Weekend Lovin'

It was another glorious weekend in Houston Texas full of friends, crawfish and some major pool time! 

Saturday Afternoon we spent some time at a crawfish boil for Reese's College Alumni organization! 

 Crawfish are for sure one of my favorite things about my new found Louisiana side! 
Come back tomorrow to hear about my first encounter with this wonderful southern delicacy trust me its WAY worth it!

 Reese and I brought our Ole Miss alum friend Catherine … We made sure that everyone knew we love Tech but we are pretty loyal to our schools also! 

 Let me tell you sunshiny country music pool time with friends was NOT making me want to come home and finish the last 3 weeks of school! I even kinda accidentally ended up getting a great deal on a new swim suite… Sunshine and saving money… Lord help me it needs to be summer!! 

Now for a little bit of link up business! 
This weeks Smell the Roses Task from Miss Jessica over at Lovely Little Things was to make a mix CD for someone! Soooo Emma over at Emma Lately has not received this yet…. so surprise? BUTTTT I made her a mix of the wedding songs that has been the soundtrack for MANY a party in my world! 

Definitely a great mix!



Re-Post: The Royal Wedding

I have had the most boring week ever. 
All I did was watch my kids take a test. 
so in honor of the almost one year of the Royal Wedding I am going to repost my blog from that early early morning almost a year ago …


Gushing… truly GUSHING.
I have LOVED, obsessed, and watched EVERY moment of Royal wedding coverage.
Now that it has happened lets discuss the most important part… What everyone WORE…duh!

Princesses Euginie & Beatrice:
Really girls, you have access to the best of what London, heck the WHOLE WORLD, has to offer and THIS is what you pick. Twitter was blowing up with comparisons between you and Cinderella's ugly step sisters… I can't say I disagree.
My dad asked why she had antlers on her head… I think that sums up how I (and probably the rest of the world feels)

Grade: F- (or can I give them a H for horrific)

Zara Phillips:
BIG FAN! She looks modern and sleek! The dark silver was a great choice complimented her skin tone as well as her hair color! I LOVED the hat, great balance of formality and fun!

Grade: A-

Carol Middleton:
Her light blue suite was the PERFECT Mother of the Bride outfit. Can you imagine the pressure to find THAT mother of the bride dress! I think her most important accessory was her pride! You can really tell how proud she is of her daughter!

Grade: A+

David & Victoria Beckham:
The critics didn't like Victorias outfit but I say give the girl a break. She is preggo! I think the color was great on her! I would have done a fuller hat for her and that outfit. Other than that leave her alone peeps!
David looked quite dapper in his morning coat and top hat. You can't complain about a man in a top hat :)

Grade: V: B+
D: A+

Prince Harry!
SWOON. He was my favorite part of the wedding ( other than the actual wedding). I tweeted that he said to Will as Kate was walking down the aisle ""wait til you see her." Harry you are precious! He looked stunning in his military dress! So dapper… I also just loved his cheeky personality. I'll take Harry any-day! I can't wait to hear how his "Wedding Survivors Breakfast" goes!
Grade: A+++

Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles:
Camilla has grown into her own as part of the royal family. Usually she comes to Royal appearances DRIPPING in diamonds, but she toned it down considerably for the wedding (thank God she didn't upstage the Bride in the jewel department). She did look very age appropriate and regal in her two-tone suite, impressive Duchess!
Prince Charles regal, dapper, prince like what else can you say about the future King of England!
Grade C: A-
PC: A+

Chelsea Davies:
Oh Chelsea… on-again, off-again? Hopefully off again so I can have a chance with Harry :). I am not in love with this outfit but I do enjoy the color and the idea of the fascinator. She has such a cute figure, but I don't believe this was the best choice for her. Hopefully her party dress for tonight is more "Chelsea" fun, colorful and flirty!
Grade: C

James Middleton:
Dear James, YOU MOM IS GOING TO KILL YOU for not fixing your tie! Not only is this your sisters wedding (which is broadcasted ACROSS THE PLANET) but you were the only family member royal or not that participated directly in the ceremony … FIX YOUR TIE. You are really cute though so I guess its ok :)

Grade: B

Pippa Middleton:
The End.

