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Melissa Rose Design Giveaway

Some say that love at first sight doesn't exist, but I beg to differ. The moment I laid eyes on the beautiful  designs of the ever so talented Melissa from Melissa Rose Graphic Design it made me believe in love at first sight... or well click. 

Several months ago I won Melissa's give away for a custom blog design. I could not have asked for a better, smoother, unique blog design process. From custom blog designs Melissa has branched out  into a  full service Graphic Design shop. She offer affordable Custom Blog Designs, premade blog designs, birth announcements, birthday invites, blog art, and wall art. 

you hear that... BLOG ART people BLOG ART. 

Due to the fact that Melissa has expanded her shop she is offering $25 shop credit!

Here are some of her amazing products! 

I mean come on ... this girl is a kick butt designer! 
Here are some other things Mel wanted ya to know! 

- All photo cards & wall art can be created with custom colors for a small add-on fee. Want to match the baby wall art to your nursery colors? I can do that! Or if you want to match the birthday invite to your child's outfit, I can do that to! I can also do completely custom orders. For these, just contact me directly to order.
I also offer Photoshop templates for professional photographers. They help cut back workload and allow you to quickly insert your photo.
- Blog art is a fun office decoration that you hang up to feel more like a professional blogger. My description of this on the website is a bit silly, but that's how I think of wall art :)

Pretty sweet deal right!?! I know that I will be getting myself some blog art!! 

Check out her website here
Blog here

Good luck sweet friends! 
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A Little Weekend Lovin'

Wedding, Road Trips and Friends OH my! 
This weekend was a world wind trip all over the GREAT state of Texas. 

Friday night I headed down to Houston for a great little grocery store and cooking date with Reese and his roommates! The boys grilled up some BBQ chicken and I put together some delicious roasted pineapple salsa! We didn't eat until almost 10:30.... so taking a picture of my meal was second to stuffing my face. #boysareweird 

Saturday morning Reese and I headed to Dallas for a friends wedding. Yes, it would have been an shorter for me to drive right from Shreveport to Dallas, but I figured that this is what our early 20's are about doing crazy things for those extra few hours together. It was nice to actually drive some where together! It was a welcome break from being in the car all those hours by ourselves. 

When we got to Dallas we got ready at my best friends apartment... there was only one problem. She recently got a cat. I know that I might get some back lash for this one BUT i'm really not a cat person...AT ALL. Every time I attempted to put a make up brush up to my face the dumb cat would leap off the window sill and bat at it. Jessica/ Lauren/ All you other cat people I DONT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! 

I did finally get my make up done, and we headed out to the BEAUTIFUL wedding. The wedding stage of life is such a sweet time to celebrate love! It dosent hurt to be able to go with a good looking date and celebrate by dancing your butt off! 

Sunday I got to have brunch with my best friends and their husbands. I can't even put into words how much I LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E and miss these sweet, sweet, sweet friends. We all have so much going  on in life right now, Katie Beth is gonna be a mama, Steph is in dental school, and I am a career nomad,that it waas so great to take a few hours and catch up, laugh and be ridiculous. 

I hope y'all had an equally wonderful weekend!
Make sure to check back tomorrow because there will be a surprise on this here little blog... aka there is going to be a giveaway... I couldn't decide whether I was gonna stay cryptic...guess not!

Happy Monday!  


High Five for Friday No. 21

Happy Friday my sweet sweet friends!
Today I am
A. Thankful for another wonderful summer week!
B. Thankful for an eventful upcoming weekend!
C. Linking up with Lauren @ From my Grey Desk


Fun random flights!
One of Reese's best friends is a pilot and needed to run some errands in the plane (so normal right?) so I got to go! 


My obsession... I promise Ill quit but seriously i'm loving it! 

This will be on my summer H54F until I get sick of it but I LOVE seeing people over the age of 12 on weeknights! #ilovecivilization


I decided this is my new life motto. 
happy weekend! 


A Little Loopy

For today's Oh! How Pinteresting with the wonderful Michelle I am going to continue to oogle over my new obsession... calligraphy. 

Big, loopy, beautiful penmanship I have always had pretty decent handwriting, so basically I was that girl who was the "scribe" ya know the one who actually had to pay attention while in a group for a project. 

