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A Wedding Miracle

I mean this title quite literally. 
At the wedding I shot this weekend there was a miracle. 
Sometimes I feel like I use the word "miracle" a little to lightly. 

Oh! I rolled out of bed on the third alarm not the fifth... IT'S A MIRACLE. 
Somehow I managed to get through the day with out strangling a kid... IT'S A MIRACLE. 
I managed not to throw up at work out today!.... IT'S A MIRACLE. 

This weekend made me stop and think, yes, the above mentioned things are really impressive, but are they really miracles? 
After a little research (also known as googling, but lets keep it fancy up in hurr) here I found out that technically a miracle is a kind of super natural event. Due to the way our language has evolved over the last 2000 years a looser definition New Testament-y definition says "a miracle is a sign that God uses to point to himself"  

Ok ok so we got the "school" stuff out of the way lets get to the good stuff, the story. 

All day long I had been clicking away becoming more and more confident in both myself and the equipment in my bag. 
Really, I have not completely shared my true fears and insecurities about being a "photographer" because that stuff in SCARRY. Remind me one day I'll fill ya in.  
The sun was GLARING right onto the ceremony sight, so I headed out to get my settings just right for the big moments that were yet to come. Out of the corner of my eye I see the bride's family lining up... a sure sign of game time. I brought my camera up to my eye, push the magical silver button and NOTHING happens. No click, no beep, no nothing.

I looked down at my screen and saw a large red X staring me in the face with some technical mumbo jumbo about my lens' not being connected. Quickly,with panic surging though my veins, I practically ripped off my lens (which on second thought was a terrible idea with a very expensive rented lens) frantically switching the camera to on... then off... then on... new lens... on? off? NOTHING, same red X looking up taunting me. 

I ran to the videographer for help. Somehow though my hyperventilations he offered, first a hug, and then a extra camera they had brought. In case you were wondering... I did accept his offer of both the hug and the camera. 

The videographer went to go get the camera. I decided to pray for a miracle. 
I spent a grand total of 15 seconds humbled at the feet of Jesus asking for a miracle. 
He delivered. 
I CALMY (important because nothing about the previous 3 minutes was calm) turned off the camera, ejected the battery, and inserted the battery again. The camera turned on displaying a beautiful bride on her wedding day not the menacing red X that had been their moments before. I snapped the rest of the night with out a single problem... well unless you count trying to figure out how to both photograph and dance the Cha-Cha- Slide.

Some may call it a technical error, a piece of dust clogging a sensor. I call it God humbling me, reminding me that it is though him and him alone I can do all things. I call it God blessing this sweet couple. I call it God giving a sign that pointed directly back to him. 

 I call it a miracle.
And yes, I had some wine in celebration of the miracle... it only seemed fitting. 


Jess said...

And you obviously.

But really. The little things like this are what keep me connected to God. They are what reminds me that God is working and a part of my everyday life and not some foreign, passionless God.

Go you for stopping and trusting God with something that seems "small." If we surrender the small stuff, it'll become second nature to surrender the big stuff, too right?! :)

I just love you a ton.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I also think it's important to acknowledge that God spoke to you through the videographer. I mean, come on. The man hugged you AND offered his camera to you. If that doesn't teach patience and kindness, I don't know what does. That videographer was your "Jerry". :) We both met "Jerrys" this weekend!

Steph And Laura said...

Wow I would have flipped. I think they call what you did a "Nehemiah prayer" from where he throws up a prayer really quickly. lol
So glad it worked out for you!

Steph And Laura said...

Wow I would have flipped. I think they call what you did a "Nehemiah prayer" from where he throws up a prayer really quickly. lol
So glad it worked out for you!

Victoria said...

Wow!!! Things like that stop me in my tracks FAST. Thanks for sharing. God is good to give us moments that remind us just how much we NEED Him!

Darby Hawley said...

Ype, you're right girl, that was the Father at work in your life!!! How awesome this miracle is and I'm so glad that everything worked out so perfectly!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Unknown said...

So glad it all worked out!

Unknown said...

So glad it all worked out!

Yüz Germe said...
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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I was holding my breath the entire time I read this! Definitely a miracle!! And gorgeous photos. :)

Gebelik said...

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This is a really nice blog post and the post is inspired me to start Blogging like you after visiting and reading you post.

Michelle said...

This is amazing! I can't even imagine the panic you must've felt. God is awesome.

Laura Darling said...

Sure sounds like a miracle to me!! So glad it starting working again just in time!