Grade: A+++

can we also discuss the super cute flower girls, what a cool memory for them.

Queen Elizabeth:
She looks so happy! So Bright, so festive! She is so impressive. The story of her dresser is such a rags to riches story and so inspiring! The announcers credited her dresser with the "modernization" of the queen.

Grade: A

and the piece de resistance!

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge: William and Catherine

Some critics are saying that her dress aged her and was "not modern enough". I could not disagree more. Channeling Grace Kelly she was timeless and demure. She could not have picked a more appropriate dress to maker her entrance into the royal family.
Her choice of Sara Burton of the House of Alexander McQueen was such a lovely nod to the British influence of fashion on the world.
Prince William looked so handsome and in love, everything that a groom prince should be.

Grade: K: A+++
W: A+++

My favorite part of the service

The Archbishop during the service opened up his service saying that
" every wedding is a royal wedding because we are all subjects of a king".
I just loved that! In all the hoopla of the wedding I hope everyone remembers that marriage is first and foremost a commitment between two people and GOD. I truly hope Will and Kate always remember that!


Lessons from my Grandmother

Most people have warm memories of baking cookies or sewing quilts with their grandmothers. I do not have these memories.
In fact once she gave me food poisoning.
The memories I have with my grandmother to me are much more valuable, well to me. While some were cooking or quilting with their grandmothers I was being blinded and told to "stay right there, last picture I swear".
To have your picture taken by my grandmother is a great honor, to have your picture taken means you go down in our family history.

The older I get and the more I learn about myself the more it is apparent that I have inherited these gifts of documenting lives inherited the role of family historian.

While I was at my grandparents house over the Easter weekend I took a look around the house my family has loving dubbed "The Shrine". I noticed that we could all learn about being our own historians...

1. Hard Copy Photos.
These books are just a sampling of the HUNDREDS of photo albums she has. These are unique because they chronicle the last 6 years. The years she has had a digital camera. Yes, they are all backed up on her computer (although she wouldn't know how to get them if she needed them) but she always makes a point to print out her favorites so she knows she always has the physical picture. 

2. The moments in between.
In this photo not every one is looking there is laughter and joy RADIATING. A photo should capture a moment and if that moment is of pure unequivocal laughter and joy then THAT is the photo you frame and enjoy!

3. History.
This wall is my favorite wall in my grandparents house. This wall contains pictures of everyone in my family my grandmother could get a hold of. Some pictures date back to the early 1900's. Honestly to see my family's heritage displayed all in one place so proudly gives me chills.

4. Surround yourself with photos you love. 
To say my grandparents house is littered with photos would be an understatement. I would be hard pressed to find a surface in their house that dose not have a photo one it. This is their life. Their life surrounds them every day. You can not go into a room and not be struck by an amazing memory,

(I told you …EVERY SURFACE) 

5. Documentation.
Every and I do mean EVERY picture or album has the date, names, ages and location of anything in the picture. This attention to detail is one of the things that I cherished the most about my grandmothers pictures. She has literally created a living timeline

PS isn't her hand writing GORGEOUS 

When I think of my grandmother and what she has meant to me over my 23 years of life I will always be grateful for the lessons she taught me, though not "traditional" important none the same!

This is one of my favorite pictures of me as a little kid. Thuggin it out with mickey!



OH! How Pinteresting: Words

For this weeks link up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple I have adopted the "theme" idea. I may have decided this after I read Jessica's themed pinterest post… hope she doesnt mind… I mean flattery is the sinceriest form of flattery… RIGHT?!?

Any way this weeks theme is words… thoughts… inspirations… things that make me laugh, etc! 

sooooo here we go 

I had this song stuck in my head ALL day for no apparent reason… took me back to 7th grade listening to my CD PLAYER on the bus home. I was so cool. 

