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Party in the Hood.

My family has moved a fair amount in my life and one thing that we had always found are loving, caring, supportive neighbors. For the 13 years that we lived in San Antonio we had neighbors like none other. 

There were endless celebrations, trips to the ER, forts built, bottle of wine consumed, busses missed, tests studied for, cups of sugar borrowed and parties thrown.

I have watched our group evolve, grow up, move, go to college, come home from college, change, grow but one thing never really changes… we can THROW A PARTY.

Peggo and Martha (my mom) with all there kids! 

We are quite a crazy bunch! 

 Girls and our moms…

Over this past weekend we were very fortunate that we all got to be together for what is probably the last time for a while… we started calling our block parties "party in the hood" years ago… it just stuck.


this is my grandmother…. they are ridiculous. 

I am sure blessed to have all these crazy people in my life. I will always love the memories of our Parties in the Hood!


Jess said...

AH! It looks like you had SO much fun this weekend :)
I always wanted to live in a neighborhood that had "parties in the hood"...jealous!

You & your brother definitely look related!

AND your grandma is!

Happy Monday, Meeeeeg :)

Laura said...

Love it! I miss my neighborhood growing up. What a great weekend!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Aw, I love the last picture with your grandma. Frame worthy for sure!

Emma said...

Omg! I love this. Especially the picture with your grandmother! Ha ha oh, Meg...this proves even more how fun you are. Love!

Unknown said...

so fun!

The Sweet Life said...

These parties sound like a blast!!!!

Unknown said...

So cute! What a fun bunch! Love 'parties in the hood' ;)
XO, Jessica

Unknown said...

Cute! Love the "parties in the hood"! Hope you had an amazing Easter :)

I just have to say I absolutely love your blog...I am finishing my last semester to become a Middle School English teacher so I love hearing about your time as a teacher :)

Unknown said...

Its funny because people usually tell me we dont look anything alike but you are so right in THAT picture we do look similar!

Grandma… not as hip as yours but she is something else!


Unknown said...

Oh you have nooooooo idea… crazy crazy but soo much fun!

Happyyyy day Steph!

Unknown said...

Being a MS ELA teacher really is GREAT!
I plan on doing a whole week of teacher themed posts about review games, using music etc! Be on the look out!

So happy to have you at the PARTTTYY


Unknown said...

Ohhhh why thank you sweet girl! love loveee ya

Unknown said...

She's a mess and yes def frame worthy!!!

Happy week!!

Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

How fun! Looks like y'all had a great weekend in the hood!

Leanne said...

Oh my goodness! I love this post!
It is so full of happy things!

What a fun bunch of people to
have memories with. How cool that
you all got to grow up and do life

I hope your weekend home was grand.
Happy Tuesday :)