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On hey I'm back: weekend in review

Oh I am so very sorry for leaving you hanging for a week. I'm sure y'all were crying Ina corner somewhere...haha NOT ...err I hope you weren't. Honestly I felt like death on a stick for majority of last week...I think I was hung over on spring break. I had a very eventful weekend so I figured I would share

 THURSDAY: my sweet sweet boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. He knows the way to my heart hanging out with a bunch of middle schoolers at a movie theater I kid I kid..Im just glad we were in a different state so they weren't MY middle schoolers. Over all I really liked the movie obviously it doesn't compare to the book but movies never do. I think my favorite part of the mid night showing was all the people dressed up,especially the girls dressed up like Effie...WITH pink hair and all. 

 FRIDAY: I had taken the day off school to come to Louisiana for a wedding. Spending the morning rocking to Carrie with the windows down beats being at work ANYDAY. Friday afternoon Reese's sister and I headed to the wedding. Reese's cousin Bethany was getting married and I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer. (you can head over to the photography blog to see her bridals). Friday after the rehearsal we ad a little lingere shower for the bride. Literally I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I am so blessed to have these wonderful women in my life!!! 

Saturday: WEDDING DAY!!!! It was such an amazing day. Everything went off without a hitch! Bethany was beautiful, Mason was hilarious and sweet. They are such a testimony to real true Christ centered love. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off snapping pictures of all the PRECIOUS details. I will be talking in detail about this wedding over on my photography blog but here are a few pictures from my phone...


Kara Renee said...

Such beautiful pictures of the wedding and such a great venue! I might have to look into it when it's time for my Louisiana wedding!

Megan said...

That wedding looks like it was a beautiful wedding. The bride is gorgeous too! Where in Louisiana was this? I am from Louisiana.

Jess said...

First of all - so glad you're back and feeling better.
I missed my blog BFF too much!

I love your Katniss brad..obvi!
BUT I REALLLLLY love that hairstyle you did for the wedding!
How the heck did you do that?!

And I am obsessed with every aspect of that wedding.
That's pretty much exactly how I picture mine.


PS I totally noticed that your rehearsal hair is "big" ;)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

That looks beautiful! I love it. And you looked perfectly feminine in that pastel dress too!

My-cliffnotes said...

Beautiful Bride, love the hair pic too, so effortless and lovely.


Rebecca said...

wedding looks awesome! Love the rustic feel of it!

Unknown said...

It is in Jena, LA east of Alexandria! It is actually an old theater! It was so unique!!

Unknown said...

Oh why thank you ma'am! I hope you are hanging in there with your big move!!!
xo BTW I am still very sad I missed the H-town meet up! Cant wait for April!

Emma said...

Your hair looked AHmazing! And the details of her day are perfect!! I am going to look at what I know will be awesome pics of her day on your photography blog. Miss ya chicka and hope you are feeling better!!

The Sweet Life said...

Loving the design of this venue!!! Absolutely stunning!!!'. Love your dress too and can't wait to check out the photos you took. :)

Ps I was def at the midnight premier as well. Loved seeing all the people dressed up!!!! Loved the movie. Glad your back and over your spring break hangover...mine should hit any minute!!!

Happy Monday!

Arielle said...

New follower! :) Such a cute blog!!

Anonymous said...

Where is your dress from!? The one you wore on Friday! I LOVE it!