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Zip Lock Omelets

I like eggs. 

Please oh please tell me you remember this from The Amanda Show 

OK im done with the 90's refereneces for this post! 

Part of my meal make over was to start actually eating breakfast. 
When I sat down and started thinking about this I remembered a recipie that my mom taught me. It is super duper easy and super super yummy 

I'm not sure when the last time you've tried to make an omelet was butttt they can be kinda tricky… they never really turn out right, until NOW.

Ziplock Omeletes 

1 freezer quart zip lock bag (NOT sandwhich… it will melt, you will be sad)
2 eggs
fixins' (ya know the stuff that make it super yummy)

1. Bring a sauce pan of water to a boil 
 2. Gather the ingredients 

 3. Crack the eggs into the bag

 4. Add fixins' 
Here are 3 of my favorites 
Mediterranean: Artichoke Hearts, Olives, Feta Cheese
Mexican: Guacamole 
American: Ham and Cheese 

5. Shake the eggs and fixins' 
don't use a fork because that bruises the eggs ;) 
( do you remember when MK & A taught us all how to scramble eggs in Billboard Dad….oops another 90's reference) 

 5. Drop the bag into the water and let boil for 12 minutes 

 6. Remove the bag from the water carefully, cut open the bag and slide the perfectly cooked omelet onto a plate. 

Some of the best things about these omelets are 
1. You can make multiple at a time in a bigger pot. Omelet party any one??
2. They take HALF the time of a "real" omelet because you can make them all at one time!
3. Healthy Healthy Healthy… NO OILS and you can use egg whites if you prefer 
4. You don't have to attempt that awkward omelet flip that almost no one can do. 

I always pop mine in when I am in the shower! 



Jess said...

I suck at the omelet flip and always end up with scrambled eggs!
Why have I never thought of this?!

You're so smart!

And I totally know BOTH 90s references that you're talking about ;)
Just saying.

Love you xo

Brianna Tucker said...

genius!!! and so easy! I never make egss cause I majorly suck so this is such a good idea! and yes i remember both of those references!

Leanne said...

A of all...I remember that girl from the Amanda Show.

B of all...I'm sad Amanda Bynes no longer acts.

C of all...As soon as you mentioned eggs and zip lock bag, I thought of MK & A in that movie.

D of all...This idea is genius.

Thank you and your mom :)

Michelle said...

I'm so excited to try this! All of my omelets are a constant fail.

Omg I miss the Amanda Show! And the SECOND I saw you put eggs in the bag I thought about that scene from Billboard Dad. That was my favorite movie for awhile :)

Whitney said...

This is AMAZING! I'm totally trying this!! BTW, I TOTALLY played the southern belle from that skit in a parody skit that we did in the 6th grade. No lie.

Katie said...

NO WAY! this is awesome and I need to try it!

The Sweet Life said...

Umm 1 work. Wowzers. This seems so simple. Thanks for sharing! Happppyyyy almost fridayyyy!

Unknown said...

What a great idea!

Kathleen said...

Holy Moly this is amazing! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this Meg! It is definitely doable! And I think I'll try it!