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Loose Ends

There is some pressing business I need to take care of.
Tying up some loose ends if you will.
Today I need to write some break up letters. 

Dear Long Distance Relationship, I hate to break it to you, but you are just not my favorite thing in the world. At this time I am going to have to break off our two year relationship. I would say I am going to miss you... but that would be a lie and well no one really likes a liar. 

Dear Highway 21... I will NOT miss you. 
Dear I20... I will NOT miss you. 
Dear I10...Nope, not gonna miss you. 
Dear I45... I will NOT miss you either.
Dear Bucee's...I WILL miss you and your beaver nuggets and fudge. 
(Bucee's is the best, biggest and most ridiculous gas station/rest stop in the entire world)

Dear Tire Issues, I get it. You need more attention, but blowing out in the middle of my move is not the way to get it. Count yourself lucky that you blew out on the U-Haul because if you would have blown out for the 5th time on my car I would have LOST it. Now go bother someone else because I am through with you. I promise to give you air, a nice bath and even a hug if necessary but PLEASE I beg of you be done with your shenanigans. 

First Big Kid Apartment, This is not a break up, but a goodbye. Thanks for letting me make you cute. Thanks for not being a total pain in my butt. Thanks for waiting until the last 2 days I lived with you to make the A/C go out (yes, I am being sarcastic). Over all thanks for being one heck of a first apartment! 

Kemp Jr. High, This break up letter is the hardest because I loved you the most. I loved your people more than I ever thought I could. I loved your stupid organe and black. I loved your crappy football team. I basically just really loved you. Thanks for my first job and my first class and the best first year of teaching any person could ask for! 

Allllll right, now that that is over I can start this new chapter! 


It's OK.

Today I am linking up with Neely and Amber for the first time!
I have watched/ read yalls link up for a while and today, its the one year anniversary, just felt like a good day to link up. 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.... 

To NOT want to go clean my apartment for move out. 

To have a "to-do" list 3 miles long. 

To be ready for school to start (gasp). 

To be really really really to start decorating my classroom!

To feel like I simply don't have enough hours in the day. 

To be SO INCREDIBLY PUMPED for the Olympics. 

To want all the Fall stuff to be out in stores! 

To still not fully mentally comprehend that I am DAYS away from officially living in Houston! 



Girl Behind the Blog NO. 3

Oh well hey there. 
Here is my vlog. 

Linking up with Lindsay and Ashley. 



I'm gonna go hide now. 



Teacher Week: Not Your Mama's Posters

We've all seen it. That horrid poster that talks about "what won't matter in 10 years". Yes, the words that are printed on it are true but I feel like its just a little 10 years ago. As I set out on a journey of what in the world to do in my classroom I kept being met by one cliche poster after another. They were either too elementary or too lame. I don't know about you but I don't do lame. So I took matters into my own hands. 

Oh and theses aren't just for a classroom these little motivational reminders might be just what your office needs! 

11x14    8x10

11x14    8x10

11x14    8x10

11x14    8x10

11x14    8x10


11x14    8x10
Not going to lie I have NO idea if the kids will find this one funny, but I really adore puns and I think it is wonderful sooooooo sorry kids!

11x14    8x10

11x14    8x10

You can download any of these files by clicking on the highlighted links and save them to your computer/desk top and get them printed from any of your local printers such as The FedEx Store or even Walgreens/Walmart. 

Pin your favorites so we can continue the sharing! 

Personally I plan on laminating some and framing some of these prints! 
I think I have finally landed on a color scheme for this year.... 

wahhhh la!



Teacher Week: Nice to Tweet You, Want to be my Friend?

There is nothing worse than the feeling of turning the corner in Target and seeing those large pencils hanging from the ceiling signaling the unavoidable end of summer. DUN DUN DUN. Schools back.

I love blogs, obviously, but sometimes there is a small problem with some of the "teacher blogs" out there. Most all of the blogs that I have found are for early elementary classrooms. I teach 8th grade. I HIGHLY doubt that a 14 year old will appreciate some of the adorable stuff I have found.

SOOOO ....

This week Sweetly Complicated is going back to school!
I do realize that there are only a small number of teachers who follow this blog. but I wanted to share some of my resources because ultimately teachers abide by a code of sharing! So even if you cant use any of this feel free to share with someone who can!

