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High Five For Friday No. 29

1. Thank God for ear buds. They single handedly saved my relationship. Seriously how can you listen to fantasy football radio for 4+ hours.... HOW!?

2. I realize I have already put this picture on here but I was having a GREAT hair day... and feel like that DEFINITELY deserves a high five. 

3. I mentioned Mustache the Band in my last post... well apparently they really liked my post... they are sending me a free shirt! SWEEEEET. I still can't get over how much fun they were!!

4. Monday I welcomed fall... but summer wasn't having it. Wednesday I went to the pool. OH Texas. 


5. This weekend I'm praying I get a new niece of nephew!!!! 
Come on babbbbbby Bruxvoort!!! 
Your aunties want to 
a. know if you are a boy or a girl 
b. spoil you until you are absolutely ROTTEN. 
and your mama just wants to hold you in her arms... not her stomach. 

Happy Friday YALLLLLLLL. 

Thanks Lauren for the best link up on the web!



Jess said...

#2. When you posted that picture earlier this week I made a mental comment on how good your hair & makeup looked! YOU SO BEAUTIFUL :)

And let's not get started on how hot it still is in Florida...BOO!


Darby Hawley said...

love your fall outfit :-)

Have a fabulous weekend my beautiful friend!

Hima said...

Whoa, your hair looks.amazing! And I hear you on fantasy football. In my chem class, I sit with like six fantasy football-obsessed boys. it's terrible. have an amazing weekend!


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I hope your niece/nephew comes soon! Love your fall outfit!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit!
It finally hit fall here too but next week it is supposed to get to 90 again...Dear CA weather please make up your mind! and stick to fall. Im over summer.

Amber @ My Life in High Heels said...

You are so right....a good hair day always deserves a double post. Can't wait to see pictures of your niece or nephew. Congratz

Whitney said...

Okay, what is this shirt/dress that you are wearing in that first pic? I need it like ASAP. Hope I get to see you tomorrow!!

Katie said...

i really like picture number 1. ;) and I love your scarf in that last picture!