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Field Trip

Remember field trips! Weren't they the best. 
In my house field trip meant a lunchable … I mean WHO DIDNT LOVE lunchables (especially the ones with dunk-a-roos and the capri suns that were impossible to open) #90'skid.

Well unfortunately todays field trip does not require a sack lunch but it does require a small click of the mouse. 

I told you on Monday in my Weekend Review that I shot my friend Bethany's super adorable wedding… WELLLLLL her wedding post is up on my photography blog and I don't want yall to miss the fun!!!

Click Here. 



Jasmine said...

The photos are stunning, congrats! Also, I'm with you on dunk-a-roos and capri suns. I still can't open those darn things! X

Kara Renee said...

I used to love lunchables! I'm checking out these pictures immediately. I loved the sneak peek you put up this week!

Emma said...

You're adorable!! Dunk-a-roo's were the! I always loved field trips because I got to ride the bus. We lived a minute away from my elementary school, so we walked up an alley and were there. Lol Going to check them out now :)

Meg O. said...

Beautiful photos!! I loved them!

Jess said...

Going to check the pictures out nowww :)

PS - Love the fact that we both referred to lunchables in our posts today hahaha!


Unknown said...

SO pretty, Meg! :)

Amanda Gail said...

One. your photography is incredible. But I already told you that on your photo blog

Two. your sweet comments on my blog posts always brighten my day!

Three. I miss lunchables so much. I loved them as a kid. (and now I'm an "adult" and I can't eat gluten. Double fail)

Four. Dunkaroos were the best snack...well ever.

That's all.

Happy Thursday!


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Did you and Jessica have a Lunchables discussion last night or something? Hahaha!

J: Tomorrow's the day!
M: I know! I'm so excited!
J & M: We're both going to mention Lunchables and see if anyone notices!

Yeah, well. I did! :-)

By the way, the wedding photos are ga-ga-ga-gorgeous!

Annie said...

Okay, I LOVE lunchables! And Dunkaroos were the best! Oh, I want some now.

Heading over to see your pictures now!