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A typical day in the office phone ring, answer, scan papers lather rinse repeat.
I talked thousands of people come in and out of my office in the 3 years I worked as a student worker but none more memorable than what would become my sweet, dear, wonderful friend Harry.

Two years later! 

You see one day I answered the phone and on the other end was the most intriguing accent I had ever heard. LONG story short the ladies in my office became quite enamored with Harry we would love of weekly chats with him to arrange his housing to come study at A&M.

One day he called... he was going to have to cancel his housing because he broke his leg working in the outback... no not the restaurant the real kangaroo ridden OUTBACK.  Whole office sad :(

Fast forward a year.

Harry calls again, and I creepily remember him. This time I looked him up on facebook ( stalkerrrr, but can ya blame a girl!?) Bingo... hello friend request and super rando email.

Harry at his first A&M tradition... my ring dunk! 
Luckily he didn't find me too creepy and we met up on his first day in America for lunch and a tour of campus.
I asked him stupid questions and kept having him repeat words.
He told me I reminded him of Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama.
We were officially friends (but really who wouldnt be friends with someone who compared them to Reese Witherspoon)
Ummm Northgate! 

I saw him a lot during the year he was in America. I would run into him out on the town, meet up for lunch, swap music, etc. We just became really great friends.
Then he went back to Australia to work on his family sheep farm/ranch.

Harry has been in Texas this last month, and Reese and I met up with him last friday night!
It was so good  GREAT to see him... Reese had never met him and he needed to ask his stupid questions too...

They didn't become fast friends or anything! HA 
Do you drink Fosters? (in fact you cant actually get Fosters Beer in Australia)
Do you see lots of Kangaroos?  (Harry actually had a pet kangaroo as a kid)
Do you want another shrimp on the barbie? (Some times Reese is embarrassing) 

Hopefully the next time I see Harry its on his turf mate! 


Jess said...

Australia is my #1 place to visit (after Texas of course ;))

I would have done the exact same thing that you did...what else is Facebook for?!

ANNNND last Witherspoon...UM DUH!
I totallllllly see it.


Courtney said...

I love Australian accents! I would have talked his ear off just to hear his accent haha.

And he's right, you do look like Reese! Which yes, if someone compared me to a beauty like her I would be their friend in a heart beat lol

Victoria said...

Wow! That is so crazy! You just couldn't not meet Harry, huh? Glad you got to enjoy some time with such a great friend and catch up. Can't wait to hear about YOUR trip to his country. Make it happen!

Suz said...

Where is he from in Australia? I lived there for a little while a couple years back. I was in adelaide :)