Eating my Lunch...

Yall, life has been eating my lunch lately.
I don't know what it is, but life has taken my clementine orange ans won't give it back.

I promise I am still alive and kickin! I also promise that I have some kick butt blog posts coming down the pipe, I just need life to stop taunting me in the lunch room threatening to take my gushers. 

So to tide you over until I am safely back on my little round lunchroom seat, enjoying my snack pack, I will send you over again to Meg Cady Photography to look at some pretty wedding pictures and read about two best friend in looooooveeee.

Katie & Lawton the Wedding! 

ALSO.... Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! It was a great day... I ate my weight in Greek food... which will make me smell like onion for the next 20 years, but i'm totes ok with that! 


The 24th Year

Today is my 24th birthday. 
I still remember my 12th birthday 
(All attendance were instructed to wear an Old Navy Tech Vest) 

A lot has changed in those 12 years, today I was looking for a puffer and/or a fur vest, see A LOT. 
Heck, a lot has changed in the last year! 

Because I am a fan of reflection I am going to kick off my 24th year of life looking back at what 23 threw my way!

I started my 23rd year Reese's sweet family and our even more awesome friends in Shreveport! 

 My parents moved to South Carolina! 

 I started teaching 6th grade English in a town of 1000 people! 

I upset the tire gods some how... 4 flats in 1 year!

I went on my first vacation with this boy!

 Met my first blog friend!! (Shout out Lindsay, shout out Jessica you're next !)

Celebrated TWO wonderful years with this kid! 

Moved to Shreveport for the summer!

Nannied for two silly, precious goobers! 

Bought my first "REAL" camera... Meg Cady Photography started to take off! 

Said goodbye to my first big girl apartment! 

Tire Gods gave me a send off I will never forget

Broke in apartment #2 the right way! 

Started taking blogging a little more seriously! 

Signed up for death... I mean Crossfit... still currently surviving... barely 

My bestie had my first nephew!! I love him with my whole heart plus some! 

Celebrated MANY good friends weddings! 

I loved everything about my 23rd year, especially getting to experience it with by best friend by my side! I cant wait to see what my 24th year holds 

P.S thank you instagram for letting me document my life and not having to pull out in external hardrive last night at 11 pm!



A little Christmas (Card) Treat!

I have the ENTIRE week off school! 

Really this means it is 8:52 and I haven't gotten out of bed... GLORIOUS! 

So I'm hangin out today... I also think you should hang with me today... just not here, but HERE with the cutest 4 year old, her COOL mom and some Christmas cookies! 

Trust me between the sass and the christmas-y of it all you wont be disappointed! 

Happy Monday! 
I'm gonna go to Target... in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY. #WILD



Fact is.

(Sometimes I speak in a british accent for NO good reason, sometimes my 8th grades think im SUPER weird  cool.)

Today I am linking up with Nicoll of The Chiffon Diary for "Fact is" well because....

Fact: I have always wanted to link up, so today I took the plunge. 
Fact: The above quote makes me think of Finding Nemo. "Just keep swimming. swimming , swimming"
Fact: Only 4 more days till the absolute BEAUTY that is Thanksgiving break! A whole week off with no one under the age of 14... Hallelujah, Amen, Thank you Jesus. 
Fact: My mom is consequently also coming in 4 days and I am PUMPEDDDDDD. 3+ months is WAY to long! 
Fact: I love food, I love to cook food, I am in a food cooking rut. BLAH. 
Fact: I went back to my hometown last weekend. I am oh so very glad I left. 
Fact: My eye makeup always looks a little better on my right side... today my left side looks better. I believe I have entered something called the twilight zone.
Fact: I use the word "fancy" way too much in normal conversation... "Ohhh fancy!"
Fact: I just wrote "fancy" instead of "fact"... see I told you... fancy on the brain. 
Fact: I am addicted to the new The Band Perry song "Dig Two"... I'm not sure what this says about me... its just REALLY catchy! 
Fact: Today will be a GREAT day! 



