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Pulling Braids and Smell the Roses

The LAST thing I wanted to hear on Friday night was

"misssss schhhoooolllzzz"

I had reached my 6th grade limit for the week. Sorry guys. 

Finally they went away…and I went to bed #oldlady

The next day I found out that some 8th grade boys stole my car antenna and threw it in a storm drain. 

BUT thats not the story I want to tell…

**Side Note my car's name is Ruby. Over and out. 

OBVIOUSLY I was frustrated. 
REALLY I so thought I my plight with 8th grade boys was over… well in the 8th grade. 

I called Reese in frustration.
He chuckled and said 
"OH NO they pulled Ruby's braids!!!"

I couldn't stop laughing. 
This is why I love him. 
Moments of utter frustration broken by laughter. 

Smell the Roses
I LOVE linking up with my bloggy bff Jessica for Smell the Roses this weeks task is 

Write down 3 inspirational quotes and post them in places where you'll see them throughout the week.

Honestly I wanted to make them all cute and pinterest worthy butttt my printer isn't working… you can thank my 7th period and candle wax but that is another story for another time. 

This one is going in my car! 
I will have lots of time to reflect considering I can't get radio… 

This one on my bathroom mirror. 
This is my favorite favorite verse. 
I always like writing my name at the top of verses, it reminds me that the Lord is speaking directly to me 
Gods grace just really astonishes me. 

and this one on my desk at school! 
Simple message. 
simple task. 

Happy monday, I hope you stopped and smelled the roses today!!

Lovely Little Things



Kara Renee said...

They turned out so cute! With or without the printer. And wow your story about dealing with the 8th grade boys stinks. I hope their mothers find out. ;)

Unknown said...

they are so cute!

Jess said...


Way to put me to SHAME haha these are seriously the cutest!
Reading the second one gave me chills...I love how you put your name before it - that makes it SO much more powerful...eeeek :)

WE HAVE TO meet in real life and have a craft day & a wine night...pleasssee! OKAY YAY!

I love you oh, so much!

PS - what the heck is up with those 8th grade boys?!
OH NO THEY DIDN'T! I'm about to drive over to Texas and show them what's one messes with my blog BFF!

#catpeopleforlife :)

Leah said...

handmade is always more beautiful. They look lovely.

Sorry about your car's braids. :(

Amanda Gail said...

can I pleeeease be included in this craft day wine night?! Pretty please?!?! :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Those turned out so beautifully without the printer, Meg! I love them! Good words to see throughout the day!

The Sweet Life said...

Ruby's braid...I can't believe they did that, but your bf does know how to lighten the mood, huh? Love that!!

Love your quotes...

Happy Monday

Rachel said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left me on Valerie's blog! :) I love how you decorated your quotes!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but that story is HIlarious! Way to stay positive though!