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Writers Block

I sit here staring at a blank page watching the curser blink taunting me. 
So what is a writer to do when writers block hits...well write about it. 

a little look into some wedding pictures from this weekend

I started to think about why I have writers block... is it because I don't have anything to say? 
Is it because im not cooking gourmet meals taking expertly styled pictures?
 Is it because I am not posing against rustic tin barns in pintrest worthy haute couture

I really don't think this is why I cant seem to find anything to write about. I dont think I can find anything to write about because I am acclimating to living city life again.

I am hanging out with friends on a whim...
going to target...
driving on interstate rather an county road so and so.

Today I plan on getting back to attempting to cook gourmet meals and am even going to tackle some OOTD pictures.

Here to hoping that writers block goes away soon, but until then ill stumble though some random attempts of post... just like this one. 



Whitney said...

This probably doesn't help your writer's block, but I had to tell you that I met Lindsay yesterday and she told me that you'll be moving right close to where I'll be moving! She also said that you're adorable and we totally need to get together when you come down!

Laura said...

I had writers block yesterday - for my post today. I hate that. Well, enjoy gourmet cooking. I only cook while I'm dreaming :)

Jess said...


And I totally feel you - blogging has been harder for me since I've finished school...I just can't find the time since I'm never home anymore...oops!

LOVE YOU and I hope summmaaaa is treating you well, girl!

Victoria said...

City life is great isn't it?!?! Being so close to everyone an everything can't be beat.

Loving that chair and looking forward to what comes AFTER that writer's block goes away.