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Meet Cute Part 3

I mean I can't hid the fact that our main form of communication was FB messaging is slightly embarrassing. I can feel slightly less embarrassed that HE started facebooking me first. Several weeks of faceboking later he ended up with my number though, not surprisingly, a margarita. 

I was barely 21... making a margarita was not in my repituire. At some point in the planning of yet another "surprise" birthday party someone suggested calling Reese for his margarita recipe. I obviously volunteered--no one objected. 

Our first phone conversation was a grand total of 31 seconds long and included directions on how to make a margarita, but he now had my number. 

Our first picture together! 
Facebook chats turned into texts which turned into nightly phone calls. Despite all the time I was spending communicating with this boy I still wasn't sure how I felt exactly.

Somehow he just ended up in College Station one weekend. Not surprisingly our first date was at a grocery store. We cooked dinner, ate with friends, and went on our first real dinner date, yet he left with things still up in the air.

Just has "mysteriously" as he had materialized in College Station I ended up in Shreveport the next weekend. The plan was to go up to Reese's families lake house. With some winks and a few nods Reese and I ended being the first two at the house. The conversation went a little something like this...

Reese: " Lets go sit on the doc"
Me: "OK!"
(Meg and Reese Walk down to the doc and sit on the porch swing)
Resse: " Sooooo"
Me: "Soooo"
Reese: "Sooooo are we talking or what?"
Me: "Talking is stupid your either dating or your not... sooo?"
Reese: "so I guess were dating?"
Me: "That's what it seems like to me."
Reese: " WOW! My mom's not going to believe I have a girlfriend!"

Don't worry I still make fun of him for that last line!
Sunset at the lake!

So with that on the doc swing of a lake house on May 29, 2010 I started dating my best friend! 
It has been my favorite 2 years! This is not how our story ends but where it was just getting started!
I am one lucky girl!!



Emma said...

I love his last line!! Haha! Aww. And how your all's first date was at a grocery store. You all get cuter and cuter!! Love it!

Jess said...

hahaha SO SO precious :)
I love his last line!
And I love how blunt you are "umm we're either dating or we're not"

And no shame...Adam & I's first means of communication was good old MySpace....WHOMP lol.



Victoria said...

Yep, you two are cute! It has been fun to see your story come together through each of these 3 posts. I always laugh at what it takes for each couole to go from acquaintances, to "just friends", to "yep, we are a couple".

Love your doc side conversation. Sounds like it has been a great couple of years.

Maggie said...

I love your love story. It's extremely serendipitous which is exactly what I think a love story should be :)

Isn't it funny how life as you knew it changed with a frozen concoction?

Michelle said...

Love this!! Haha, I love his line about his mom!! Don't feel bad about the facebook, I'm always embarrased too because James and I started our friendship/relationship facebook chatting :)

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

LOVED reading your sweet story :) happy anniversary!

Kathleen said...

Such a cute story! :) I'm so happy your have found each other! :)

TheUnlostWanderer said...

I LOVE finding other teachers around the blog world! I just graduated (May 12th) and hope to have my own classroom next year! Middle school English :] I'm your newest follower!

A Brew of Blessings said...

I'm a sucker for love stories and this was a great one! Thanks for sharing :)

RichLittlePoorGirl said...

what a cute story!! love love love

want to follow each other????


Design Eat Repeat said...

Gahhh. Too cute. No more words to describe you than that.