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Fresh: Summer Fruit and Herb Recipes

As bags of fresh produce from the farmers market bounced against my side I felt the slightest dribble of juice trickle down my leg. Looking down to see a small strawberry red squiggle I could only think one thing JAM this girl is making some JAM. Well as one concoction lead to another some how I spent all saturday dancing around my kitchen listening to Maroon 5 and making Strawberry Basil Jam, Jalapeño Peach Jam, Peach Cobbler and Spinach and Basil pesto some of my FAVORITE summer fruit and herb recipes.  

Enjoy and feel free to pin :) 



Jess said...

basil spinach pesto?! THAT SOUNDS AMAZING.
I seriously need to come hang out in your kitchen for like a week so I can have half the amount of cooking skills that you do! Sound like a plan?!
Okay, perfect :)


Kathleen said...

How funny! I was just telling my roommate two nights ago that I wanted to make peach cobble and low and behold you have a recipe! :) Woo HOO! Thank you friend!

The Sweet Life said...

Allz of that sounds delish!!! Thanks for sharing!

~Katie said...

These all sound absolutely amazing!

Unknown said...

mmm mmm peach cobbler. I need to make some but the peaches here just aren't that great! trip to somewhere to get some?! yes please! :) thanks for sharing!

your newest follower...Danielle

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Holy smokes! Way to rock the farmers market, Meg! I'll definitely have to try the spinach basil pesto!

Darby Hawley said...

Sounds great & fabulous pictures!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

basil spinach pesto. I'm in. do you know how much pesto costs?! ridiculous. I'll try anything. This has got to be cheaper.

Courtney said...

These sound so yummy! Thanks for the recipes!!