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Free Stylin: Coca-Cola Freestyle Review

Sunday lunch is one of my favorite times of the week. 
One week Reese and I headed to our favorite Sunday lunch spot. The tables were filling up we split up after ordering food, I went to go grab a table while he went to fill up our drinks. I stopped whipped around and squealed possibly a little to loud. I had forgotten that Pei Wei had the "Fun Drink Machine from the future" and "I wanted to push the buttons!!". 

In an email earlier this week, asking me to review a product, I found out that those "Fun Drink from the future" is in fact called Coke Freestyle. I come from a family of coke drinkers. Actually my father has been known to bring coke to places who don't serve it... we take our coke seriously. 
Challenge Accepted!

I figured if I was doing some blog business I should do it with a blogger, enter Whitney! 

I knew there was a Coke Freestyle machine at Pei Wei, but I wanted to make use of the
Coke Freestyle app (a drink machine that has its own app... lets discuss THAT!) so I punched in my zip and though the magic of iPhone made the decision that Jerry Built Burger was where my review was gonna go down. Burger and a coke... YES please. 

BUTTONS. If there is something I love more than soda... it would be buttons! 

The best thing about the Coke Freestyle...  OPTIONS. 
There is something for each day in my crazy busy weeks (see above)!
Not only are there options but there are options for the options!
Each soda has flavor options... ala Vanilla Coke or Cherry Dr. Pepper or Lemon water.
 Internet, there are over 100+ options.
OH! the possibilities!

Teacher treat day!!

Burger and a Coke. 

Check out all the Coke goodness 

**Disclaimer I was provided compensation, but all opinions are my own**


Brianna Tucker said...

Andrew loves this machine. He gets so excited when he finds a resturant with one!

Victoria said...

I had to laugh...I saw one of these thimgs a few years ago at World of Coke.Earlier this year, I saw one unexpectedly at Five Guys and got so excited about. I actually felt foolish over how much joy that machine's existence brought me! Then, I got a call from my brother who lives in SC and he proceeded to very excitedly tell me about an awesome coke machine he used that day.

I foolishly relived my excitment for these machines with him when he called and now with you over this post!

Here's to cokes and hamburgers and fancy machines that make us giddy...Oh and don't forget about the fries!

Ashlyn said...

The first time I ever used this was at Canyon Burger in Atlanta and I LOVED it!! Seriously, I thought it was one of the coolest things haha. I am easy to please.

Ashlee @ said...

Oh my gosh, I've never seen anything like this!! How awesome is that?! And that cheeseburger looks so delish!!

Tiffany Miller said...

Im not gonna lie, I get really excited when I get to use one ! I rarely drink coke anymore but if this machine is there, im getting one! I always get Dr. Pepper but its just nice to know I have all those options!!

Courtney said...

I looooove those machines, they are so awesome!

I love that you have teacher treat days! =) Those burgers look quite delicious!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I don't drink soda anymore, but the machine looks really cool! :) You're prettier, though.

Whitney said...

Thanks for inviting me! I loved that place... it was so yummy!

Amanda said...

Coke is my fave. I drank it every single day :) && I love these machines, so fun!

lesley: the dream tree said...

i used one of these for the fist time today. it was pretty cool.

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henning love said...

i love this mchine!! how cool all the selections right now and that burger looks yummy too