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High Five for Friday No. 28

Happy Friday Yall!!!

1. I started a new Crossfit work out, I can't move, but I really like it! Like really, I can barely type this that is how sore I am. At least sore means I am doing something right! 
2. YAY for fall sports! I love watching my crazies get their sport on! GO PANTHERS!
3. As a child of the 90's the days that I get to pick up cootie catchers are FOR SURE my favorite days as a teacher!
4. A little game day shopping!!! I dont know why they keep calling it Oxblood... ITS AGGIE MAROON!

Speaking of Aggie maroon....

5. Texas A&M v Ole Miss
Oxford, MS

Yep that is where I will be this weekend! 
Seriously SO pumped. 
BTHO Ole Miss

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Rachel said...

I still cannot believe that I won't get to see you this weekend...breaks my heart. Hope you have a blast in Oxford--I really wish I could show you around my favorite town :)

Jess said...

1. SO JEALOUS that you're the cross fit queen. I want to try it SO BAD. Yet another reason to come to workout with you.

2. The fact that you said "get their sport on" makes me love you even more than I did before.

3. AWESOME. 90s kids FO LIFE.

4. I want that lace thing. NOW. So cute!

5. GO AGGIES...I'll be expecting some Instagram pictures, miss!

I LOVE YOUUUUU, my beautiful blog bestie :)

Kalie said...

That lace top looks super cute! I need to go shopping and get some fall tops!
Have a good weekend!

Unknown said...

i agree! it's TOTALLY aggie maroon :)

Katie said...

i've wanted to try crossfit! seems really hard! good for you!!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. "can't move, but I like it". made my day!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

LOVE fall sports! I have been wanting to try Crossfit for so long, I don't know why I haven't gotten off my butt and just done it already!

Ashley said...

I know...Oxblood is such a gross name, but I love the color!

I've never tried Crossfit, but my husband Noel has (I've heard it's prettttyyy difficult)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Hahaha! Seriously, the whole oxblood thing is really funny to me, because anything that is burgundy and maroon is being called oxblood. People, it's the same color, different name. Don't get all crazy. Not to mention, it sounds disgusting. ;)

Have fun this weekend, lovely gal!

Ashlyn said...

Whoop for this post! I absolutely cannot wait to watch my Aggies BTHO LSU!

Amy Powell said...

have fun at the game! I'll be stuck in College Station trying to find a bar to watch it out :)

and yes. aggie maroon. not "oxblood" ;)

have a great weekend!

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

Whitney said...

I was thinking about trying to get tickets to the Aggie game on Nov. 17th... wanna make a date of it?!