(Some of this stuff might also be fun to do at office meetings or presentations to mix it up a bit!)

Teacher Week:
Each day will come with a printable that can be accessed through google docs!
Monday: First Days of School
Printables: Social Media Welcome Activities

Tuesday: Classroom Posters
Printable: 10 FREE classroom/inspirational posters

Wednesday: Oh How Pinteresting: Classroom Addition

Thursday: Classroom Procedures
Printables: High Five, review games and warm up template

Friday: Top 5 things I would Have done Differently.
Printable: Desk Organization System

I have designed 2 "Welcome" Activities based on the two most popular social media websites. This is how we get to know people in this day and age so why not use them to get to know your students!

These activities will..
1. Open a conversation about what information is important. You only have a certain amount of space. What information is vital what is not so vital.
2. Open a conversation about interent safety. What should you say/not say online? How do you make yourself stand out? How to navigate social networking?
3. Make your relevant. School is changing. Technology is changing school. We, as the teachers, have to embrace these changes and help our student navigate.

Nice to "Tweet" You
Each student will be getting a "tweet bubble" (see below) they will have 140 characters (spaces, punctuation, letters).  to introduce themselves to me and the rest of their class.


Want to be my Friend? 
Each student will get a facebook profile (see below). They will draw a picture of themselves, fill out interests, activities. Create an ad for their favorite products, bands, T.V show etc. In the middle of the page students can switch profiles and "post" and "comment" on each others profiles.


Come back tomorrow for the real good stuff! FREE Classroom posters!


High Five for Friday No. 24

Well its here. Moving weekend numero uno! To distract myself from the pain of putting everything in boxes and hours on end and getting distracted by shiny things I will reflect on this past week by linking up with the one and only Lauren @ From my Grey Desk for H54F.

Park days! 

 Trust me all 3 of us had fun!

It has been so hot here lately that the boys I nanny and I can barely play in the back yard before someone is about to die of heat exhausting ( sometimes that is me... just sayin). Finally we braved the summer heat and found a nice little shady area to have a picnic and play date in the park!

Oh well hey 300! 

When I started this blog back in 2010 I
 A. very rarely posted. 
B. Never thought I would be one of those blogs that had any followers let alone 300.
I want to thank you all for  reading and truly becoming friends. Our community is beyond special and each and everyone of you inspire me everyday! 

Sweet Engagement sessions! 

This is Morgan and Graham! Graham is one of Reese's Fraternity bothers, and I got the honor of shooting their engagement pictures this week! Be on the look out next week @ Meg Cady Photography for the full session! 


Um? Really 10 years! I have been watching Heidi say  "Auf Wiedersehen" for 10 years. More importantly I was the the 8th grade 10 years ago. SHEESH where does time go! I am loving this season so far and have my favorites all ready! AND to top it all off they had Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame as a guest judge on the first episode. Really my love for Lauren Graham is unending. 


 Once again my little slight addiction has changed my life.

Ok I am now going to go bury myself in boxes and bubble wrap and wish I had Sabrina the Teenage Witch powers. 



On Wrestling, Being Broken and Faithfulness.

This is a LONG post. 960 words to be exact. I thought about breaking it up into two parts. I just couldn't do it. There do appear to be two stories here, but like puzzle pieces  you don't know how they fit together until they just do. 

I slumped behind my desk peering out into my classroom illuminated by the single lamp. 
What was I going to do?
 I was locked into a fight-to-the-death battle inside myself. My goals for my first year of teaching were to 1. Survive and 2. Stay Faithful. Faithful to a plan for my life that I did not understand all the time especially on those late Sunday nights I spent on pitch dark country roads going home.  

I felt like the Lord was calling me to spend another year in my small town. I felt a loyalty to my principal, to my first group of kids, to my amazing co-workers. I prayed, thought, talked and planned, and still as the last few weeks of May approached I felt as if another year in Kemp was in the plan. 

Spoiler Alert: This is my life... so yeah that didn't happen... obviously you are reading a blog named Sweetly COMPLICATED. 

Two weeks before the end of school our principal called us in for an ominous meeting. Ominous really does live up to its connotation. The words felt like they were spewing out of his mouth in slow motion. I could almost see them creeping my way with scary eyes and fang like teeth coming to wreck havoc on my life. He was leaving, another job, not going be there next year. 

