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No, this post will not be filled with pictures of sports bra clad girls sweating while displaying impecable abs. Although that is one form of motivation, unless your me who quickly scrolls though that section of pintrest while eating a doughnut... not that i've ever done that or anything :)

This post is about moving and how this activity might be one of the worst, un-motivating thing ever. So as my to-do list grow as fast as they are crossed off I thought I would take a moment to make a list of little and big things to motivate myself to pack my life up in boxes and watch my boyfriend  lug heavy furniture up and down flights of stairs.

1. Washer and Dryer.
I have lived the past year with out a personal washer and dryer. I truly believe this needs to fall under the category of curl and unusual punishment. I would have to juggle pockets full of quarters and overfilled baskets the 300 yards to only find out that the machines were either broken or ALWAYS in use. When all else failed I would just have to drive my laundry 2.5 hours and wash them at Reese's house.

Hallelujah my days of the awkward laundry dance are OVA!

2. Target.
I mapped it.
Old house: 54.4 miles to the nearest Target.
New House: 2.9 miles to the nearest Target.


3. Friends!
My only friends that I saw on a regular daily basis were 12 or a Real House Wife of something!
Instead of having a happy hour cocktail with Andy Cohen I will get to do it with real actual people. I even get to live with a sweet sweet friend!

This is Erin, my new roommate, she's wonderful!

4. This Guy!

Yeah he's pretty good motivation!

OK back to my ever growing to-do list!
I am here by apologizing for the non consistant posting for the next few weeks!



Jess said...

Eeek :)
I'm so happy for youuu!

When I move in October I REFUSE to go anywhere that doesn't have a washer and dryer in my unit. I HATE DOING LAUNDRY right now.

Moving along...obvi living 50+ miles from a Target is NOT okay. At all. Glad that issue is solved!

And YEP I love you!

Kathleen said...

Oh my I cannot imagine not having a washer/dryer in the apartment. Bless you for lasting that long with out one.

Roommates make life better I think (although I do wonder what it would be like to have an apartment all to myself).

Lastly, I don't know how girls survive without a Target that is less than 10 minutes from there homes. So glad that is changing for you friend! :)

All your motivation is amazing! :)

Darby Hawley said...

These are some good motivations! Glad you like the RHO.... because I'm obsessed. Well except for Atlanta; I can't get into that one.

Courtney said...

I don't have a washer/dryer either and it's tough! I always take it to my boyfriends apt but he only lives 10 min away, not two hours lol.

Um 54 miles to the nearest Target, how did you survive?? I'm sure you kept a lot of $ instead of Target taking it all though lol. I now have a Target about 3 miles from my apt...oh boy it's hard to stay away!

I'm so excited to see how you decorate your place =)

I'm so excited to see j

Courtney said...

Ignore that last line, I'm typing on my phone lol

Victoria said...

It all sounds great to me!