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Teacher Week: Nice to Tweet You, Want to be my Friend?

There is nothing worse than the feeling of turning the corner in Target and seeing those large pencils hanging from the ceiling signaling the unavoidable end of summer. DUN DUN DUN. Schools back.

I love blogs, obviously, but sometimes there is a small problem with some of the "teacher blogs" out there. Most all of the blogs that I have found are for early elementary classrooms. I teach 8th grade. I HIGHLY doubt that a 14 year old will appreciate some of the adorable stuff I have found.

SOOOO ....

This week Sweetly Complicated is going back to school!
I do realize that there are only a small number of teachers who follow this blog. but I wanted to share some of my resources because ultimately teachers abide by a code of sharing! So even if you cant use any of this feel free to share with someone who can!

(Some of this stuff might also be fun to do at office meetings or presentations to mix it up a bit!)

Teacher Week:
Each day will come with a printable that can be accessed through google docs!
Monday: First Days of School
Printables: Social Media Welcome Activities

Tuesday: Classroom Posters
Printable: 10 FREE classroom/inspirational posters

Wednesday: Oh How Pinteresting: Classroom Addition

Thursday: Classroom Procedures
Printables: High Five, review games and warm up template

Friday: Top 5 things I would Have done Differently.
Printable: Desk Organization System

I have designed 2 "Welcome" Activities based on the two most popular social media websites. This is how we get to know people in this day and age so why not use them to get to know your students!

These activities will..
1. Open a conversation about what information is important. You only have a certain amount of space. What information is vital what is not so vital.
2. Open a conversation about interent safety. What should you say/not say online? How do you make yourself stand out? How to navigate social networking?
3. Make your relevant. School is changing. Technology is changing school. We, as the teachers, have to embrace these changes and help our student navigate.

Nice to "Tweet" You
Each student will be getting a "tweet bubble" (see below) they will have 140 characters (spaces, punctuation, letters).  to introduce themselves to me and the rest of their class.


Want to be my Friend? 
Each student will get a facebook profile (see below). They will draw a picture of themselves, fill out interests, activities. Create an ad for their favorite products, bands, T.V show etc. In the middle of the page students can switch profiles and "post" and "comment" on each others profiles.


Come back tomorrow for the real good stuff! FREE Classroom posters!


Unknown said...

Lovely ideas! I am having a twitter feed in my classroom this year! I also teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade language arts in FL! I agree with you on all the cute elementary stuff!

Amanda said...

Awesome ideas! :)

Darby Hawley said...

This is so clever!!!! I can tell that you're an awesome teacher!

Unknown said...

I'm not a teacher, but I absolutely love these ideas!!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I LOVE THESE ACTIVITIES, and I know that they'll love doing it, because they're so relevant to today! Twitter and FB? Genius! I love it, Meg!

Courtney said...

So cute!! You're probably the coolest 8th grade teacher around!

Sara said...

Cute ideas! I'm a sixth grade teacher and sigh at all the cute elementary ideas out there...time for the middle school teachers to come out in force!

Victoria said...

I bet your kids love you, you sound like a fun teacher! Love that you try to get creative and keep things interesting.

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

YES YES YES, I am so psyched for this week. I love this idea - I'm definitely using tweets as occasional exit slips throughout the year, but I'm going to have to do this, too, I think!

Tracey said...

I did the Facebook activity with my students on my first ever day of teaching (7th grade). They loved it! We hung them on the wall for decoration. Instantly the kids felt like part of the class.

It's also great to use for characterization later in the year. Create a Facebook page for Anne Frank for instance. She can even tweet from the Attic! :)

Whitney H said...

I wish I was a teacher so I could use these ideas!! haha

Miss Crume said...

So Cute Meg!! If you have access to computers this would also be great for them to do on the computer. Use paint to draw a picture or upload a picture in. and type the rest. If not printing out and writing is really cute!

Jess said...

UM the school year hasn't even started yet and I'm gonna go ahead and say that you should be awarded teacher of the year! NOT KIDDING!
I wish my teachers would've been as cool as you! Way to be with the times, Mrs. Scholz ;)

But seriously, you're wonderful and I just love you a lot!

Allison said...

Love all of these ideas! I am a teacher, 1st grade, but hope I can use or adapt some of your ideas. So glad to have found another teacher blog!! I have to admit, I love love love seeing all of the supplies in Target!

Liz said...

BEST.BLOG.POST.EVER!! I am a grade 8 teacher too (even though I haven't got a classroom yet) And I find this amazingly helpful! Thanks so much Meg- This will be the best week ever!!

Kathleen said...

Every time I see your posts about teaching it makes me wish I had gone straight to teaching after college! lol Not that I don't totally LOVE my job at Disney right now, but a part me wishes I was teaching with my own classroom, students, and fun stuff like this! :)

LOVE all your ideas! Woo hoo!

The Sweet Life said...

Love love love!!!

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I TOTALLLLLLY AGREEEE about how most blogs are geared towards elementary kiddos. My 14 year olds would seriously laugh at me if I used some of that stuff. Good to see some stuff for the older babies! You rock girl!

I also found a FB profile that I plan on doing the first week! Love the twitter stuff too!