I simultaneously felt my stomach drop and a weight lifted off my shoulders.  
Can that even happen? Apparently. 
After the meeting I spent the better part of an hour just begrudgingly flipping from one Houston area ISD website to another.  Wrestling, this time, with the APPLY button. I decided to only submit applications to ISD's that already had my applications on file (can you tell I wasn't really in the mood for another major life change?). AND then it happened..
I saw and applied for a job that I had a connection too.  
I sent a text to my connection. 
An hour later I got a call for an interview (please keep in mind it was like 9 o'clock on a Wednesday night).
30 mins later I was packing a bag to go on an interview. 

At this point I had NO clue what God was doing, but one thing I did know I REALLY wanted this job. 

I went on the job interview and just felt like I clicked. 
It felt right, honestly I just kinda knew that this is where I was suposed to be. 

In celebration of a great interview I rewarded myself with a trip to target. 

A week later I found out I didn't get the job. 

I drowned my sorrows in a trip to Target. 

Really its great for both occasions. 

I submitted some more applications. 
I drove to half a dozen school with my best smile, outfit and resume in hand. 


In the state of Texas your teaching contract starts 45 days before the first day of school. 

July 9th.... 42 days before the start of school... 3 days left to find a job. 

July 9th- 4:30pm: I get a call for an interview at a school in Houston. 
July 9th- 5:00: I was in the car on my way to Houston excited to have another shot at a job! 

I woke up the morning of the interview and something just didn't feel right. I can't explain it something was just off. On top of taking a wrong turn and being a teeny bit late (being late is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves) I had had a terrible night of sleep, but I knew this was my last chance of a job in Houston for the 12-13 school year. 

I did the interview and left. 
I sat in the parking lot of Starbucks in the pouring rain completely void of all energy and emotion. I was tired and I was DONE. I was at the point of complete brokeness ( but alas our faithful God always seems to work when we hit rock bottom)

I called Reese. He told me to come to his office he was going to take me out to lunch. 
I was picking at my food really not wanting to answer his questions about my interview when I saw my phone light up with a voicemail from Houston number. I excused my self from the table to go listen to it. To my shock and surprise it was not the school I had just interviewed for but the FIRST job from back in May.

The first thought that went through my mind was "CRAP! I have the same outfit on that I interviewed in". Fortunately that didn't matter because right there in from on the Cajun Inn I was offered an 8th grade ELA position. I frantically waved for Reese to come outside. I was still on the phone, but some how though the wild pantomiming I was doing he figured out what was happening. I got off the phone squealed and proceded to JUMP up and down in the air like an idiot. I could have cared less at that sweet sweet moment. 

I tell you this story not as a girl who is excited about a new adventure (which I am) or a girl who finally get to end a long distance relationship (thank you JESUS), but as a girl who believes in the faithfulness of her GOD. Who believes that in ALL things God has a purpose and a plan and a vison that is beyond anything we know and/or can comprehend. As a girl who will look back at this time in her life and be reminded that being faithful to God's plan no matter how hard can bring about amazing things. 

Psalms 26:2-3
Test me, Lord, and try me,
    examine my heart and my mind; 
for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love 
    and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness.

If you got all the way through that get up and get your self a treat! You deserve it ;) 


Oh! How Pinteresting!

One of the only GREAT things about moving is getting to redecorate. I LIVE to redecorate. I rearranges/redecorated my room in college 5-6 times. I am sure it drove everyone crazy but I really do love to redecorate!

So today my link up with Michelle for Oh How Pinteresting is all about my new space!

The idea for "my" space is for it to be light, clean and simple.

I have some really great shutters that I am going to repaint a coral color propped up on piece of antique crown molding! I'm obsessed with the idea... now to execute it.

I plan on getting 2 cheepy white bookshelves from wal-mart.. one for my shoes and one for my bags and jewelry!

Last year I picked up 4-5 silver... or silver like trays for $1.00 a piece (score) I have a feeling this is how they are going to be displayed in my new house!

What a stinking good idea!!

BRILLIANT! SO going to overhaul my old pillows!

How stinking fun are theses! The PERFECT fun touch to a kitchen! 
Found here

Happy Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday!