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Field Trip in Numbers

There are few scarier things to a teacher than a field trip. 
Taking middle schoolers out of their natural habitat is kind of like letting lions roam free in the zoo. 
I am here to tell you that yes, indeed we did let the lions out of their cage and I survived, and I may have even had some (read A LOT) of fun myself. 

Really, in the end, field trips are a numbers game... so here are the numbers from our trip...

3 School Bus 
95 12 year olds 

6 Games of Lazer Tag 

3 GoKart Races 
1 bad wreck later... How smart was I to let a 12 year old drive!?

4 Tokens and 1 game of Ski Ball 

5 go arounds on the bumper cars 

1,000 tickets 

 1 REALLY really REALLY good time 
and 1 VERY tired teacher!


Brianna Tucker said...

glad it was fun :)

Sara said...

That is the perfect way to describe a field trip...the lions out of their cage. Love your Instagram pics!

Kara Renee said...

Hahah how fun! Looks like yall had a crazy day, and I'm sure it's one that won't forget soon!

Jess said...

the only field trips I ever got to go on were educational...nothing crazy, fun like this!

Glad you had fun, lovely :)
I hope you're getting your relax on right about now!


Amanda said...

How awesome is this!! I never got to take fun field trips like this. You're a great teacher, I'm sure!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I miss field trips! This looks like it was a ton of fun! x

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Wow, you guys actually went somewhere just for fun! You're a nice teacher : ) And brave!

Courtney said...

What a fun field trip!!

Katie said...

that does sound exhausting!! I'm sure they loved it!