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High Five Friday No. 22

um weird week anyone? 
Its friday? Tuesday? Thursday? ... no no Friday.

people. I took exactly 1 picture this week. 

This is Reese's polo collection. 
Its ridiculous and I love him for it. 

TWO days off. 
Why oh WHY did I decide to work this summer?
oh yes. I'm poor. 


I have made this little dish TWICE this week, and I might even make it again next week. It is delicious, easy and CHEAP. Make it. You'll thank me later... and I am sure you could do half cream cheese and half greek yogurt to make it healthier (although it s not terrible) 

For the first time in what feel like ages I didn't run around and do a million things on 4th of July. 
I slept in, ate a late lunch and soaked in a pool the rest of the day... YES PLEASE. 

Handy Boyfriends. 
Reese rebuilt my computer... new hard drive, new ram.
No, I really dont know what all that means, but I do know my computer runs at the speed of light now. 
I could just kiss him! 

Social Media
I just really like it. 
I have actually started designing my curriculum with social media woven into it! 
HOLLA... im kinda ready for school to start (eek dont hate me!) 

so most random post ever for the weirdest week i've had in a while... YEP ill take it! 
Happy Tues... um FRIDAY!!

oh and because apparently we are going on the theme of most random post ever... a little taste of a post for next week. 
thanks meg

And of course I am linking up the the lipstick queen herself Lauren @ From My Grey Desk. 

over and out. 



Katie said...

glad you got to relax!! and I can't believe you are ready for school to start!! I definitely am not! and I've made that dinner before too - so good!

Jess said...

Social media in your lesson plans?!
UM YES! Way to be a "with the times" teacher!

And yay for handy boyfriends...I have one too :)

Oh and obvi I love that last picture of you because you are too stinking adorable.
But we know this already.


Leigh Anne said...

" why did i decide to work this summer?... because I'm poor." haha ... EXACTLY why I decided to work too. UGH Where's the money tree when I need it?

Have a fantastic weekend (:

Ashlee @ said...

That recipe looks ridiculously good! Can you taste the spinach in it? Because I'm not a spinach kinda girl! lol! Can't wait for your photo shoot pics! Lovin' the preview!

Unknown said...

I mean i go back and fourth about school starting... haha

hope you have a great weekend

Unknown said...

Trust me its not hard to be a "with it teacher" in a town of 1000. :)

She just emailed me and told me that the DVD of my pictures is jus tover 100 edited images! HA im so excited to see them!!

I wish we could go play and do pictures of you! ONE DAY!!!!!


Unknown said...

Someone needs to invent that! That way we could just blog all day long!!

Happy weekend!

Unknown said...

It is REALLY good!
It is not very spinach-y!
The cream cheese makes it so creamy and wonderful that you kinda forget there is spinach in there!

I know i love the preview too!

Happy weekend!

Whitney said...

You are hill-air-ee-us. End of story. I love that pictures that Meg took of you. You can really see your personality shine through!!

Unknown said...

That Chicken & Spinach pasta bake looks incredible! I may have to try my hand at a vegetarian version of this!!

Kathleen said...

I love the idea of weaving social media into your lessons! I fully intend to do the same when I start teaching again! And that Spinach & Chicken bake looks heavenly! Good thing I'm going to the story today cuz I'm def getting the stuff to make that little beauty!!

Have a great weekend fellow Texan! :)

Joy said...

The recipe looks delicious! Will definitely have to give this a try!

Samantha Shepherd said...

I would love to hear about how you're weaving social media into your curriculum. Sounds fabulous! Also, having a friend (or boyfriend} that knows computers is so helpful.

Laura said...

Love the pic of you! Too cute!
Have a great weekend!!

Bree said...

I am sooo super confused as to what day of the week it is! lol :)) Love the picture of you! Can't wait so see the rest from the photo shoot!

Unknown said...

For Real!
She put them in the mail today i am so very excited too!!


Unknown said...

Thanks ma'am I love it too!

happy weekend to you too!

Unknown said...

I plan on having a "teacher week" on the blog at the begining of August where I am going to lay all of my plans out... It should be interesting!

Happy Weekend

Unknown said...

Oh YES it is and obvi i highly recommend it!
happy weekend

Unknown said...

Yes yes we shall see how it goes... since I barely have enough technology for me to use in my classroom! HA!

Im so glad your going to make the dish it is SOOOO good! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

i actually was thinking when I was making it what a good and flavorful vegetarian dish it would be!!



Unknown said...

(blushing) oh why thank you!!

Happy Weekend!


Ashlee said...

Just added the Spinach Chicken Bake to my list for next week! Thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

You are so adorable! That chicken dish looks fabulous. And because you said cheap, I'm definitely going to try it out :)

Have a great weekend!

bonbon said...

What do you teach? I teach 10th and 11th grade English and am always interested at what other people do and teach their students. I've considered doing some social media stuff- like having a facebook page to discuss the books we are reading, etc. Still can't decide if it's worth the hassle. What do you think? Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you! I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

P.S. Can you send my boyfriend over to my house I'm having some def computer problems!