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Foodie Love

"Tell me what your favorite thing we do together?" I asked as we sat in the swing where we officially started our relationship.
Reese paused for a moment. Normally the answer to these types of questions is "I don't know" and that is ok. Tonight twoish years later sitting on the swing where I exclaimed "Talking is stupid we are either dating or were NOT". He answered my question.

"Going to the grocery store and cooking, you don't rush me."

I laughed what a wonderful Reese answer.

Really this is my favorite thing too.
Food is our "thing".

We have brunch
Italian Flat omelet with sausage, mozzarella, marina and basil.

We eat snacks like this
Olive Bread with Balsamic oil and Vinegar dip

We Semi home made dinners like this...
Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Spinach and Orzo salad, truffled risotto cake 

and enjoy sweet surprises like beer "named after me"

ahhh I love my partner is foodie crime!

( I look strange BUT Reese never smiles for pictures so I can forget how I look and focus on how cute he look when he SMILES!)


Emma said...

So so sweet!! I love that is your all's "thing" and that your all's food is so sophisticated ;) Matt's food ranges from mac n cheese to hot pockets and I happen to get the privilege of eating that, too since we eat meals together normally throughout the week ;) Lol Love you two together!

henning love said...

ahh you two are precious!! there are the little things in relationships that are your thing the inside things the things you have together that make a relationship special

Amanda said...

Cute!! Th food looks delicious :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

food brings us together. it's true. :) and such a cute picture!

Rachel said...

Y'all are so precious. Loveeee the two of you! And all of that food is making my mouth water :) LOVE this!

Femke said...

In your honour I asked my man the same question last night. We both came up with the same answer! Very cute post!