High Five For Friday No. 27

1. This week I made cookies... it was for sure the worst best decision of my week!

2. The decore for my best friends baby shower!

3. Dear 90 Degree weather, we are breaking up. GET OVER IT. I am getting out my scarves and you can't do anything about it. HA. Signed girl with the toasty neck. 

4. I spent all day on wednesday in the most valuable teacher training I have ever been to (nope not being sarcastic... I wanted to give the trainer a hug afterwards... dont worry I refrained.. that would have been weird. We like to keep it normal around here... or well as close as we can), AND my kids were good for the sub. It was an anomaly, but Ill take what I can get!! 

5. This weekend I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED. I am not traveling anywhere I have no where to be, no schedule. NOTHING, nada, ZIP. 
I am stoked. 
** with that said Reese and I are planning on going to the Houston Wine Festival. I mean I need something to blog about on Monday. Don't want you people thinking I have no life ;) 

Happy Friday Party People! 

As per usual (how do you spell "use" as in the shortened version of usual? Really its a burning questions of mine.) I am linking up with the brilliant and beautiful Lauren!  



What I Wore: Teal and Coral and Changes

A few weeks ago when I attended the Houston Blogger Symposium I walked away with one big lesson... Change. (shout out Katy from Sugarlaws for your inspirational pep talk over mojitos and wine in the hotel bar!)

When your life changes so should your blog. So my blog is changing. 
Not huge big changes... yet, but changes none the less, as in you will probably see more fashion around theses here parts. 

In a land far far away called high school I wanted to go to design school. 
I was probably really terrible in my fashion design classes, but I sure did have fun. 
Although my life didn't follow the design path I am sure happy to snuggle up with some ice cream and vicariously live through Project Runway.  

So I can't whip up a dress on the fly? Sue Me.
 I can how ever throw a necklace and some heels on and make a pretty decent outfit. 
Like the one below.... which I am obsessed with. 

necklace: Langford Market/
(there isn't an online store but if your in Houston this is a MUST stop for shoes!)

I really love to shop... unless I am actually looking for something. 
Somehow my shopping karma always catches up with me when I am actually looking for something. 
This time I apparently I did something right because this dress was EXACTLY what I was looking. 
Also, a big round of applause for Stacy, my local Francescas Manager, for doing her vodo manager magic (also known as steaming) and making the suggestion to go 'boho" chic with the styling. Genius. 

I also realize that this is the 3rd post in a row in which I am wearing this dress... I promise you'll get a break from it, but I am going all Princess Kate on yall (no not topless...geeze people) and wearing things more than once.


Best Friends and Barns.

These are my best friends. 

KatieBeth and Stephanie, aren't the just gorge? I sure think so! 

One time, as in Saturday,I made a wrong turn while going to the grocery store while visiting KatieBeth in Austin and rean across this little beauty. 

One of the aforementioned girls has quite an obsession with old barns... and when I say aforementioned I really mean me, its my blog so obviously I am "aforementioned" DEAL WITH IT. 

Well you see you remember that book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"?

....pause for reminiscing about elementary school... and scruncies... and worrying about feeding your Tamigachi. 

 Really the title should read "If you Give Meg a Camera" and finish with she will find an old barn instead of a ask for a glass of milk!  

Any way Old Barn+ Girls in cute clothes+ Kick butt camera= Impromptu best friend photo shoot 


Yeah this is normal... and my new favorite picture. 

"Normal" may be foreign to us (see above) but were really good actresses! 

Awe... they look cute... I never look that cute... darn you photogentic friends DARN  YOU. 

High five self timer! 

Remember that time yall kinda look like lesbians? Yeah I do... IM TELLING YOUR HUSBANDS.

oops... we got so excited about the barn we forgot to take this picture! 

In all seriousness this is what I needed some good up-till-2am-even-the-prego-girl best friend time. 
I am so blessed to have two such WONDERFUL friends in my life. 

And really the "real" reason we got all dolled up was to take KatieBeth's maternity pictures... Which you can see over at Meg Cady Photography 

PS: I don't feel like this post lives up the the title, I feel like it should be more sentimental...instead I used the word lesbian?I blame it on the fact that apparently the NFL world was just turned upside down... I think?  I have a boyfriend sitting next to me with steam coming out of his ears... he's mumbling something about killing refs? (should I be concerned?) So there I'll just blame the lack of sentiment on the refs!! Dang you refs!! 



