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On Measuring Up

(note: I started writing this post with no real intention... I just kinda let my heart do the typing...)

I watched him methodically and precisely measure every spice into the jar.
Reese's best friend was making homemade taco seasoning.
He was leveling off measuring spoons, remeasuring and checking his recipe twice... maybe even three times, and it was driving me MAD.

I wanted to scream... a 1/4 a tablespoon more garlic isn't going to hurt ANYONE... just ask Giada De Laurentiis she'll agree with me I PROMISE. Exasperated I left the kitchen.

Two nights later, I found myself in the middle of my war against yeast (in which I won incase you were wondering). There I was standing over a sink pouring and adding water into my yeast concoction in order to get both 6oz and 100 degrees-- two non negotiable aspects to get yeast not to hate you and declare strike.

I laughed and thought of two days prior when I wanted to inflict bodily injury because someone was being "too precise", but then I remembered we were doing two different tasks.
In severely over simplified terms baking takes intentional actions and cooking for the most part is just throwing a bunch of delicious looking things into a pot and hoping it turns out ok.  

Currently in my life I am doing an awkward culinary dance of precise calculated moves and then randomly deciding to just throw some stuff in for good luck. Honestly, I just dont feel like I am measuring up to what my life if "supposed" to look like right now.

I write this because I am getting to the point that this dish I am making is either going to get me voted off Top Chef by the to-skinny-to-be-a-food-critic host or win $100,000 and a feature in Food and Wine.
I am either going to continue to attempt to make school districts come knocking down my door (which their not) or start making some calculated moves and pray something happens fast. Seesh, grown up life isn't as fun as it seems in the movies.

Today I am praying for clarity, open doors. shut doors, peace and possibly someone to bring me a brownie because I just wrote and epicly long post relating my career issues to food and reality T.V. 



Jess said...


I'm totally prying with you & for you :)
Just so you know, in case you didn't before!

And I used to be the measure every little thing type,
but not that I'm cooking more than before...I just toss it on in and see what happens! If it's gross, you can always order pizza ;)


Victoria said...

Keep your chin up! Figuring out what to do and how far to go to keep doung what you think you need to be doing in life is seriously the HARDEST thing EVER. I have a hard enough time with decisions, now you want me to make some that may or may not CHANGE my life forever?

I guess, I am saying that I am right there with you! My strategy has been figure out what is most important to you, your current roles God has given you, and do what is next in obedience to Him. He is good and working all things to make His people more like Christ.

I have to remember that! And the thungs that need to or must change will change when they need to change. I shouldn 't try to stop that, after all, they are part of the "all things". If someone checked back with methey wouldfind me glad in God for all He had done.

Michelle said...

Oh Meg, you KNOW I understand 100%!!! I loved this post. I can relate and I totally feel everything you're writing. I'm struggling with the exact same job situation. I need to get out, but I'm not sure how, and I need clarity. I'll be praying for you, sweet friend!

If I could bring you a brownie, I would! <3

Anonymous said...

You're heart is such a great writer. :)
Just like recipes, everything in life doesn't have to measure up to standards, rims, or our what we think is right. Either it will come out of the oven like soup, or it will come out delish. Just go with your gut.

Bree said...

Awww Meg!! :( I totally know how you feel. Can we go back to being 10? Please o please!

Still need a brownie? Come on over, I'll make you some coffee too. :))