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Softly call the Muster...

A. Sorry for the unintentional absence last week… but it was just one of those weeks.

B. Today is a very special day in the Aggie Family. 

As some of you know I went to the one and only 
Texas A&M University. 

It was truly the best 4 years of my life. 
Part of going to A&M is being a part of the Aggie Family. Current students, former students, future students we are all one big family.  Like I said today is a very special day in the Aggie family. Today is Muster

April 21: Muster

Muster is celebrated in more than four-hundred places world wide, with the largest ceremony on the Texas A&M campus in College Station. The ceremony brings together more Aggies, worldwide, on one occasion than any other event.
...Each Campus Muster is dedicated to the fifty-year reunion class. The Campus Muster involves an entire day of activities for students both present and past. Alumni enjoy a special program including tours of the ever-changing campus... That night, the Muster ceremony consists of an address by a keynote speaker, the reading of poems, followed by the Roll Call for the Absent. The Roll Call honors Aggies that have fallen since the last Muster roll was read. As the names are read, a friend or family member answers 'Here', and a candle is lit to symbolize that while those Aggies are not present in body, they will forever remain with us in Aggie Spirit…"

Muster is my favorite of all the A&M traditions (and we have A LOT). It is personally a reminder of not only my time at A&M but it also reminds me that I will always be an Aggie. 

A&M is going though a time of change. A time of modernization everything from a new  Memorial student center to a New Football conference but one thing will stay strong forever the incredible sense of family and muster is a HUGE part of that sense of family.

"Muster will never change. It will survive, unscathed

 by time, because it is tradition enriched with the
devotion of one Aggie to the other. The reverence,

 the silence, it's all a part of the notion that Aggies

 never leave their roots, nor are they forgotten by

 their own." -Pat Pearson '8

I thought about driving to College Station to attend the ceremony but I have been working on living in the present, not in the past or in the future. So I am attending the Muster in Kaufman TX. There is sure to be several wonderfully aged Aggie Rings worn smooth by time and experience. Part of my is incredibly nervous but the other part of my is really excited! 

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Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness... what an amazing college/community to be apart of!

Brianna Tucker said...

what a great tradition to have!

Whitney said...

I'm so amazed by everyone that I've met so far who has an Aggie Ring. I had no idea that it was such a big deal! My college has rings, but hardly anyone gets them. I wish that I could be a part of such a strong community!

Unknown said...

veey cool!

Kathleen said...

I was this (you can't see but I'm holding my pointer finger and thumb like 2 centimeter apart) close to going to A&M. My Aunt and Uncle live in College Station and were dying for me to go to school there. But I chose Texas State and I'm glad, because I loved every minute of my time there just like you did. But I think its incredibly cool to be part of a school that holds on to tradition so well! :) Hope you had a great weekend girlie and thank you again for those pictures! :) Do you mind if I use one of them for my picture a day project on Facebook!?

A Brew of Blessings said...

Oh my word, I never knew this. ...Then again why would I? I'm not a Texan. But what a unique and special tradition! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you enjoyed yourself!