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August H-Town Blogger Meet Up; J. Black's

I actually don't even remember how I first came across this group, but let me tell you I am SO thankful that I did. Sunday was my first experience with the H-Town Hotties. I'm not going to lie it was kinda super major intimidating. Before this point I had always met up with bloggers in either groups of 2 or 3, nice small comfortable numbers, 15 kinda freaked me out. Really I think it is more that I now can say I officially belong to this group because I now really do live in the Houston area. Regardless of my super awkwardness it was a BLAST. I've said it once but I will say it again... it is so strange walking into a room full of women that you know so much about but have never laid eyes on before.
OH blogging you're weird... great but weird. 

A big thanks to Meg for being the coordinator extraordinaire!

 For this meet up we met at J. Black's for brunch. I have a special place in my heart for brunch... it is kinda the perfect meal in my opinion, and WHEW let me tell you J. Black's brunch... KILLER. I am dragging Reese the next time we are down that way... not that there is really much dragging when food is involved. 

Aren't these girls GORGEOUS. 

Darby, I am SO SO SO SO glad that I got to "meet" you are already a blessing! 

 The North Houston girls! Whit, Cait I just really like yall! 

All of these pictures are loviningly stolen from Darby and Cait... I the photographer did not bring my camera... next time ladies... next time! 


Jess said...

Eeek 15?! I would be TERRIFIED! But I'm so glad that you went and got to meet all of these wonderful people!

And I totally agree....blogging is one of the weirdest things...but in the best way ;)

All of you ladies look so stylish. Let me come to Texas and raid your closets....hello there goes the list getting longer...


Darby Hawley said...

Yay!! Thank goodness you are so much closer and we finally got to hug!

Whitney said...

I am soooo glad that you could finally join us! :) SO glad you're a Houston girl now!

Victoria said...

Fun! I have yet to dona meet up or blogger "date", but someday, I want to! Posts like these convince me that I will be glad I went.

Blake said...

I'm kind of new to this blogging world, but I joined H-Town Hotties a week or so ago. I can't wait until the next meetup, so I can meet fellow Houston bloggers.

Love your blog, btw. & I hope all is going well with you.