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High Five Friday No. 20

Happy Friday People! 
Today I am linking up with Miss Lauren over at From My Grey Desk! 


This week I got a little extra reese time this week. He was in town Monday and Tuesday! Tuesday we had a little weekday date night which was weird, but very nice. We saw the movie Bernie, HIGHlY recommended look it up!

I conquered bread this week. I made Rosemary Olive Bread this week ... Reese has already put in his order for lunches next week. 

My sweet little buddy and I have had lots of fun this week. Play dough, the hulk and mud pies. Geeze I forgot how much fun it is to be a kid.

CIVILIZATION. I have been fully enjoying living in a town were I can A. see people I know B. go to target (saying that will NEVER get old) 


Aren't pedicures the best!

Have a great weekend friends!! 



Katie said...

being close to target will definitely never get old! : ) have a great weekend meg! oh and that bread looks delicious!

Kerrie Williams said...

yum. that bread looks so good! And I'm super jealous that you live near a Target.

Anonymous said...

I've been really wanting, and really needing, a pedicure but haven't!
Glad to hear you've enjoying your summer with extra time with your bo-friend!
Enjoy your weekend!

Kara Renee said...

Congrats on the move!! And that bread really does look fantastic! I'll definitely be attempting that next!

Courtney said...

Being close to a Target is both wonderful and dangerous! Haha

Looks like you are having fun being a nanny! I'm trying to find myself a little part time nanny job, I miss kids!

Robin said...

Aren't weeknight dates the best? Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I need a mani... desperately!!

And that bread looks yummy!!!

Jess said...

Homemade bread!
Fun nanny activities!


Oh and how can I forget

So if you're taking lunch orders......!

Love you love you love you!

Anonymous said...

Loving your color you picked for your pedi! And your bread looks delicious!

Rachel said...

YUM on the bread...share the recipe!! Looks fab. SUPER jealous that you have a Target so close to you...I'd just die to have one within my reach. And I'd be broke, for sure. Pedicures really ARE the best. Happy weekend to you, sweet friend!