High Five for Friday No.26

one: Ah still having withdrawals from Houston Blogger Symposium. The bubbly didn't hurt either
two: a sweet farewell to summer with one last iced coffee
three: Dear Hair, thank you for sticking with me ALL saturday. You even resisted falling in the middle of a rain storm.... you derserve a cookie.
four: I might have not wanted my weekend to end so badly that I was a little naughty and bought some new bling! 

five: This weekend is my besties baby shower! The theme is Good Night Moon! This is the graphic I made for both the invitaion and a few other touch though out the party! Can't wait to show yall how it turned out!

Have a great week yall!

Linkin Up with Lauren!
(ps I feel like that could be a cheesy 80's sitcom line)



I call this one...Houston Blogger Symposium

Houston Blogger Symposium...I could write about how amazing this event was.
 I could write about how all I want to with my life is be Megan... or Katy... or Kristina.
I could write about how much I loved getting to spend time with my "blogger" friends

I could just let my pictures do the talking.

I call this one... Dear Langford Market...Can I live here?

I call this one... Life With Sapphire Fit Style

I call this one... Embarrassingly cool

I call this one... Impecable Event

I call this one... Thank God for the wine or my credit card would hate me. 

I call this one.... Friends

I call this one.... Let's get this party Started

I call this one.... CHEERS

I call this one... 90's kids.

I call this one... Bloggers Mingle Better

I call this one.... SWEET Oh so very SWEET

I call this one... Bad Ass.

I call this one... Blogstruck!

I call this one... 10 bucks that ended up on instagram. 

I call this one... Sponsor
Reward Style, Francesca's, Langford Market

I call this one ....Shopping Mama
(Impeccable Pig)

I call this one... New Favorite Store.

I call this one... Cutie Pie.

I call this one... I love you but im never riding in the back again.
Linds, Whit
I call this one... youngins.

I call this one.... Middle School Teachers ROCK.
In all seriousness I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of bloggers/women/friends. Thank you Megan and your team for putting on the best first blogger conference a girl could ask for. 



Chambray and Lace...an Experiment

OK. I did it. 
Well really Lindsay did it.
Last week I wrote about my fear of a fashion post.
This week I am writing a "Fashion" (lets use that word loosely right now) Post!
I knew that the HBS would be the swift kick in the butt I needed to just do it. 

 There are lots of changes coming this here little blog, and this is just a small taste of what is going to be going on around here, but more on that later.
Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Forever21, Necklace: Groopdealz, Flats: Tar-jay

 I picked up this skirt at Forever21 a few weeks ago. To be honest it was one of those shopping alone moments where you really just wished everyone who has ever given you a compliment was standing outside of the dressing room waiting to shower you with "great" "YES" and a few "have you lost weight's". Unfortunately, that wasn't exactly the case. I stepped outside the dressing room with that "umm can I ask you a question" look on my face. My look was met with 5 pairs of eyes who I am sure were dropped off at the mall by their mothers.

"Um? Can I ask you a question?"
  (because it doesn't just work when your face says it... you actually have to ask sometimes... especially in Forever21)
"Sure?" (I bet they were real creeped out)
"If your teacher was wearing this skirt you would think what?"
"She's cute!" "Fashionable" "Dresses really well!"

ALRIGHT girls who have no idea who Zack Morris is... I'll take it. 



Weekend via Instagram

Whew. It sure has been quite the weekend. Full recaps of this weekends festivities (Houston Blogger Symposium) are coming later this week but for today while I watch 120 8th graders take a test I will be reliving this glorious weekend though instagram, and so can you! 

Friday Night! 
After a not so hot day at work it was super fun to "high school-prom" it with Lindsay

After primping we headed down to Rice Village to attend the first event of the weekend! 
There was a rockin' party held at  Langford Market (ps they are going to be online soon... you wallet will hate me) 

Bowls full of bracelets, great new/old friends= a great friday night! 

Saturday was the big day! Lindsay, Whitney and myself headed to Hotel ZaZa in downtown Houston to attend the Houston Blogger Symposium! 

I started it off right with my first pumpkin spice latte of the season! 

 and then continued with a glass of champagne... naturally!

The symposium was AMAZING! I can't wait to recap it for yall later this week, but right now I am just going to tease you with these pictures! 

I don't know if it was the excitement of the weekend or what but sunday knocked me on my BUTT. 
I basically spent the whole day all stuffed up sleeping or snuggled up on the couch wishing I was sleeping! 

My sweet sweet boyfriend offered to make us some brunch while I was attempting to recover!

Yummm I think I will keep him around! 

Have a great week!!