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Oh, How About a Round of Applause

(I so hope you read that title in your best rhianna voice!)

SOOOOO last Monday I told you about getting my photoblog all pretty and shiny in my Smell the Roses post


Go over and take a peek 

Melissa from Cherry on Top Blog Shoppe, well I cant even come up with the best words to express what a WONDERFUL job she did. 


I am in love with the clean, simple, hint of vintage look. 

She even made me a water mark and a facebook cover photo. 
She went ABOVE AND BEYOND and I sure do love her for it. 

If you are looking at getting your blog revamped of adding a little bit more bling to yalls super precious blog go check her site out she does BRILLIANT work plus the site is ever so cute! 

So really everyone should give Melissa a round of applause because I sure am!



MonicaLeeBlog said...

Yaaay! Love the look! She did an awesome job! :]

Leigh Anne said...

Love love love it!!! Once my time is due for a new blog design I will be going to her (:

Jess said...

It is gorgeous!
If I could be IN LOVE with a blog design, it would be your photo blog's design!
So much so that I'm seriously thinking about having her redo my blog in a few months?!

So proud of you.
YOU'RE incredible.
Come to Florida and take pictures of me :)


Lauren said...

Girl, that looks awesome! Ahhh I can't stop looking at it!

And you're such a great photographer :)

xo lauren

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE! And... you live near Houston... and come through often. We need to meet. Take my picture, will ya?!

Melissa did such a great job!

Laura said...

I love your new site and your photos! I'm so jealous of your great looking sites!!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the new blog! I have a photography blog, too and have been making-do with free templates, but I'll check out Cherry on Top!