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My Kinda Party: Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan Concert

When I like a song I have a tendency to put it on repeat and listen to it until my ears bleed. Reese REALLY loves this about me.

When Luke Bryan released "Drunk on You" it was my repeat song. I could not get enough. So obviously when Whitney asked if I wanted to go with her to the Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean concert this past weekend I could not pass it up. Love me some friends with some awesome jobs, Whit I can get you some No.2 Pencils! 
I am REALLY over this whole red eye thing... I have looked evil in all of my recent posts. 

There are lots of things I love about going to concerts, music just being one of them. My absolute FAVORITE part of going to concerts is people watching. Ya see, we live in Texas where one day you are laying out at the pool and the next you are pulling out your parka. This concert just happend to fall on one of the "pulling out your parka" days. 

Luke Byan shakin' it!!!! 

Several of the concert going ladies had on what I will call their "come hell or high water outfits"...aka outfits that they were gonna rock (and I use that term loosely) wether it was 90 degrees or 50. Personally, the sequin denim booty shorts were a favorite in this category. 

Then we have the PRECIOUS kids. A little towhead boy in his wrangler jeans and cowboy hat  singing through his two missing front teeth, precious...just precious. I particularly loved the little girl a few rows up from us who took the whole "sing like no one is watching" thing to heart! I am convinced she knew the songs better than Luke and Jason. 

Yeah, Jason this is My Kinda Party!
Over all I am just so blessed to have such a great friend who will invite me to swoon over how cute Luke Bryan is, how Jason Aldean can ROCK and how ridiculous people can be at concerts (I'm looking at you people making out THE WHOLE CONCERT). Thanks Whit for the invite!! 

Head over to The Pavilion Social Media Page to see the pictures taken by Miss Whit, Social Media Extaordinaire! 

And this right here finishes the trifecta of 400 times played on my iPod, 500 views of the music video on YouTube and 1 AMAZING time hearing my repeat song live!

Excuse me while I go dream about Luke Bryan's smile. 



Monday Morsles

It's Monday... Here's a list. 

A. My title makes me want chocolate chip cookies. 

B. This is easily my favorite picture of Reese and I. 

C. SUPER glad I got to see these girls....

and these boys this weekend. 

D. Thanks google for making my day... oh and Happy 70th birthday Bob Ross! 

E. Today I am wearing my new boots. Really its they are the only reason I got out of bed this morning. 

F. On our ride back to TX I realized that Reese and I have MASSIVELY  different ideas of what temperature a car should be. 

G. I had TWO salads this weekend. Basically I am a health nut. 

 F.  The first picture is my favorite, but this one isn't bad either. 

H. My class is finishing up an article on the Titanic today... so you guessed it another 6 periods of listening to Celine Dion belt it!!!!




A Wedding Miracle

I mean this title quite literally. 
At the wedding I shot this weekend there was a miracle. 
Sometimes I feel like I use the word "miracle" a little to lightly. 

Oh! I rolled out of bed on the third alarm not the fifth... IT'S A MIRACLE. 
Somehow I managed to get through the day with out strangling a kid... IT'S A MIRACLE. 
I managed not to throw up at work out today!.... IT'S A MIRACLE. 

This weekend made me stop and think, yes, the above mentioned things are really impressive, but are they really miracles? 
After a little research (also known as googling, but lets keep it fancy up in hurr) here I found out that technically a miracle is a kind of super natural event. Due to the way our language has evolved over the last 2000 years a looser definition New Testament-y definition says "a miracle is a sign that God uses to point to himself"  

Ok ok so we got the "school" stuff out of the way lets get to the good stuff, the story. 

All day long I had been clicking away becoming more and more confident in both myself and the equipment in my bag. 
Really, I have not completely shared my true fears and insecurities about being a "photographer" because that stuff in SCARRY. Remind me one day I'll fill ya in.  
The sun was GLARING right onto the ceremony sight, so I headed out to get my settings just right for the big moments that were yet to come. Out of the corner of my eye I see the bride's family lining up... a sure sign of game time. I brought my camera up to my eye, push the magical silver button and NOTHING happens. No click, no beep, no nothing.