 I talk to my BFF on the phone an ungodly amount and honestly I totally agree with this quote and I bet she would too :)

 Reese pulled this card the other night when I was having a panic attack… 

 amen. the end. 

This HAS to be my constant reminder! Feel free to remind me! 

cause more is always better… now to get starbucks on board with this one...

 andddd fot my last pin… I just really want this in my house some where. 

Happy Pinteresting Wednesday!!! 



Teacher Tuesday: Music and the Classroom

I remember it so vividly… the classroom would go silent the static on the raido would adjust just in time for Celine Dion to belt out the chorus to "My Heart Will go On". 

It was 1997. I was in the third grade. I was sitting next to Corey O'Donald (my third grade crush). Clearly I remember it like yesterday. 

That moment in the third grade belting out "My Heart Will go On" with 15 other 9 year old girls I made a decision. 

When I am a teacher I will play music in my classroom. 

Fast forward 14 years (umm FOURTEEN YEARS, REALLY?). I am now that teacher that turns on the music. I use music in 2 ways in my classroom; 
control behavior/volume 
 encourage writing 

 I break the music up into 3 categories; 
No Lyrics 
Lyrics but not "popular"

1. Control Behavior/ Volume 
Being able to listen to music is a major privilege in my classroom. The kids have been taught if you behave you get to listen to music. The moment the music gets turned off you know you better SHAPE up. 
In case you were wondering 20+ 12 year olds can get pretty loud pretty fast. Majority of the time my kids REALLY REALLY want to hear the song playing and they know I am not going to touch the volume so they fix their volume if they want to hear the song.
It works like a charm. 

2. Encouraging Writing.
Music effects a persons mood. Period. 
I make special play lists depending on the writing prompt.

Deep/Nostalgic prompt: slow ballad, acoustic, melodic 
Fun/thoughtful/mindless prompt: up beat, pop-y, energetic 

There are three types of music I play

1. No Lyrics: My personal favorite is Vitamin String Quartet, they take popular songs and record them in the classical style.

2. Lyric but not "popular": My version of "popular" and 6th graders versions of popular vary greatly so majority of the time I play Matt Wertz. They love having lyrics to hear but they don't know them well enough to sing along with them.

3. Popular, THIS is for when my kids are working in groups or being REALLY good! Majority of the time I end up playing t-swift or the Lee Brice Country Pandora station (good country with out all the beer songs) 

I know not all of you are teacher or going to be teachers BUT maybe this has given you a few study music tips ( ESPECIALLY the Vitamin String Quartet) 



Ok Monday… Lets do this.

Ready set… most random post eveeeeah. 

I wrote a post about my favorite Aggie Tradition on Saturday. 
Here are a few pictures from my evening. 

Our speaker Aggie/ Dallas Cowboys football player Dat Nyugen

Silver Taps being played to conclude the muster ceremony. 

I was not to thrilled about going by my self but in the end I am VERY VERY glad I went. Sitting there with goosebumps forming on my skin the same way they did when I sat in Reed I made a promise to myself to NEVER miss a Muster. I love being an Aggie. 

2. I talked with my IRL bestie no less than 8 times this weekend. I literally laughed so hard my abs hurt... really I have the best friends ever!

3. I wrote a really fun post over on my photography blog about my dreamy Sunday adventure

4. Smell the Roses.
Linking up with my blog BFF Jess!
There are so many needs that need to be met I was slightly overwhelmed by this task and actually kind of accidentally met a need and didn't even realize that I was meeting a need. Kathleen over at Places Ill go made a comment on one of my instagram pictures about how my dandelion picture made her home sick so I sent her a few pictures of the bluebonnet field in my little town. NO BIG DEAL (she wrote a really sweet post here about it). Her response was overwhelming. I didn't set out to "meet a need" but some how I did. It was a reminder to me that not every need is some major gesture most are small simple and take very little effort.
Lovely Little Things
Hope you get to stop and smell the roses... ehh I guess bluebonnets in this case

Happy Monday my loves!


