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What I Wore: Teal and Coral and Changes

A few weeks ago when I attended the Houston Blogger Symposium I walked away with one big lesson... Change. (shout out Katy from Sugarlaws for your inspirational pep talk over mojitos and wine in the hotel bar!)

When your life changes so should your blog. So my blog is changing. 
Not huge big changes... yet, but changes none the less, as in you will probably see more fashion around theses here parts. 

In a land far far away called high school I wanted to go to design school. 
I was probably really terrible in my fashion design classes, but I sure did have fun. 
Although my life didn't follow the design path I am sure happy to snuggle up with some ice cream and vicariously live through Project Runway.  

So I can't whip up a dress on the fly? Sue Me.
 I can how ever throw a necklace and some heels on and make a pretty decent outfit. 
Like the one below.... which I am obsessed with. 

necklace: Langford Market/
(there isn't an online store but if your in Houston this is a MUST stop for shoes!)

I really love to shop... unless I am actually looking for something. 
Somehow my shopping karma always catches up with me when I am actually looking for something. 
This time I apparently I did something right because this dress was EXACTLY what I was looking. 
Also, a big round of applause for Stacy, my local Francescas Manager, for doing her vodo manager magic (also known as steaming) and making the suggestion to go 'boho" chic with the styling. Genius. 

I also realize that this is the 3rd post in a row in which I am wearing this dress... I promise you'll get a break from it, but I am going all Princess Kate on yall (no not topless...geeze people) and wearing things more than once.


Jess said...

SO EXCITED about you doing fashion posts :)
And I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who suffers from shopping karma!

Keep being beautiful my blog BFF!


Kara Renee said...

Love this cute outfit! You're precious!

Greetings from Texas! said...

Work it girl!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney said...

I love this dress on you! Can I steal your hair? Because it's gorgeous...

Courtney said...

Love those shoes!

I totally have shopping karma too! I never try and look for a specific item cuz I will never find it!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

So beautiful, Meg! I love this! And you're finally going to do outfit posts. Overcome the fear, baby! Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

You are a doll!

Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman said...

LOVE teal and coral together <3

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

Bree said...

Ooo can't wait to read more fashion posts from you! Love the outfit... all of it! I need to go shopping now. :)

Happy Wednesday! xo

Darby Hawley said...

I am so glad that you're venturing down the fashion avenue, or runway I should say. You're so gorgeous and I love your fashion sense!

Kathleen said...

Francesca's is seriously the best store ever! And you look mega cute! :) Can't wait to see more!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh that always happens to me when I am on a shopping mission...never fails!

Ashlyn said...

What I truly hate shopping for are work clothes. I always end up just buying fun clothes instead.

Bethany Vaughan said...

Beautiful, as always! Love that you're pulling a Princess Kate! Real girls wear the same things more than once :)
Xo, Bethany

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I knew we were separated at birth bc those three stores are my FAVORITES! Not to mention they're practically neighbors in market street, so you could say I do just a tad bit of damage when I go! Love the outfit! :) let's go shopping together!

Unknown said...

oh my. you are stunning!