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High FIve Friday No. 13

There are 4 Fridays in the school year that teachers count down today and today is the third; SPRING BREAKKKKK. 
This has been an exhausting week, naturally. 

Good thing I have a constant Friday jewel thanks to Miss Lauren over at From My Grey Desk 

Blog Mail
I have the best blog friends ever. 
seriously these wonderful ladies ROCK. 
Getting these little letters/ treasures made my day SO bright!
Technically this is from last week BUTTTT its my blog I make the rule. K? :)
Baby Shower
The PRECIOUS baby shower we held at school for one of the teachers! 
I was in heaven with all the pink and frills and bows!!! 

My gift… it originally started off as cupcakes BUT potted plats are cute too. 

My decoration contribution!

DELICIOUS and PINK cupcakes! 
Top Knot. 
I got adventurous. 
Taco Cabana 
Literally one the the things I miss most about living in a big city! 
I stopped on my way home from Houston this week and was literally JUMPING up at down at the thought of fresh, hot, wonderful, authentic TORTILLAS!! 
TOTAL High Point of my meals this week!

(again I know it is technincally not a high point of THIS week but it is def something I've been looking forward to BECAUSE I get to spend it here 

Hilton Head Island, SC

with my Mom and Dad AND REESE! 
(aka I get to spend more than a weekend with him!!!) 

Legit so excited. 

Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL!!!




Katie said...

what an adorable gift! that turned out so cute! and I'm jealous of your spring break starting - I have two weeks to go! I'm also jealous of your top knot. : ) HAPPY BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elisha said...

I love alllllll that pink!!!

Lindsay Colvin said...

Oh! You're coming to my home state! Have fun in Hilton Head...relax and enjoy yourself!

Kristen said...

I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award today! You can check it out here:

Kara Renee said...

Ahhh, I miss Spring Breaks on the east coast! Enjoy it for me!

Sherry said...

Oh how exciting! So jealous of your spring break! Have fun!

I loved Taco Cabana from my Aggieland days, but I still jump up and down when I get to go to Rosa's when I visit my hometown in West Texas. There is one at A&M now too... their tortillas are my very favorite!! Also, have you ever been to Chachos in Houston??? SO good if you are ever by one when you are in Houston!

Leanne said...

Oh Taco Cabana...

I've always loved Texas and when I moved here after I got married, I had never heard of Taco Cabana. They don't exist in Arkansas. So when I went for the first time...I loved it! Especially their tortillas! Yum! :)

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

OMG those cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous! Baby showers are always so much fun. Happy Friday!

Jess said...


You are so cute with your top knot - seriously! And I think green is my favorite color on you!

Your "potted" onesies...could you be any more creative?! NO. :)

SO glad you got your mail AND so glad that you loved mean so much to me, Meg!

AND last thing...have so much fun in SC with your family & your man. You deserve it!


The Sweet Life said...

LOve your top knot and is that green top from old navy?? I just bOught a very similar looking one for St. Pattys day. And how exciting that your spring break is next week and that you are going to Hilton head. I've always wanted to go there. 3 more work days and then I'm off Thursday and Friday before spring break and then a whole week!!! I'm so excited! Enjoy your Vacation!!! Xoxo

Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

Such a cute baby shower for your coworker, and I love your contributions!! Just discovered your blog through my best friend's blog (Steph @ The Sweet Life) and i'm loving it!

Unknown said...

what a cute shower! & you look adorable with the top knot :)

Kathleen said...

YAY for a fun week! PS. I will be taking a picture of that Taco C sign in just ONE WEEK! YAY!! :) Have a great Spring Break!

Emma said...

Yay for snail mail!! Love you girl! Can't say it enough!!

As for that shower& your cute bun/green!!! You're so stinkin' cute!!

Have a blast in Hilton Head....I am sooo jealous!!! But you're definitely deserving of it :)

Ps. Sorry I am late with this blog game is not very good anymore :/ Love you!!!

Emma said...

Oh, and I must love you because I said it twice in one comment ;) ;)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

1) You and Jessica are so cute!
2) I love your top knot!
3) Is that the Taco Cabana off Westheimer?!