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High Five Friday No. 14

This has been the weirdest week EVEAAH. 
It has felt like the shortest AND longest week ever.
Really I kinda felt like I was living in the twilight zone. 

I took very few pictures this week. 
Told you… twilight zone. 

I am linking up with the extremely lovely lauren for High Five Friday which in and of its self is a highlight of my week!

This week all across the state of texas we (because honestly I feel like I took it too) took the first installment of out standardized test called STAAR. 
I proctored the 7th grade writing test. 
It was a little mini vacation away from the wild world of 6th grade.

Those dear 7th graders that I just spoke of …well they gave me a new nickname. due to the fact that ALL the boys were taller than I am...

Miss Shortstack. 

not gonna lie. I kinda like it. 

Awkward encounters in the grocery store. 
Ill let me tweet speak for itself. 

AND I really don't get weirded out by much but seriously this was too creepy. 

Despite what actually occurred at the grocery store I got all the ingredients to work on getting my energy up!! Step 1… COMPLETE! 

working out is next… OH JOY.

I promise i'll stop talking about it BUT I love bethany's wedding pictures




Field Trip

Remember field trips! Weren't they the best. 
In my house field trip meant a lunchable … I mean WHO DIDNT LOVE lunchables (especially the ones with dunk-a-roos and the capri suns that were impossible to open) #90'skid.

Well unfortunately todays field trip does not require a sack lunch but it does require a small click of the mouse. 

I told you on Monday in my Weekend Review that I shot my friend Bethany's super adorable wedding… WELLLLLL her wedding post is up on my photography blog and I don't want yall to miss the fun!!!

Click Here. 



Girl Behind the Blog No. 2

Today I am linking up with 5ohWifey  and Andi from The Hollie Rogue with  their series "Girl Behind the Blog"
I will let my video explain what this installment is all about but here are just a few side notes….

a. There is this great time in Texas called early spring where pollen settles on
everything and makes everyones voices and octave lower… example… see video.
b. I apparently like to repeat myself…a lot… ya know I like to repeat myself.

c. my kitchen light burnt out today and driving the 20+ minutes to wal mart to replace the bulb wasn't on my to-do list tonight so just bear with the awkward shadows that make my nose look 10x bigger than the just BIG it is. 


Oh and ps can we get a round of applause fot youtube for actually stopping my video on a shot that doesnt look like I am eating a lemon!!! HOLLLLAAA.




Energy Crisis

I have an energy crisis. No, this has nothing to do with paying an ungodly amount for gas, although that totally sucks. This has to do with food. 

Here are some of my issues.
A. I live alone…aka I cook for one. Which basically means I have to cook in small batches because I can never eat "normal four people" portions before it goes bad.
B. My lunch at school is at 10:30 am. Which means at 3:25 when the bell rings I am stuffing my face with anything that isn't nailed down. After I stuff my face I don't want to eat dinner until late. Its a vicious cycle.

Really my issue lies with in my energy level. I just cant seem to find something that will help me stabilize it. 

This is where I need yalls advice…

I was thinking of making some breakfast "cookies" to grab fast on my way out the door
(inevitably running late… I feel bad for my future children they will probably have lots of tardy detentions)

Yall have any ideas? Anything easy that works for you?

I was thinking about making these for a snack after school so I don't grab that bag of greasy (but oh so delicious) chips.

or this 

Cream Cheese and Cucumbers on toast 

Have you tried any of these? Have any other quick take to school snack ideas? 

I am trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and I feel like changing breakfast, HECK actually eating breakfast and changing/ adding some snacks into my daily routine can help set me on that path! 

This week I am going to start with food… next week… the two most dreaded words in the english language… WORK OUT.

AND BY THE WAY… feel free to kick my virtual butt via twitter when I start complaining about "how much easier it is to grab a bag of chips" rather than actually put something healthy into my body, 

Thanks my bloggy friends… yall rock!



On hey I'm back: weekend in review

Oh I am so very sorry for leaving you hanging for a week. I'm sure y'all were crying Ina corner somewhere...haha NOT ...err I hope you weren't. Honestly I felt like death on a stick for majority of last week...I think I was hung over on spring break. I had a very eventful weekend so I figured I would share

 THURSDAY: my sweet sweet boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. He knows the way to my heart hanging out with a bunch of middle schoolers at a movie theater I kid I kid..Im just glad we were in a different state so they weren't MY middle schoolers. Over all I really liked the movie obviously it doesn't compare to the book but movies never do. I think my favorite part of the mid night showing was all the people dressed up,especially the girls dressed up like Effie...WITH pink hair and all. 

