Back to School, Back to School!

"Oh back to school. back to school, to prove to my dad i'm not a fool. 
I've got my shoes tied tight, my lunch packed up. 
I hope I dont get  in a fight!
(or break up a fight)

Thank you Billy Madison. That song will never get old. 

Welcome to my classroom!
I attempted to make my room fun and inviting with out going all Elementary School teacher on my kids. I decided to concentrate on working with colors and patterns rather than a theme. Luckily my classroom had a set of hunter green cabinets (thank GOD I have some storage) that worked perfectly with my theme! 

Journal crates... YAY organization! 
"Mustache Board": Students write their names on the board and continue working when they have a question (after they ask 3 before me).

Teacher Tech Station

Whole Room shot!
Weekly objective board.

Posters that I posted a few weeks ago!

I am going to bask in my desk being that clean... I give it .5 seconds ;)

I used plastic table cloths to cover my (extremely long) bulletin board, seriously the teacher that came up with that one is BRILLIANT! They are so easy to hang and cut! 


High Five Friday No. 25

Not dying.

Not getting crushed under bulletin boards, the laminator or the 4.5 dozen "teacher books" I have inherited or a combination of the above.

Having the first three weeks of school planned. I love team work.

My iPhone... it makes staff development significantly more bearable.
(Although I will say I HAVE learned very valuable things and am VERY thankful for a district that wants us to be informed and very well educated.)

Not dying.
I know I already said that, but really that has been a major accomplishment this week. GO ME.

This is not me... I feel like it is necessary to get that cleared up... didn't want yall confused.
Linking up with Lauren because she is great and wears cute clothes.... well I'm not linking up because she has cute clothes, but that is a plus. 



Boys don't...

In the fourth grade my dad told me that "Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" 

I did't wear glasses again until my Jr. Year in High School. 

Mostly because in the fourth grade I was wearing fake glasses that I bought at Claires while we were at the mall for Kelsey George's 10th birthday.
 We were there to see You've Got Mail.   
1999 was a good year. 

Today, I am wearing my glasses for district department meetings... I thought they added a certain English Teacher quality to my outfit. 

Now lets hope my dad was right all those years ago and 8th grade boys won't make passes on THIS girl who wears glasses! 


August Sucks Part 1

What have I been M.I.A this week?
I'll let the your ecards do the talking.

(I have gone into an OC induced insanity zone... see you when I return to the real world, the one where my teenage student arrive with all their STUFF.) 

(guilty... Reese gets embarrassed... oh well)

(aka i've been on pinterest during my actual professional development)



August H-Town Blogger Meet Up; J. Black's

I actually don't even remember how I first came across this group, but let me tell you I am SO thankful that I did. Sunday was my first experience with the H-Town Hotties. I'm not going to lie it was kinda super major intimidating. Before this point I had always met up with bloggers in either groups of 2 or 3, nice small comfortable numbers, 15 kinda freaked me out. Really I think it is more that I now can say I officially belong to this group because I now really do live in the Houston area. Regardless of my super awkwardness it was a BLAST. I've said it once but I will say it again... it is so strange walking into a room full of women that you know so much about but have never laid eyes on before.
OH blogging you're weird... great but weird. 

A big thanks to Meg for being the coordinator extraordinaire!

 For this meet up we met at J. Black's for brunch. I have a special place in my heart for brunch... it is kinda the perfect meal in my opinion, and WHEW let me tell you J. Black's brunch... KILLER. I am dragging Reese the next time we are down that way... not that there is really much dragging when food is involved. 

Aren't these girls GORGEOUS. 

Darby, I am SO SO SO SO glad that I got to "meet" you are already a blessing! 

 The North Houston girls! Whit, Cait I just really like yall! 

All of these pictures are loviningly stolen from Darby and Cait... I the photographer did not bring my camera... next time ladies... next time! 


Heres to Rio!

EVERY BOY AND EVERY GIRL SPICE UP YOUR LIFE ... Oh sorry I am still reliving my elementary roller skate party jams that were featured on the closing ceremonies last night. 
Ok done... but really do the Spice Girls ever get old... I submit they DO NOT!