I looked down at my screen and saw a large red X staring me in the face with some technical mumbo jumbo about my lens' not being connected. Quickly,with panic surging though my veins, I practically ripped off my lens (which on second thought was a terrible idea with a very expensive rented lens) frantically switching the camera to on... then off... then on... new lens... on? off? NOTHING, same red X looking up taunting me. 

I ran to the videographer for help. Somehow though my hyperventilations he offered, first a hug, and then a extra camera they had brought. In case you were wondering... I did accept his offer of both the hug and the camera. 

The videographer went to go get the camera. I decided to pray for a miracle. 
I spent a grand total of 15 seconds humbled at the feet of Jesus asking for a miracle. 
He delivered. 
I CALMY (important because nothing about the previous 3 minutes was calm) turned off the camera, ejected the battery, and inserted the battery again. The camera turned on displaying a beautiful bride on her wedding day not the menacing red X that had been their moments before. I snapped the rest of the night with out a single problem... well unless you count trying to figure out how to both photograph and dance the Cha-Cha- Slide.

Some may call it a technical error, a piece of dust clogging a sensor. I call it God humbling me, reminding me that it is though him and him alone I can do all things. I call it God blessing this sweet couple. I call it God giving a sign that pointed directly back to him. 

 I call it a miracle.
And yes, I had some wine in celebration of the miracle... it only seemed fitting. 


Weekend of 2000 Pictures.

Yall I wish I was kidding. 
I took 2000+ pictures this weekend. 
To be fair I shot a wedding and set of bridals and some engagements but WHEW!

This is my dear friend Katie... you might remember her from her engagement shoot, ya know the one you looked at and needed a bucket to throw up in because her and her now HUSBAND look so sickeningly in love :), ya her. Well this weekend was her WEDDING! 

I didn't turn into her magical fairy photographer until Friday afternoon which is how I justify the constant laughter, incessant pop culture references and the wedding card made up entirely of Gilmore Girl quotes. 
Yall, I'm so professional. 

I can't wait to share more pictures from her incredible wedding, but in the mean time I can tell you that I don't think I have ever loved capturing love more than I did this weekend. 

The great thing about being the photographfriend (the endearing term we gave to my role in the wedding) is getting to part down with the bridal party and dance like no one is watching...except people were and I am I'm totally ok with that!
PS. This is Megan... she has a blog (Live Strange). We bonded over blogging (surprise?..NOT). Please go read her blog now, like I'm giving you permission to leave... I spent a solid hour reading and laughing. 

My sweet Brittany! It's incredible how much can change in the course of 5 years, but I am still so proud to call this world-traveling-spanish-speaking-kick-butt-and-take-names girl my friend!

I'll leave you with two of my favorite photos from the weekend!

Be looking on Meg Cady Photography for more from this GORGEOUS wedding of two of the best people I know!


Free Stylin: Coca-Cola Freestyle Review

Sunday lunch is one of my favorite times of the week. 
One week Reese and I headed to our favorite Sunday lunch spot. The tables were filling up we split up after ordering food, I went to go grab a table while he went to fill up our drinks. I stopped whipped around and squealed possibly a little to loud. I had forgotten that Pei Wei had the "Fun Drink Machine from the future" and "I wanted to push the buttons!!". 

In an email earlier this week, asking me to review a product, I found out that those "Fun Drink from the future" is in fact called Coke Freestyle. I come from a family of coke drinkers. Actually my father has been known to bring coke to places who don't serve it... we take our coke seriously. 
Challenge Accepted!

I figured if I was doing some blog business I should do it with a blogger, enter Whitney! 

I knew there was a Coke Freestyle machine at Pei Wei, but I wanted to make use of the
Coke Freestyle app (a drink machine that has its own app... lets discuss THAT!) so I punched in my zip and though the magic of iPhone made the decision that Jerry Built Burger was where my review was gonna go down. Burger and a coke... YES please. 

