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Energy Crisis

I have an energy crisis. No, this has nothing to do with paying an ungodly amount for gas, although that totally sucks. This has to do with food. 

Here are some of my issues.
A. I live alone…aka I cook for one. Which basically means I have to cook in small batches because I can never eat "normal four people" portions before it goes bad.
B. My lunch at school is at 10:30 am. Which means at 3:25 when the bell rings I am stuffing my face with anything that isn't nailed down. After I stuff my face I don't want to eat dinner until late. Its a vicious cycle.

Really my issue lies with in my energy level. I just cant seem to find something that will help me stabilize it. 

This is where I need yalls advice…

I was thinking of making some breakfast "cookies" to grab fast on my way out the door
(inevitably running late… I feel bad for my future children they will probably have lots of tardy detentions)

Yall have any ideas? Anything easy that works for you?

I was thinking about making these for a snack after school so I don't grab that bag of greasy (but oh so delicious) chips.

or this 

Cream Cheese and Cucumbers on toast 

Have you tried any of these? Have any other quick take to school snack ideas? 

I am trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and I feel like changing breakfast, HECK actually eating breakfast and changing/ adding some snacks into my daily routine can help set me on that path! 

This week I am going to start with food… next week… the two most dreaded words in the english language… WORK OUT.

AND BY THE WAY… feel free to kick my virtual butt via twitter when I start complaining about "how much easier it is to grab a bag of chips" rather than actually put something healthy into my body, 

Thanks my bloggy friends… yall rock!



Kerrie Williams said...

oooh now that that cream cheese and cucumber toasts sounds seriously yummy. I'll have to try that one myself!

Kara Renee said...

These look delicious! Let us know what you try!

Courtney said...

I always have little baggies of nuts from Trader Joe's on hand! Helpful to have since I would also much rather grab a bag of chips.

Another idea is to make sure that when you buy any kind of snack item that is not individually packaged (which is almost everything I buy since I am gluten intolerant and the individually packaged stuff is usually bad for you anyway) that when you get these items home, you automatically bag them into smaller portions in plastic baggies, that way they are easy to grab when you are running out of the house. I also do the same thing with fruit (pre bag it in when I get it home from the store) that way it's super easy to grab fruit as a snack!

I've made those apple "sandwiches" and they are very tasty!

Oh and...a 10:30 am lunch?! That's crazy talk!

Unknown said...

mmm those breakfast cookies look awesome!

GingerPeachT said...

Hey! Another fellow g free eater! Lol
I agree with all she said because not only will you save money buy buying your fruits, veggies, snacks in bulk but it's healthier a lot of the time. Get in the habit of washing everything as soon as you get home with it. And bagging it up. :-) it really does help because if some thing wasn't washed yet I wouldn't take the time to do it and eat it. Lol
Protein and fiber. Those things will help keep you fuller and going longer. I love cucumber with cream cheese. So delish. And it's light for the summer time. :-)
I eat every 3 hours. I have a fast metabolism. So I know if I went longer than 3 hours to eat something I will be so unhappy. Lol gnc also has some decent tasting protein shakes. Did those awhile for gaining weight. Good luck!

Jess said...

You can count on me to kick your butt via Twitter if you try to take the easy way out and grab a bag of chips ;)

All 3 of the recipes that you posted looks DELISH!
Good starting point for sureee!

I can't imagine eating lunch at 10:30...holy crap!
So you're already done with lunch my time...NO WAY.

Whenever I'm SUPER hungry when I get home from work or class I usually have a protein smoothie - SO good and it gives me energy to work out without having a full stomach and making me sick.

GOOD LUCK - you got this girl :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Even though I haven't MADE those recipes, I've tried them all, and they are SO GOOD. All of them! I was a little unsure about the cucumber and cream cheese, but it is SO delicious!

Unknown said...

My lunch is 10:40, so I totally know where you are coming from. I usuallyt bring carrot and celery sticks and hummus or fruit slices and string cheese to eat after the last bell. I also make sure I don't bring cash with me to work so there is no vending machine temptation. Lean cuisine also makes some yummy spinach/artichoke dip in single servings in the freezer section. Its kind of spendy for a snack, so I just buy it as a treat every once in awhilw :)

Leanne said...