 FRIDAY: I had taken the day off school to come to Louisiana for a wedding. Spending the morning rocking to Carrie with the windows down beats being at work ANYDAY. Friday afternoon Reese's sister and I headed to the wedding. Reese's cousin Bethany was getting married and I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer. (you can head over to the photography blog to see her bridals). Friday after the rehearsal we ad a little lingere shower for the bride. Literally I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I am so blessed to have these wonderful women in my life!!! 

Saturday: WEDDING DAY!!!! It was such an amazing day. Everything went off without a hitch! Bethany was beautiful, Mason was hilarious and sweet. They are such a testimony to real true Christ centered love. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off snapping pictures of all the PRECIOUS details. I will be talking in detail about this wedding over on my photography blog but here are a few pictures from my phone...


Reality v. Expectations

A. I love Zooey Deschanel (grilll crushhhh)
B. this clip is dubbed in another language. thanks youtube.
C. This is the best scene in this movie. period.
(500 Days of Summer)
D. I am viewing today almost exactly like this scene EXCEPT….

Reality of going back to work vs. Expectation of somehow magically ending up back on spring break 

Reality: I hit the snooze button 12 times.
Expectation: Roll out of bed at 9…

Reality: I drank 2 cups of coffee and STILL feel like I am half asleep
Expectation: Drinking a frozen something-or-other on the beach.

Reality: I am wearing heels and a dress
Expectation: barefoot in the sand in a swim suite.

Reality: Watching a sea of 12 year olds rolling down the hall
Expectation: Watching the SEA… the REAL SEA.

Reality: Harsh florescent light of my classroom
Expectation: Laying out on the beach gettin my tan on.

Reality: counting down the hours until Hunger Games
Expectation: counting down the hours until Hunger Games

In all seriousness I was in love with Spring Break but I am ready to get back to my kiddos, get back to routine, get back to reality! 

ONLY 9 WEEKS to go till SUMMA!!!! 

happy monday lovelies! 



High Five Friday No. 14

Spring break has gotten me all out of whack! 
I had forgotten it was friday!! 
let me repeat

I am linking up with the precious lauren once again at From my Grey Desk

Vacation with Reese!

This is the first time Reese and I have been on "vacation" together.
I came over to South Carolina last Saturday and he met me up here on wednesday! 
We have had a blast beaching it up!
Currently he is on a fishing expedition with my dad… my dad keeps joking that he is going to be "shark bait". cool dad. 

Old Friends!
I have two old friends in this area that I got to see and hang out while i've been out here!
It is NUTS that I have known theses people over half my life!
Last night at dinner we just kept saying how weird it was to have known each other for such a long time! I was constantly reminded last night how blessed I am to have these old "pick up where you left off" friends in my life!!

NOT the best picture but SERIOUSLY the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!

Litterally I have had the best food of my life here. 

Fresh shrimp, green chile rissoto, gormet burgers… OBSESSED. 
I am going home one happy and very full girl! 

I did not know how much I needed this break.
thank you jesus for spring break. 
and I am so glad I get to spend it with my mama! 

New Photo blog!

I gushed about it yesterday but literally I am so obessed! 
I took some engagment pictures here in South Carolina yesterday so I am anxious to get them edited and up!!

XOXO my bloggy loves! 

and happppyyyy fridayyyy



Oh, How About a Round of Applause

(I so hope you read that title in your best rhianna voice!)

SOOOOO last Monday I told you about getting my photoblog all pretty and shiny in my Smell the Roses post


Go over and take a peek 

Melissa from Cherry on Top Blog Shoppe, well I cant even come up with the best words to express what a WONDERFUL job she did. 


I am in love with the clean, simple, hint of vintage look. 

She even made me a water mark and a facebook cover photo. 
She went ABOVE AND BEYOND and I sure do love her for it. 

If you are looking at getting your blog revamped of adding a little bit more bling to yalls super precious blog go check her site out she does BRILLIANT work plus the site is ever so cute! 

So really everyone should give Melissa a round of applause because I sure am!



Always Greener

because it is wednesday…
because it is spring break…
because i've been at the beach instead of pinterest …

ill just leave you with this gem…



Iron Baker: Dulce De Leche Sticky Buns with White Chocolate Sauce

Two posts.. one day… must be SPRING BREAK!

I entered Melissa over a 20 going on 80's Iron Baker Competition
There are some AMAZING prizes 

Here is my creation with the "secret ingredients" carmel and white chocolate 

Head over to her blog and vote for my scrumptious 
dulce de leche sticky buns with white chocolate sauce!

You can see the other entries and get this SCRUMPTIOUS recipe over at melissa's blog by voting for my recipe!