BUTTONS. If there is something I love more than soda... it would be buttons! 

The best thing about the Coke Freestyle...  OPTIONS. 
There is something for each day in my crazy busy weeks (see above)!
Not only are there options but there are options for the options!
Each soda has flavor options... ala Vanilla Coke or Cherry Dr. Pepper or Lemon water.
 Internet, there are over 100+ options.
OH! the possibilities!

Teacher treat day!!

Burger and a Coke. 

Check out all the Coke goodness 

**Disclaimer I was provided compensation, but all opinions are my own**


Power to the Pink

"Miss, I love your jeans"
Yelling down the hall: " THEY ARE NOT JEANS THERE TROUSERS!!"

We're gonna call these jeans "trousers" which I am sure is wrong on so many different fashion levels, but this teacher wants to wear them to school ... so trousers it is.
This whole can't wear white after labor day thing... yeah I have 2 ways to get around that one.
A. Call it cream 
B. Live in Texas where it feels like June in October. 

See, problem solved.
you're welcome.  

Today I will be sporting these "trousers" as part of our schools "Power to the Pink" day, celebrating breast cancer survivors. I love that we aren't only spreading awareness and raising a little money, but celebrating the brave men and women who have fought and won the battle. 

top: Forever21
bottoms: boutique in Savannah, GA
necklace: Langford Market
shoes: addison



High Five For Friday No. 29

1. Thank God for ear buds. They single handedly saved my relationship. Seriously how can you listen to fantasy football radio for 4+ hours.... HOW!?

2. I realize I have already put this picture on here but I was having a GREAT hair day... and feel like that DEFINITELY deserves a high five. 

3. I mentioned Mustache the Band in my last post... well apparently they really liked my post... they are sending me a free shirt! SWEEEEET. I still can't get over how much fun they were!!

4. Monday I welcomed fall... but summer wasn't having it. Wednesday I went to the pool. OH Texas. 


5. This weekend I'm praying I get a new niece of nephew!!!! 
Come on babbbbbby Bruxvoort!!! 
Your aunties want to 
a. know if you are a boy or a girl 
b. spoil you until you are absolutely ROTTEN. 
and your mama just wants to hold you in her arms... not her stomach. 

Happy Friday YALLLLLLLL. 

Thanks Lauren for the best link up on the web!



Aggies, Rebels and Mustaches

I would like to start this post by saying a few things:
1. I started this post Monday morning after driving in the car listening to football for 9 hours.
2. I promptly realized it sucked and decided to give it a better chance of not sucking when I got some of my whit back.
3. I do not feel like I fully woke up on Monday until 4th period. Sorry 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

So here we go... Weekend recap on Tuesday

This past weekend Reese and I travled to the one and only Oxford, MS. This is a trip we have done before, but this time I had a little more stake in the game. My dear Aggies were playing the Ole Miss Rebels. With good friends on both sides this was a cant-miss game for Reese and I!

So, lets talk about "The Grove" for a moment. These people know how to tailgate. It is one big mess of red and blue and ridiculous and wonderful.

Here is a little tale I can tell on the blog because you people wont think I am a crazy stalker.

I was walking around The Grove when a little group of kiddos came running across my path. One of the little girls got knocked down, she got up and toughed it out (thata girl sista). Well apparently I made some sassy comment about boys never changing or something like that. This guy in a tent right beside the incident said something to me... except I have NO CLUE what he said because I knew who he was... BECAUSE HIS GIRLFRIEND IS Rachel from Simple Little Joys.
PEOPLE... I recognized a guy from his girlfriends blog. 
So I awkwardly asked him if his name was Andrew ... although I knew it was cause Rachel is legit and I follow her on all forms of social media aka see pics of there cuteness all the time. 
And then proceed to go on some ramble about how I blog with his GF and see pictures of him all the time.
I'm embarrassing.
Thank God Reese wasn't with me at that moment... I might have been shuned.
(ps Breaking Amish anyone? Im obsessed)

Moral of the story.... If I ever am in the same town as where you live I will probably run into your significant other and awkwardly encounter them, because it has happened twice now( I wont tell you about the first time cause you'll probably stop reading forever).