All of your options look great!

The key to eating healthy and making sure you have fewer slip ups is to make your snacks/lunches ahead of time and stick them in your fridge to just pull out when you're ready.

I would also invest in a thermal cooler or lunch box to take with you to keep your colder goodies cool for the day.

Let's be honest, healthy eating requires some extra work. So, that's one of the best things I've learned with eating healthier is to make ahead of time! :)

Laura said...

I am right there with you on the trying to eat better. I get home at 3:00 and I'm ready for an entire meal! It is so hard to find easy healthy snacks and breakfast - I'm excited to see what others have to suggest to you :)

Meg O. said...

Great food ideas! I have the opposite problem as you... School starts for me at 7:20 and my lunch isn't until 1:00! It's torture! I always eat early and I just eat light snacks throughout the day. I notice I stay fuller if I eat smaller portions. I always keep a can of raw almonds in my desk, too. Better than reaching for chips.

Leah said...

I am definitely trying out the cucumbers with cream cheese on toast today when I leave from here. That big gap from your lunch time to when you leave home is too much too go without eating! I would probably pack veggie juices to get your energy into high gear.

Amanda Gail said...

Hey hey gluten free eaters :) I am always open to any gluten free snack tips. It's so hard to find snacks sometimes to eat on my college student budget!


Amanda Gail said...

I'm with Jessica on the protein shake. It's quick and easy and always fills me up and gives me a little pick me up in the afternoon.

Also its easier to just pre bag little snacks of strawberries, grapes, blueberries, whatever is in season and just grab one on the go. That way you could eat it when school is almost over. Or even when you're teaching. Easy to eat snacks are the way to go.

Almonds or any kind of nuts are also good sources of protein and energy. Keep a bag of them in your desk to have a snack so you don't fall in the chips when you get home.

Maybe having snacks in your desk could help you from having that slump at 330. Thats a long time to go without eating. It's better to eat small amounts every few hours.

Good luck!

PS. I have cucumber, cream cheese, and gluten free toast snack pretty much every day. It's a staple in my life. SO GOOD.

Diana Amy said...

Check out "chocolate covered katie"'s blog - she has recipes for these AMAZING treats that are like 3 ingredient homemade larabars - I always have a little tupperware of them in my purse in case I get a snack attack at work and they keep me satisfied until I can have a normal sized dinner at a normal time! Also, yes, eat breakfast girl! Even if that = a spoonful of peanut butter.

Katie said...

those snacks look delicious but look hard to bring to school (except those cookies bars). do you like yogurt? I love yogurt and a little granola - i've even made homemade granola and it was easy and good for you. or do you like almonds? i think those are pretty filling and I keep them in my desk at school. 10:30 is way to early for lunch?? you don't get a break after that?? that stinks!

Unknown said...

THANK YOU so much ladies!!! THIS SO helps! I knew I could count on my blog sista's to help a girl out! Ill keep ya posted on what ends up working for me!!!


Unknown said...

Oh I sooooo know I can count on you to kick my butt ( basically that comment was for you HAHA)

YOU ROCK as usuallllllll.


Unknown said...

YES I do plan on making all my snacks ahead of time so I am not as rushed! Great advice! Thank you so much!!!


Unknown said...

I have tried those lean cusine snacks…. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THOSE! Thanks for the reminder! They were REALLY good!!!

and the cash thing.. so my down fall! maybe ill start a "instead of junk food jar" and save up for something extra special like a mani/pedi treat!

Thanks again for the FAB advice!!!


Unknown said...

OHHHH girl then you feel my pain!!!
Almonds are a great suggestion I LOVE them!
My kids are just going to have to get used to me eating in front of them… oh I can just hear it now " thats not fairrrrrr" haha I know you can hear it too!!

Thanks for the tips!!!

Other Meg :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much that helped A LOT!!!!

and peanitbutter pops… YES PLEASE


Unknown said...

OOOOhhh great suggestions I LOVE all those things!!
and seriously lunch at 10:30… I'm just glad summer is in sight!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Annie said...

That apple sandwich snack looks AHHH mazing! I find that snacking throughout the day on healthy things helps me keep energy up. Good luck with the working out - I HATE it too - but it does help with energy :)

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