The Olympics is one of my favorite times every 2/4 years. I dont know if it is the inspirational stories, or the tears on the medal stand or the surprises that each event holds, but I do know that they really just hold a special place in my heart.
For the last two weeks I have heard the announcers refer to past Olympic games and as they did that I can remember certain things about those games as markers in my life... for example

1996 Atlanta: Getting to stay up "late" and watch the Sensational 7 win the first American Team Gymnastics Gold.
2000 Sydney: Watching Josh Davis, a swimmer from my new home town of San Antonio, medal and doing my 6th grade biography project on him... in the very same school he attended.
2004 Athens: Coming home in between summer dance practices soaking up every minute I could.
2008 Beijing: Watching Michael Phelps tear it up in the pool in my very first college apartment.
2012 London: Moving to Houston!

As I think back to those moments I can remember them all so clearly which made me think I wonder what I will be doing in 4 years when the athletes of the world gather in Rio.

Here are some things I know.
I will be 27.
I will have been teaching for 5 years.
My best friend will have a almost 4 year old.
My brother will have graduated college.
I will have a new car. (Ruby is a stud but I don't know if I can pull 4 more years outta her)

Here are somethings I wonder...
Still blogging?
Where will I be living?
Am I still teaching? Photographing?

Four years seems like a lifetime right now but before you know it Rio will be here and I will be reminiscing about the time I had just moved to Houston when the London Olympics were on when Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian, Oscar Pestorious was the first Para-Olympian to participate in the Olympics and when Gabby Douglas won the Women's Gymnastics All-Around. 

Heres to RIO!



If You Really Knew Me

Did you know that the term "band wagon" was coined when a circus clown was running for political office in 1848 used a band in a wagon to draw attention away from his opponent at political rallys.
#funfacts #englishvocabword 

Well today I am jumping on the bandwagon...well jumping on if I can dig myself out of the textbooks, school supplies and lamination paper I have seemed to get myself lost in! 

If you really knew me you would know that...

I have moved 12 times ( my Dad called me the other day to report this fact, thanks Dad)

I am completely OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls. I immediately feel WAY whittier when I get a little Lorelei fix. ALSO my Pre-Cal teacher in high school was Jared Padalacki's (Dean) cousin. 

My perfect day would be spent in a kitchen. I would have a dinner party EVERYDAY if I could. 
I graduated high school and started college in the same day. 

Even though I am an English Teacher I have trouble spelling. In the 4th grade I got out of the Spelling Bee on the word CALENDAR ... I will never miss spell that word again.  

My iPod is bi-polar, it can go from Texas country to Dashboard Confessional to Praise and Worship. 

My favorite book EVER is Great Gatsby partly because of my Jr. English Teacher who would act out parts of the book (she is for sure one of the reasons I wanted to teach english)! I cant wait for the Leo version coming this year! 

My 21st birthday was on Thanksgiving day... at the A&M v Texas game...at A&M... pretty much the holy grail of College Football.

I wanted to live in NY until I went... in January... and quickly decided I didn't want to give up my southern winters!   

I was in Color Guard (the ones with the batons and flags and rifles) and were ranked #1 in the Nation 3 out of my 4 years in HS. Band was NOT nerdy in my HS! 



Just How I Know Her.

This is my dear friend Katie she is an amazing, free spirt, historian, journalist that makes my heart so happy. Katie recently got engaged to a WONDERFUL guy, and I got the privilege of shooting her engagement pictures. Shooting my friends is one of my favorite things to do. I love being able to capture people just how I know them. Catching small mannerisms, sweet moments of laughter and sweetness. This is how I got to capture Katie and Lawton sweet love, sweet laughter, sweet craziness.

I couldn't let her leave with out snapping a few of us! 
Fairly sure that this was after one of made a ridiculous reference to one of the 3000 inside jokes we have! 

Head on over to Meg Cady Photography to check out these two precious love birds!



Team USA.

To say I love the Olympics is a slight understatement. 
Some would even say I was obsessed  :)
I remember getting to stay up "late" as a 2nd grader in 1996 to watch Keri Strug land on one foot.
Getting to wear, San Antonio's swimmer, Josh Davis's gold medals was a highlight of my life. 
Watching Michael Phelps dominate in the pool in Beijing made me want to grow gils and live in a pool.
Watching gold medals being placed around the necks of Americans always brings tears to my eyes. 

And to be honest I am a little jealous, so I came up with some events that I would most likely come home with the gold... 

US Flat Tire Team. 
US  Talking with your Hands Team. 
US Sarcasm Team.
US Bargin Shopping Team. 
US Bravo Reality Show Trivia Team.  

As the above list shows I clearly have no athletic ability but I can puncture your tire with out trying, put my sassy pants on and save you some money! BOO-YA! If any of the above ever become Olympic sports Team USA I'm your girl! 

What "sport" would you win your gold in?