I'll love you foreverrrrrrr


Lose Control Part 3

SURPRISE… because you all waited so patiently last time I decided to post this weeks part of the story a little early this week! 

I cried all the way home. Literally, ALL THE WAY(so not safe). 
When I got home I proceeded to stay in bed all day and continue to apply for jobs. 
Really there was no use in getting out of bed, getting dressed or doing anything productive.  I was a HOT mess. 

It was the middle of April and all my friends were still in college living up their last month of college life and I was stuck at home 3 hours away. I WAS NOT a happy camper. 

Finally my parents put their foot down. I had to go out, do something. 
I begrudgingly got a "job" at a tutoring center close to my house. 
It was awful, I like to refer to it as worksheet boot camp, literally worksheets ALL DAY LONG. 

I had come from a mentality that I was going to be independent work at an amazing school with amazing student to working 2 hours a day locked in a cubical watching children do worksheets. This was really looking like my future. 

By graduation 2 girls in a class of 350+ had received teaching jobs. 
T-W-O. We were all freaking out. 

Graduation came and went and I (along with majority of my class) was jobless. 

And then came a new twist.
My Dad got a new job… In South Carolina. My safety net, my back up plan, MY PARENTS WERE MOVING 1,209 miles way!!

Now not only was I looking ahead to a future with out a career I was now looking at being homeless AND careerless. 

Not getting a teaching job was a REAL tangible possibility at the time. All to real.

I had no idea what to do, where to turn.
I wasn't even praying I was doing that "im-suppose-to-be-praying-but-dont-even-know-what-to-ask-for-do-think-or-pray" thing.

I had to make a move. So I did. 

Part 4 next week! 


Airports & Smell The Roses

I have a love affair with the airport. 
and it all started here with this movie.
This is my favorite movie. 

"Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion... love actually is all around."

There is just something intriguing to me about the people in an airport.
Where are they going? Why?
Are the coming? Going?
Are the leaving someone they love? Or going back to someone they miss?
so many questions… so much people watching

I sat in the airport yesterday reading, watching people drift in an out of starbucks and basked...

I could have basked in the fact that people INSIST that you get there 2+ hours before your flight (ploy to get you to buy more starbucks)
I could have basked in the fact that the lady sitting 3 rows over WAS SO STINKING LOUD. In case you were wondering she had a bronchitis last week and is still feeling its effects. 
Or I could have basked in the fact that it was POURING down rain and -8 in the terminal.

But instead I decided to bask in the romantic qualities of the airport the love, the longing the finally returning home.

Thanks Hugh Grant.

Smell the Roses!
This week's task from my blog bff jess was to tell three people who constantly impact your life how great they are and how much you cherish and appreciate them.

I have three girls in my life that will ALWAYS be my best friends, have my back and tell me when im making a dumb decision.

we live in 4 different cities and the best way (and most HILARIOUS way)to communicate is though group texting.
were awkward and we know itttttt
It was only appropriate that I stopped and told them how much I love, cherish and appreciate them though our favorite means of communication.

Lovely Little Things
Thanks Jess I always find your tasks so perfectly timed :)

I would also like to add that I feel like a WAY better blogger this week simply for the fact that I am blogging from South Carolina… May there blogger sparkle continue to rub off on me! 



High FIve Friday No. 13

There are 4 Fridays in the school year that teachers count down today and today is the third; SPRING BREAKKKKK. 
This has been an exhausting week, naturally. 

Good thing I have a constant Friday jewel thanks to Miss Lauren over at From My Grey Desk 

Blog Mail
I have the best blog friends ever. 
seriously these wonderful ladies ROCK. 
Getting these little letters/ treasures made my day SO bright!
Technically this is from last week BUTTTT its my blog I make the rule. K? :)
Baby Shower
The PRECIOUS baby shower we held at school for one of the teachers! 
I was in heaven with all the pink and frills and bows!!! 

My gift… it originally started off as cupcakes BUT potted plats are cute too. 

My decoration contribution!

DELICIOUS and PINK cupcakes! 
Top Knot. 
I got adventurous. 
Taco Cabana 
Literally one the the things I miss most about living in a big city! 
I stopped on my way home from Houston this week and was literally JUMPING up at down at the thought of fresh, hot, wonderful, authentic TORTILLAS!! 
TOTAL High Point of my meals this week!

(again I know it is technincally not a high point of THIS week but it is def something I've been looking forward to BECAUSE I get to spend it here 

Hilton Head Island, SC

with my Mom and Dad AND REESE! 
(aka I get to spend more than a weekend with him!!!) 

Legit so excited. 

Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!!!