I had always played around with fake calligraphy but decided to tackle this bucket list item while I have some time on my hands this summer! Here are some of my inspiration pieces...

isn't it just dreamy!!! 

and here is what I have been playing around with...

Seriously I am obsessed... Like I now want to address 1000 envelopes obsessed! 



On Measuring Up

(note: I started writing this post with no real intention... I just kinda let my heart do the typing...)

I watched him methodically and precisely measure every spice into the jar.
Reese's best friend was making homemade taco seasoning.
He was leveling off measuring spoons, remeasuring and checking his recipe twice... maybe even three times, and it was driving me MAD.

I wanted to scream... a 1/4 a tablespoon more garlic isn't going to hurt ANYONE... just ask Giada De Laurentiis she'll agree with me I PROMISE. Exasperated I left the kitchen.

Two nights later, I found myself in the middle of my war against yeast (in which I won incase you were wondering). There I was standing over a sink pouring and adding water into my yeast concoction in order to get both 6oz and 100 degrees-- two non negotiable aspects to get yeast not to hate you and declare strike.

I laughed and thought of two days prior when I wanted to inflict bodily injury because someone was being "too precise", but then I remembered we were doing two different tasks.
In severely over simplified terms baking takes intentional actions and cooking for the most part is just throwing a bunch of delicious looking things into a pot and hoping it turns out ok.  

Currently in my life I am doing an awkward culinary dance of precise calculated moves and then randomly deciding to just throw some stuff in for good luck. Honestly, I just dont feel like I am measuring up to what my life if "supposed" to look like right now.

I write this because I am getting to the point that this dish I am making is either going to get me voted off Top Chef by the to-skinny-to-be-a-food-critic host or win $100,000 and a feature in Food and Wine.
I am either going to continue to attempt to make school districts come knocking down my door (which their not) or start making some calculated moves and pray something happens fast. Seesh, grown up life isn't as fun as it seems in the movies.

Today I am praying for clarity, open doors. shut doors, peace and possibly someone to bring me a brownie because I just wrote and epicly long post relating my career issues to food and reality T.V. 




Dear Daddy, 

Mama calls me TJ for Ted Jr.-- honestly I couldn't secretly love a nick name more. 
You taught me everything from fishing to attempting to navigate the "real world". The lessons you have taught me, the memories you have given me and the phone calls to tell me what I think I already know are priceless! Thanks for being the best daddy in the world! 

Love Sister. 



High Five Friday No. 20

Happy Friday People! 
Today I am linking up with Miss Lauren over at From My Grey Desk! 


This week I got a little extra reese time this week. He was in town Monday and Tuesday! Tuesday we had a little weekday date night which was weird, but very nice. We saw the movie Bernie, HIGHlY recommended look it up!

I conquered bread this week. I made Rosemary Olive Bread this week ... Reese has already put in his order for lunches next week. 

My sweet little buddy and I have had lots of fun this week. Play dough, the hulk and mud pies. Geeze I forgot how much fun it is to be a kid.

CIVILIZATION. I have been fully enjoying living in a town were I can A. see people I know B. go to target (saying that will NEVER get old) 


Aren't pedicures the best!

Have a great weekend friends!! 



From Blog Life to Real Life Link Up!

Today I have the pleasure of linking up with two wonderful ladies Jess and Britt for "From Blog Life to Real Life", so with out further adou here we go! 

Lovely Little Things

 Do you have any real life blog friends? 

My best friend Katie Beth is SUPPOSE to be getting a blog any day. She is a newly wed with a heart for Jesus, a love of butter and a pervious little bambino on the way She claims to have some posts written but Ill believe it when I see it! I think we need to convince her that she needs to hop on this bloggin train! 

Which blogger are you just dying to meet?

I will spare you the all CAPS but when you read this just read it like I am shouting out of excitement. 

I will meet Jessica, my dear blog bff, from Lovely Little Things. To say that I am grateful that I have "met" this girl is an understatement! It is a crazy awesome God think and I am constantly grateful for her support encouragement and wise wise words! Love ya my blog BFF!! 
Which blogger's closet do you want to raid? 

I'm cheating. I'm picking two but that is because they are sisters and I am assuming they probably have a traveling closet anyway! Those sisters would be Kate and Lauren from The Small Things and From my Grey Desk respectively.  Between the two of them they have to funky/classic style that I attempt to achieve on a daily basis! 

