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High Five Friday No. 14

This has been the weirdest week EVEAAH. 
It has felt like the shortest AND longest week ever.
Really I kinda felt like I was living in the twilight zone. 

I took very few pictures this week. 
Told you… twilight zone. 

I am linking up with the extremely lovely lauren for High Five Friday which in and of its self is a highlight of my week!

This week all across the state of texas we (because honestly I feel like I took it too) took the first installment of out standardized test called STAAR. 
I proctored the 7th grade writing test. 
It was a little mini vacation away from the wild world of 6th grade.

Those dear 7th graders that I just spoke of …well they gave me a new nickname. due to the fact that ALL the boys were taller than I am...

Miss Shortstack. 

not gonna lie. I kinda like it. 

Awkward encounters in the grocery store. 
Ill let me tweet speak for itself. 

AND I really don't get weirded out by much but seriously this was too creepy. 

Despite what actually occurred at the grocery store I got all the ingredients to work on getting my energy up!! Step 1… COMPLETE! 

working out is next… OH JOY.

I promise i'll stop talking about it BUT I love bethany's wedding pictures




Unknown said...

super cute pic! you are so talented, Meg!

Jess said...

MIss Shortstack?! hahaha LOVE!
I wonder what I would be called...all 5 feet of me ;)

You already know how I feel about the old man being all up in your space...BUBBLE BRO.

AND please move to Florida so that we can be work out buddies? Wouldn't that be wonderful?! :)


Lauren said...

i love this! i mostly love that an old man lectured you about your posture...old people are funny!

happy friday girl!

Anonymous said...

Omg too cute!!!!!!

Courtney B said...

Ah! That picture is perfect! You are one talented girl!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Miss Shortstack, indeed! And Jessica and I will join you... considering we're both SHORTER than you! :-)