Now back to your regularly scheduled I-was-supposed-to-post-this-monday post

Catherine, Reese's bestie from HS and a proud Rebel!

Reese and his Rebel bestie!

OOTD (better post coming soon!)

OH! Can we talk about the fact that it was 45 degrees and raining.
I only complained like 5 times... 5 time in 9 hours.
High Five for me...and my icicle feet!

I truely thought I was going to have a heart attack during this game.
High Five for our O-line... Kick in the Shin for our QB.
It was touch and go there for a little while but I am just glad A&M put some umph in the last two minutes and pulled out a win!

I heard an Ole Miss fan wasn't it enough they won the game... did they had to win half time too??
Stadium Food...BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos... YES please!
When in Rome... right? I seriously ate my weight in fried food covered in cheese this weekend... I didn't care... check back with me after my Tuesday workout... betcha I change my mind. 

So now... lets discuss the after game madness. 
This is Mustache the Band
I went to college for 4 years. I did the bar band scene. I saw some great acts. 
ALL OF THEM were dethroned by this band. EVERY LAST ONE. 

Mustache the Band is a 90's Country Tribute band. 
I don't think I have ever loved Alan Jackson more. 
I don't think I have ever missed my childhood more.
I don't think I have ever loved country music more. 
(I would like to point out that the lead singer is wearing a life jacket... circa 1992 Alan Jackson Chatahoochie music video)

Mustache the Band really grew on them...

I caught some of 'stache too. 

See, I told yall this post would be better when I had some sleep and my head wasn't clouded with all Reese's Fantasy football stats that he comment, repeated, and yelled about THE WHOLE WAY HOME from Mississippi... oops this I was suppressing that one. 

Happy Tuesday Yall



High Five for Friday No. 28

Happy Friday Yall!!!

1. I started a new Crossfit work out, I can't move, but I really like it! Like really, I can barely type this that is how sore I am. At least sore means I am doing something right! 
2. YAY for fall sports! I love watching my crazies get their sport on! GO PANTHERS!
3. As a child of the 90's the days that I get to pick up cootie catchers are FOR SURE my favorite days as a teacher!
4. A little game day shopping!!! I dont know why they keep calling it Oxblood... ITS AGGIE MAROON!

Speaking of Aggie maroon....

5. Texas A&M v Ole Miss
Oxford, MS

Yep that is where I will be this weekend! 
Seriously SO pumped. 
BTHO Ole Miss

Linking up with the precious, stylish, cat lover LAUREN!



The Couple Who...

Watches T.V together stays together?? 

Well according so some official sounding survey from some official sounding university reported on a attempting to be professional morning radio show. 

a couple of morning ago while driving to work I heard the results of this survey and I couldn't help but laugh. Reese and I are huge T.V watchers. Not surf the channel because we have nothing to do people, but intentional we sit down and watch "our shows". 

I sent Reese a text that read a little something like this... or exactly something like this... 
"Report on the radio: couples with TV shows they watch together are more likely to stay together... so pretty much with our list your never getting rid of me!"

"Our shows" started while we were long distance. It was something we could do "together" but not have to be in the same place. We would chit chat about Friday Night Lights or Dexter ... but then something happened... we kinda got obsessed. Our list of shows grew to an obscene number of shows!

Here are a few of our faves...

The Voice: This is only "reality" competition show we watch, but we are seriously additcted. I think I have more fun listening to Reese critic the people and lement on how much he hates Christina Aguilera.

Modern Family: DUH.

Mad Men: Resse says he wants to be Don Draper minus the cheating (good boy!).

New Girl: I mean who doesn't want to spend an hour laughing through the quirky life of "Jess"

Revenge: SUSPENSE. So freaking good.

What are your go to shows?