that was spent on a floor rug and i felt pretty guilty leaving the store actually, but Target is pretty amazing still

Beth B. said...

Ahh I love Target, I love your blog, and I feel like we could have a lot to talk about...I'm student teaching in a high school right now! New follower!

Abby Devine said...

I love Target too and just bought those lepoard flats last week. I found your blog over on Every Day Life by Lindsay B. I am your newest follower! Hope you will check my blog out as well

Renee Arianna said...

Love those leopard flats! I need to go to target asap!!