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High Five For Friday No. 17

Alrighty! I am back on the H54F bandwagon!
Linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk!
This week had been a blur BUT it is one more down until


1. Teacher Appreciation Week.
This week the school I work at has done so much to make me feel appreciated!
They have provided lunch, Dairy Queen Drinks (read Small Town Texas), beautiful office supplies and other fun odds and ends! A few kids had brought in candy and little pieces of art work!
I think I am going to laminate some of my favorites from through out the year and make a little book of all their love so when I am an old mean teacher I can look back and remember I was fun at one point :).

2. Floppy Disk.
Yesterday I wrote a post about having to use a floppy disk... it was pretty great and DEFINITELY a highlight of my week.

3. Taking so GREAT Senior pictures!
This week I got the pleasure of taking some senior pictures for one of the teachers I work with daughter! We had so much fun romping around the streets of our small little town with people looking at us like we had three heads! Be looking for a Sweetly complicated and a Meg Cady Photography post on this event!

I have a new obsession.
Vintage cameras.... I added this little baby to my collection!

5. Anniversary date!
This weekend Reese and I will be celebrating 2 years together!!
(Although technically our anniversary isn't till the 29th ya take all the time you can get when in a long distance relationship!)

he's such a cutie :)




Kerrie Williams said...

Yay! Happy two years! Me and Wade dated long distance too, so I know exactly what you mean!

Jess said...

14 days?!?! SUMMER IS SO CLOSE!
I've decided that green is my favorite color on you :)
I like it with your blonde hair!

And I don't think you're EVER going to to become and old, mean teacher.
Okay maybe you will if you keep getting stuck with #vampiretiger girls...ROAAAARRRRR ;)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Please have SUCH a good time!

Sally said...

Looks like a perfect backdrop for some senior pics!

Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your time with your man :)

Allyson McGuire said...

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love your camera... along with my jar obsession, I love vintage cameras. We should blog and share these things.
Hope you had a great weekend!

The Sweet Life said...

I hope that your celebratory weekend was fantastic!!!!!