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High Five No. 15

Hellllllllooooo lovelies! 
The countdown has officially started there are 36 school days left in my first year of teaching and I could not be more EXCITED! 
Time really has seriously FLOWN BY. 
Today is friday, today I have the day off of school. today I am linking up with the WONDERFUL #catperson herself Lauren @ From My Grey Desk
for another installment of High Five Friday! 
So lets get it started (in here)
(Black Eyed peas Anyone??)

Texas Spring
This is the best field of bluebonnets I have EVER seen . Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower, and when the bluebonnets come out you know that everything is right with the world. This particular patch is right behind out city's soinc #hellosmalltown.

San Antonio.
I am (as we speak/read) headed or am in San Antonio to celebrate easter with my mom. brother and grandparent (dad had to stay in SC). I havent been back to my old stomping ground in SEVERAL months . We are having what we call "party in the hood" tonight with all of our old neighbors… expect a HI-LARIOUS blog post on this one. 

Working on my Fitness 
( Fergie??… two times.. one blog post… WHO AM I)

This week I went to the gym 3 times. I am so proud of myself. Honestly I could  not have done it with out the hep of my #crosscountryworkoutbuddy Jess. Guys 2/3 times I was actually moving my butt for more than an hour. Now the challenge is to keep going! 

Man Men. 
The return on Don Draper has got me all giddy inside. 
Sunday nights you can catch me in front of this handsome devil keeping up with the antics of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price. 

I am incredibly excited to celebrate the resurrection of my savior. Sometimes when I think about really how amazing it is that Jesus DIED for me and came back to life to save me… well it gives me chill bumps. I pray that among all the cute pintrest projects and egg dying that we all remember the real meaning behind Easter and take a moment to stop and say a true prayer of Thanksgiving for our eternal life. 

Happy Easter!!!



Kathleen said...

BLUEBONNETS!! One of my favorite things about being a Texan. If I got to look at that beautiful field everyday, I think I'd move to your little town myself! I'm tempted to steal that picture and make it the background on my phone or computer! lol Yay for you for working out! I need some type of motivation to get my booty to the gym too! :) Hope you have great time in SA! Have a blessed Easter Meg! :)

Kara Renee said...

Hahah what a great post! Loving the Black Eyed Peas references, bringing me back quite a few years on the first one! Good luck working out and I can't wait to see your next post with the old neighbors!

Erin said...

Congrats on being motivated to workout. Those bluebonnets are gorgeous!

Happy Easter

Jess said...

Those flowers = GORGEOUS!
And the fact that they are behind a Sonic is hilarious hahaha!

HOLLLAAAAA #crosscountryworkoutbuddy :)
I'm so proud of you! You can take Easter weekend off but come Tuesday - your back to the gym, sistaaaaa! ;)
I love how we hash tag just about everything.
Seriously makes my life!

Happy Easter my sweet, sweet friend!
Enjoy your block party! (That's what we call it lol)
And please know that I am SO grateful that God put you in my life.
You've made blogging worth it!
Love you!

Lauren said...

one - love the hashtag, proud #catperson here!

two - love that you're getting your fitness on girl. i've told myself that i NEED to use my gym membership more than i am now. here's to hoping!

three - love love love don draper. seriously, love.

hope you have a great easter!

xo lauren

Leah said...

that bluebonnet field is gorgeous!

And Jesus resurrecting is definitely something to be happy about, I agree!

Melissa Coleman said...

Loving those blueblonnets! :)

Hope you have an awesome Easter.

xoxo, Melissa

Erin James said...

Oh my goodness, those flowers are breathtaking, girl! Beautiful!

And way to go working out!!

I've heard of Mad Men and have never seen it...need to do that :)

Happy Easter weekend, sweetie!

Sara said...

I've got the countdown going too...only 33 more days until summer vacation. I'm so excited! Congrats on your first year, there are many more to come!