Whirl Wind.

I would like to officially announce that my crazy fall is OVER. Fall has finished and we are moving on to the equally as ridiculous holiday season, but I am choosing to look at it as one step closer to the significantly calmer winter and spring! 

My crazy fall ended with a tour 'o south Texas with stops in San Antonio, San Marcos and Austin! 

San Antonio:
My sweet childhood friend got married to an awesome guy this past weekend. Its funny watching a friend get married that you spent many a slumber party dreaming of you wedding day with, very full circle! 

It's crazy to think that I have know this girl since we were 9! I will have to say that doing the Aggie War Hymn at this wedding was just a little sweet due to the fact that moments before we beat number 1 ranked Alabama.... yeahhhhh talk about sweet moments! 

Aggie Warm Hymn after a 29-24 VICTORY!

San Marcos:
Reese and I headed up to see my "little" brother on Sunday morning. He's a mess, but I love him. 

My best friend just had the sweetest little boy and I knew I just had to get up to Austin as soon as possible to fulfill my Auntie spoiling duties. 

I got him a sweet little mustache onesie (so obsessed) and little christmas P.j's, which we decided was going to be my "thing" for her kids... CHRISTMAS PJS from AUNT MEG!

Look at this hot mama!

Is'nt he the most precious little grump you've ever seen!!!

Also.. thank GOD I am getting my hair done this week :)




Leave my blog RIGHT NOW visit this link...
 (internet, I am telling you to leave... THIS IS OBVIOUSLY BIG!)
You and your TGIF longing, scrunchie wearing, lip smacker hoarding, Lisa Frank coveting 10 year old self will thank me. 

(I also don't care if you have already seen this story this article is a MUST read)

Yes, and to quote the article... your 90's induced asthma will subside and is completely normal.

and because were throwing things back 90's style....

Its fine...no need to be jealous of my jorts. 



Frankenbaby: Best Baby Shower Game EVER

About a month ago we had a baby shower for my best friend, KatieBeth. 
As most good friends do the moment I heard to exciting news that I was going to be an auntie I immediately got on pinterest and started faux pinning (ya know the pinning where you save the link because you don't want anyone (read mom/bf) to see what you have pinned an freak out). I came across a pin called "How to Plan a baby shower that doesn't suck"... YEP that sounded like exactly what I needed.
(I cant find the original like I saw this game on right this moment, but I will continue too look and update when I find it)

One of the games that they suggested was one where you print out pictures of the mom and dad to be allowing your guests to assemble the future child  by blending different parts of the mom and dad ie. mom's nose with dad's hair and chin. Oh my goodness I have NEVER laughed so hard. 


Well the best part is that we wouldn't let KatieBeth see them until we were completely finished. 

Yeah her reactions were PRICELESS. 

They opted not to find out the gender of their baby so I left a place for the guests to write a gender guess and a name suggestion.

At some point KB's preggo brain took over and she was real concerend her baby was actually going to look like one of these Frankenstein created pictures.... well I am here to report that in fact HE does NOT look ANYTHING like the crazy predictions we had... in fact he is WAY cuter than anything any of us could have ever imagined!! 

Welcome to the world Mr. Holden, we are so glad you are here and we are SO glad that you don't look like any of the crazy combinations your crazy Aunts made up!! 



High Five For Friday No. 30

Oh what a week!

1. This is still my favorite picture. I'm just so glad I get to see this crazy almost everyday now! Normal relationship for the WIN!
2. MY BEST FRIEND IS A MAMA!!!!! More on this little man later, but I seriously can't wait to get this chunk in my hands!!
3. Halloween is SO MUCH more fun with 4 year olds. I promise she had fun... despite how it looks in this picture!!
4. Thursday was a rough day... my remedy ... CLASS OUTSIDE! (I used to LOVE when my teachers did this!)


5. I get to help Reese upack his new house!!
I'll let you decide if that is ment to be sarcastic or not!

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