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High Five For Friday No. 27

1. This week I made cookies... it was for sure the worst best decision of my week!

2. The decore for my best friends baby shower!

3. Dear 90 Degree weather, we are breaking up. GET OVER IT. I am getting out my scarves and you can't do anything about it. HA. Signed girl with the toasty neck. 

4. I spent all day on wednesday in the most valuable teacher training I have ever been to (nope not being sarcastic... I wanted to give the trainer a hug afterwards... dont worry I refrained.. that would have been weird. We like to keep it normal around here... or well as close as we can), AND my kids were good for the sub. It was an anomaly, but Ill take what I can get!! 

5. This weekend I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED. I am not traveling anywhere I have no where to be, no schedule. NOTHING, nada, ZIP. 
I am stoked. 
** with that said Reese and I are planning on going to the Houston Wine Festival. I mean I need something to blog about on Monday. Don't want you people thinking I have no life ;) 

Happy Friday Party People! 

As per usual (how do you spell "use" as in the shortened version of usual? Really its a burning questions of mine.) I am linking up with the brilliant and beautiful Lauren!  



Katie said...

yeah for having no plans this weekend - i love ones like that!!!

Jess said...

A. Wine Festival?! HAVE FUNNNN!
I'll be rocking my boots this weekend....Texas style ;)

B. LOVE that color scarf with your blonde hair!

C. TYPE A FTW for picture #4!

D. Cutest baby shower. Pinterest worthy!



Leanne said...

Houston Wine Festival?!

Count me in! Sounds like a perfect weekend adventure :)

Happy Friday!

Jes said...

Good question about the shortening of usual. I can't figure it out myself.

maybe usu. or ush. or usj. But then it all looks weird and people will just think that I'm making crazy typos!

Stacy said...

A valuable teacher training? Shut up! :)

Kalie said...

I broke out my scarves this week too. Except it is not 90 here...

Darby Hawley said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend you've got planned! Enjoy it and get some rest girl!

Erika said...

Enjoy the wine festival! I love trying new wines... it's great to try samples of the really expensive bottles!

Lindsay said...

Love, love that gorgeous pink scarf. Who cares if it's too hot for them?!? At least you look cute! And love the cow jumping over the moon...too cute for a shower.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I blame my birthday for being behind with blog reading. OBVIOUSLY, you are in my Daily Reads, so I'm behind on everyone's blog!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend of no plans! :) I can only imagine how wonderful that must have felt!

Love you, Meg!

Unknown said...

those cookies look delicious!

Have a great week!

Whitney said...

Yummmm cookies!!!

I think I have a scarf just like that!

I need to see you soon! Are you going to the meetup on Sunday?

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

I love the baby shower decorations! Very creative and adorable!