Softly call the Muster...

A. Sorry for the unintentional absence last week… but it was just one of those weeks.

B. Today is a very special day in the Aggie Family. 

As some of you know I went to the one and only 
Texas A&M University. 

It was truly the best 4 years of my life. 
Part of going to A&M is being a part of the Aggie Family. Current students, former students, future students we are all one big family.  Like I said today is a very special day in the Aggie family. Today is Muster

April 21: Muster

Muster is celebrated in more than four-hundred places world wide, with the largest ceremony on the Texas A&M campus in College Station. The ceremony brings together more Aggies, worldwide, on one occasion than any other event.
...Each Campus Muster is dedicated to the fifty-year reunion class. The Campus Muster involves an entire day of activities for students both present and past. Alumni enjoy a special program including tours of the ever-changing campus... That night, the Muster ceremony consists of an address by a keynote speaker, the reading of poems, followed by the Roll Call for the Absent. The Roll Call honors Aggies that have fallen since the last Muster roll was read. As the names are read, a friend or family member answers 'Here', and a candle is lit to symbolize that while those Aggies are not present in body, they will forever remain with us in Aggie Spirit…"

Muster is my favorite of all the A&M traditions (and we have A LOT). It is personally a reminder of not only my time at A&M but it also reminds me that I will always be an Aggie. 

A&M is going though a time of change. A time of modernization everything from a new  Memorial student center to a New Football conference but one thing will stay strong forever the incredible sense of family and muster is a HUGE part of that sense of family.

"Muster will never change. It will survive, unscathed

 by time, because it is tradition enriched with the
devotion of one Aggie to the other. The reverence,

 the silence, it's all a part of the notion that Aggies

 never leave their roots, nor are they forgotten by

 their own." -Pat Pearson '8

I thought about driving to College Station to attend the ceremony but I have been working on living in the present, not in the past or in the future. So I am attending the Muster in Kaufman TX. There is sure to be several wonderfully aged Aggie Rings worn smooth by time and experience. Part of my is incredibly nervous but the other part of my is really excited! 

… here 


Weekend Happenings

Whew… What a weekend! I have 134 emails in my inbox...soooo I will relive my weekend instead of tackling that fun task.
This weekend I spent some major time with my favorite boy, ate my favorite food in the world and went to a rocking wedding!

[friday:date night]
Reese and I spent Friday night where Reese went to college. We got to go to our favorite favorite favorite restaurant; RAW. Legit the best sushi in the ENTIRE world. I not only LOVE there food but this is where Reese and I went on our first date in his college town. Being there made us feel like we were in college again and to tell you the truth... I didn't mind one bit!

This picture is kinda blurry but I don't care sweet boy and sweet memories blurry or not!

Sushi dates are my favorite kind of date!

[Saturday:wedding day]
One of Reese's fraternity brothers got married this weekend. Basically it was a EN reunion of sorts.
My loose and to the side curtouisy of http://www.blogger.com/goog_1451178769

Outfit of the Day:
Dress: FAbrick
Shoes: Charlotte Rouse
Bad: Dillards
The BEAUTIFUL church!

Isn't he just the cutest in his bow tie! Ugh Love this kid!

Our sweet sweet friends Michael and Lauren!

This is Brandon... he is Reese's roommate. He is fun I like him :)

And here are some of the Sigma Nu brothers.
Let me tell you, I came on the scene after Reese's pledge class went active so I wasn't there to witness a majority of the craziness that happened their four years in college together... which was probably a good thing. I will tell you one thing, this is the closest group of boys I have ever seen. At one point during the reception they did a "brotherhood song" that literally sent chills up my spine. I was in awe at the friendship that these boys share. It was inspiring. I am so lucky to be a part of this group and so glad that Reese has such loyal and good hearted brothers!