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Lose Control Part 3

SURPRISE… because you all waited so patiently last time I decided to post this weeks part of the story a little early this week! 

I cried all the way home. Literally, ALL THE WAY(so not safe). 
When I got home I proceeded to stay in bed all day and continue to apply for jobs. 
Really there was no use in getting out of bed, getting dressed or doing anything productive.  I was a HOT mess. 

It was the middle of April and all my friends were still in college living up their last month of college life and I was stuck at home 3 hours away. I WAS NOT a happy camper. 

Finally my parents put their foot down. I had to go out, do something. 
I begrudgingly got a "job" at a tutoring center close to my house. 
It was awful, I like to refer to it as worksheet boot camp, literally worksheets ALL DAY LONG. 

I had come from a mentality that I was going to be independent work at an amazing school with amazing student to working 2 hours a day locked in a cubical watching children do worksheets. This was really looking like my future. 

By graduation 2 girls in a class of 350+ had received teaching jobs. 
T-W-O. We were all freaking out. 

Graduation came and went and I (along with majority of my class) was jobless. 

And then came a new twist.
My Dad got a new job… In South Carolina. My safety net, my back up plan, MY PARENTS WERE MOVING 1,209 miles way!!

Now not only was I looking ahead to a future with out a career I was now looking at being homeless AND careerless. 

Not getting a teaching job was a REAL tangible possibility at the time. All to real.

I had no idea what to do, where to turn.
I wasn't even praying I was doing that "im-suppose-to-be-praying-but-dont-even-know-what-to-ask-for-do-think-or-pray" thing.

I had to make a move. So I did. 

Part 4 next week! 


Mrs. Darcy said...

Love this series! This so reminds me of my job search. Oh how things never turn out how we plan:)

Jess said...

These cliff hangers give me anxiety!

:) Happy Tuesday in the sunshine, lovely


Leah said...

nooooo!! totally not fair.. just as I inching my way towards the computer screen wanting to know more! lol.

Emma said...

I always read really fast thinking I will know the end lol Can't wait for next week!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Wow, you really just like to leave us hanging, don't you?

Annie said...

ahhhh! Meg! you are the worst with cliffhangers! and out of curiosity, what tutoring center did you work at?