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Best Friends and Barns.

These are my best friends. 

KatieBeth and Stephanie, aren't the just gorge? I sure think so! 

One time, as in Saturday,I made a wrong turn while going to the grocery store while visiting KatieBeth in Austin and rean across this little beauty. 

One of the aforementioned girls has quite an obsession with old barns... and when I say aforementioned I really mean me, its my blog so obviously I am "aforementioned" DEAL WITH IT. 

Well you see you remember that book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"?

....pause for reminiscing about elementary school... and scruncies... and worrying about feeding your Tamigachi. 

 Really the title should read "If you Give Meg a Camera" and finish with she will find an old barn instead of a ask for a glass of milk!  

Any way Old Barn+ Girls in cute clothes+ Kick butt camera= Impromptu best friend photo shoot 


Yeah this is normal... and my new favorite picture. 

"Normal" may be foreign to us (see above) but were really good actresses! 

Awe... they look cute... I never look that cute... darn you photogentic friends DARN  YOU. 

High five self timer! 

Remember that time yall kinda look like lesbians? Yeah I do... IM TELLING YOUR HUSBANDS.

oops... we got so excited about the barn we forgot to take this picture! 

In all seriousness this is what I needed some good up-till-2am-even-the-prego-girl best friend time. 
I am so blessed to have two such WONDERFUL friends in my life. 

And really the "real" reason we got all dolled up was to take KatieBeth's maternity pictures... Which you can see over at Meg Cady Photography 

PS: I don't feel like this post lives up the the title, I feel like it should be more sentimental...instead I used the word lesbian?I blame it on the fact that apparently the NFL world was just turned upside down... I think?  I have a boyfriend sitting next to me with steam coming out of his ears... he's mumbling something about killing refs? (should I be concerned?) So there I'll just blame the lack of sentiment on the refs!! Dang you refs!! 



Darby Hawley said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! Isn't life better with girl friends (and by that I mean friends that are girls lol) What good friends you have and what a talented photographer you are, I just spent a long time scrolling through your pictures. So beautiful!

Brianna Tucker said...

beauitful! Your are such a great photographer! Please move to NC haha

Rachel said...

Y'all are so precious...this makes me happy. I need you to come to Oxford and take pictures of me like that with gorgeous sunlight...makes me happy. You are adorable!

Katie said...

what fun pictures and beautiful ladies!!

Jess said...

Moving right 3 look beautiful :)
I'm kinda jealous that none of my best friends are into photography...I want to do a cute impromtu shoot!

And can I just tell you one more thing...LOVE your dress. LOVE! Where from?!


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

What a perfect turn of events! LOVE! One question: Why is Stephanie on her tip-toes while standing next to the already-shorter KatieBeth? Haha.

You ARE gorgeous, Meg. And you ARE photogenic! Please!

I'm hopping over to your other blog to see the "real" photos, even though these best friend shots will likely end up in frames. :)

Kristin said...

Oh how fun was this post?! Made me smile! And also made me wish that I had best friends that lived in the same city as I do. :-( But I shall live vicariously through you three. Looks like you have such a wonderful time together!