 The first blogger you remember "meeting" and connecting with ? 

Though a perfect storm of perfect timing I got to meet up with Lindsay from Trial by Sapphire. It was perfectly wonderful and insane because you feel like you know that person and can just jump in to conversation like you have known them for years! 

Any blogger that you admire and look up to? 

I admire Michelle from Shell Bell. She writes like I only dream of writing.  I want to tell stories like she does with her humor and ease. Ahh... maybe with some more practice and many more of Michelle's posts on her crazy co-workers that make my collapse into laughter induced seizures. 

 There's a reality television show for bloggers, who would you want to be casted with you? 
Jessica would keep us all in shape
Michelle would be there to document it all 
Aubrey would be the one to make the drinks :)
Lindsay would help us with our ab workout... ya know cause she would make us laugh? ( ok its probably not as funny when I have to explain it..oops)

 Some bloggers have really cool jobs, anybody you'd like to swap careers with? 

I LOVE that Brittany from Diary of a Southern Brunette has her own salon and new storefront for her amazing shop A Shop a Cut Above (that just opened yesterday!) To be sourrounded by all that wonderful. cute, precious clothing and accessories. 

 Favorite blog design?

I LOOOVE Brit from The Magnolia Pair's design. Its so fresh, clean and wonderfully southern. 



The Bread Battle: Rosemary Olive Bread

New Years Day 2 years ago I ventured out to the fancy grocery store in search of some exceptional ingredients for a GREAT meal to start of the new year. 
Among the swordfish, fresh salad and expertly prepared sides was the most delicious bread I had ever put in my mouth Hubble and Hudson's Olive Bread. 
I was in love. Then and their my quest to perfect this delectable bread started. 

My first attempt for Reese's birthday consisted of coaxing, prodding, practically PLEADING with the yeast to rise and rock hard black crust... although I will say the inside actually was pretty tasty.  
With head hung low I hung up my apron as a baker and stuck to the sauté pan. 

As part of my summer bucket list I decided I was going to attempt the battle with yeast again. 
I thought the final product actually turned out pretty great... not to mention I might have little out a little squeal when I realized I hadn't completely messed up the yeast! 

  • 3 cups bread flour (13.5oz)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon active dry yeast
  • 1 egg
  • 6 oz warm water (100F)
  • 2 oz olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary
  • 1 cup pitted olives
  1. Dissolve the yeast in the warm water.
  2. Combine beaten egg, olive oil, sugar, rosemary and olives and add the yeast/water mixture.
  3. Add flour and knead for 5 minutes.
  4. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes.
  5. Add salt and knead for another 5 minutes.
  6. Place dough in bowl greased with olive oil. Cover. Let rise for one hour in a warm spot (90F).
  7. Remove the dough.  Knead it a bit.  Form it into a ball and place on parchment paper.
  8. Loosely cover with a towel and place it in a warm spot (90F) for 30 min.
  9. Pre-heat the oven for one hour at 400F.
  10. Slash the top of the loaf before baking.  Bake for 45 minutes or so on a pizza stone or in a cloche until the loaf registers 180F in the center. 
** I didn't have a pizza stone or a cloche so I baked the bread on a cookie sheet with a pan of water on the rack below and a foil tent removing the foil tent after the first 20 mins. 

  11. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for two hours or so before eating.

Check out the original source for other GREAT tips and reasons for doing thing like salting and resting! 

Last night we ate it with olive oil and balsamic vingar, and I plan on making a panni with the bread tonight!! 



Writers Block

I sit here staring at a blank page watching the curser blink taunting me. 
So what is a writer to do when writers block hits...well write about it. 

a little look into some wedding pictures from this weekend

I started to think about why I have writers block... is it because I don't have anything to say? 
Is it because im not cooking gourmet meals taking expertly styled pictures?
 Is it because I am not posing against rustic tin barns in pintrest worthy haute couture

I really don't think this is why I cant seem to find anything to write about. I dont think I can find anything to write about because I am acclimating to living city life again.

I am hanging out with friends on a whim...
going to target...
driving on interstate rather an county road so and so.

Today I plan on getting back to attempting to cook gourmet meals and am even going to tackle some OOTD pictures.

Here to hoping that writers block goes away soon, but until then ill stumble though some random attempts of post... just like this one.